The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

23. Selena Gomez

Star’s Net Worth: $75 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 

Selena Gomez’ bodyguard isn’t just her personal protector—the two are also friends, to the point that Gomez was invited to his wedding and even asked to make a toast. Gomez attended the Redlands, California wedding of her longtime bodyguard, and she gave a heartwarming toast, saying she could tell how much her bodyguard loved his wife.

Selena Gomez @sgardam /

Selena Gomez @sgardam /

“It’s so special,” Gomez said about the wedding, saying she was “honored” to be there to “celebrate” the happy couple. Gomez often employs a team of bodyguards, particularly when she’s at the airport, but that was the bodyguard she’d been with the longest.

Considering how much time bodyguards often spend with stars, it’s hardly surprising that some of them develop deeper personal bonds. After all, there’s an insanely high level of trust at work here that can’t be ignored, even if it is a paid-for service!