The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

37. Drake

Star’s Net Worth: $150 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $365,000*

Drake’s bodyguard looks extremely menacing, and, judging from the photos and videos that have amassed over the years of him yelling at people, that impression might be accurate. Drake is one of the most famous rappers in the world, and his security team is top-notch.

Drake @lvbodyguard /

Drake @lvbodyguard /

The rapper never hesitates to hire more people onto his entourage, especially after there’s been a melee at a nightclub (like the one that happened with famous hothead Chris Brown in New York City). Drake has a reputation as rap’s “nice guy,” but the people around him have quite a different story. As the rapper said in the song “Popstar,” “Bodyguards don’t look like Kevin Costner.”