The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

58. Demi Lovato

Star’s Net Worth: $40 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $500,000*

Fans know about Demi Lovato and her bodyguard, Max, and the two are often playing pranks on one another. The pop singer got her start on Disney, and her fame has only increased since then, as she’s expanded her career. The “Lovatics” can get a little rowdy, so Demi has Max (and a team of bodyguards) to keep them at bay.

Demi Lovato @IGossipAll

Max (Twitter handle: @2Maxx22) defended Lovato against criticism from fans in 2018, saying that the singer is “incredible to work for and with.” He said she “does everything she can” for her friends, fans, and family. He capped off the tweet with a “Love you” to Demi.