The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

65. Matt Damon

Star’s Net Worth: $170 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $500,000*

Matt Damon has had A-lister bodyguards like Simon Newton and Basil Whelan to protect him, though he has yet to turn his 1980 movie, Mr. Bodyguard into reality. Newton protected stars like Bella Hadid, and Whelan worked for Niall Horan, a former One Direction band member.

Matt Damon @gqmagazine /

Of the two, Whelan has gotten the most attention, as One Direction fans have set up fan accounts for him with the hashtag #Nasil. The bodyguard worked for Damon throughout 2020, when the actor and his family were staying in the villa of former racing driver Eddie Irvine. Irvine’s villa costs over $8,450 per week to rent.