The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

61. Pamela Anderson

Star’s Net Worth: $12 million*
Annual Protection Cost: Unknown (They’re Married Now)

Model and actress Pamela Anderson is experiencing a real-life Bodyguard story with her own personal security detail. Anderson revealed that she and her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst (who also works as a contractor) fell in love while they were stuck inside together during 2020. Hayhurst is also from the same small Canadian hometown as Anderson.

Pamela Anderson @pamela_anderson_fan_page_ /

The model shared a few photos of the simple wedding, and she said that she feels she’s “exactly where [she] need[s] to be.” The two got married on a property that Anderson purchased from her grandparent’s twenty-five years ago, something that she described as “full circle.”