The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

21. Kate Middleton

Star’s Net Worth: $7 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 
$20 million+*

The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t just a wife to the future King of England, she’s the mother to the Future King of England, too. With that being said, Kate’s safety is a top priority for the royal family, which is why millions are spent on her protection across the year. 

Kate Middleton ©Chris Jackson /

Kate Middleton ©Chris Jackson /

Kate is never seen without a bevy of bodyguards ushering her from A to B and making sure she’s taken care of. Considering Meghan Markle’s security expenses are estimated at around $20 million a year, it’s likely Kate’s is even higher.

However, these costs are picked up by the Crown and not actually paid for by Middleton herself. As her net worth is around $7 million, there’s no way the Duchess could afford to pay the expected annual sum. That’s an added bonus of being royalty.