The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

18. Michael Jackson

Star’s Net Worth: $362 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 
$1 million*

At the peak of his success, Michael Jackson was adored by millions of fans the world over. He was the undisputed King of Pop, but his notoriety didn’t end there. His later life was marred with scandal, so his need for constant security never really piped down.

Michael Jackson @SLLONG67 /

Michael Jackson @SLLONG67 /

With a career as long as MJ had, it’s not surprising that he went through his fair share of bodyguards. Security on his residences was also tight, especially at the infamous Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, after certain claims came to light. 

It’s likely that MJ spent at least $1 million dollars a year on security, if not more. That includes personal protection officers, 24-hour security at his properties, and additional measures when he was set to perform or attend other events.