The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

13. Daniel Radcliffe

Star’s Net Worth: $79 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 

Wizarding whiz Daniel Radcliffe might be best known for his star turn in the Harry Potter franchise, but these days his life is a lot quieter. Unlike his co-star Emma Watson, Radcliffe never really found widespread success in Hollywood post-Hogwarts. However, he’s still got a fortune of $79 million thanks to his Harry Potter days and wise investments.Daniel Radcliffe @5minutecraftsfamily /

Daniel Radcliffe @5minutecraftsfamily /

Radcliffe doesn’t employ round-the-clock security, but when he is spotted with a security guard they’re as big and burly as the rest of them. They often tower over him, making him look like he’s still in his first year.

That’s not to say that Daniel doesn’t still have legions of die-hard fans that are keen to get his autograph, though. He’s just a little bit better at going incognito than some of his peers, which ultimately saves him money in the long run.