The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

12. Meghan Markle

Star’s Net Worth: $5 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 
$20 million*

When Meghan Markle left her life as an actress in LA and married Britain’s Prince Harry, the world was divided. Regardless of opinion, one thing is clear – life as a royal looks a lot different these days. Meg and Harry may have stepped down from their official duties, but they still require a lot of security. 

Meghan Markle @MirrorRoyal /

Meghan Markle @MirrorRoyal /

According to Heart, experts estimate Meghan Markle’s annual security bill at an astronomic $20 million per year. Even though Harry is very unlikely to sit on the throne, they are two of the most famous royals in the world. As such, they can’t be put at risk. 

Meghan and Harry won’t be the only members of the royal household with extremely high-security fees, although they are often at the center of most media and press speculation. This is only likely to increase now baby number 2 is on the way.