The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

41. Tom Hardy

Star’s Net Worth: $30 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $20,000*

Tom Hardy became a supernova celebrity in 2010 after his performance in the blockbuster hit Inception. Since then, he has been in movie after movie. Though it might be a surprise to hear that Bane needs a bodyguard, Hardy, and his protector, “Big John,” are often spotted partying together.

Tom Hardy @TheSunOnline /

And Big John does not seem like anyone you’d want to mess with. The British actor and his bodyguard were spotted in London heading to a nightclub, and the press caught Big John carrying what appeared to be a high-powered torch and folding knife. Though it’s mostly star-struck women trying to follow Hardy inside, Big John looks prepared for any eventuality.