The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

56. Cheryl Cole

Star’s Net Worth: $40 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $80,000 per year*

Cheryl Cole is a former pop star turned reality TV judge. She has gained a lot of adoring fans through her music and television appearance, so it’s no surprise that she’d hired heavy security to protect her from possible harm. As her fellow X Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne said, Cole needs a bodyguard to “keep men away.”

Cheryl Cole @mbrownmgmt /

Cole has been photographed with her security team, though they keep a pretty low profile. One of her former bodyguards, Craig Balkam, was reportedly paid nearly $80,000 for his services. As Balkam’s friend said, the bodyguard “would have taken a bullet for [Cole].”