The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

17. Cher

Star’s Net Worth: $350 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $600,000*

Cher and her bodyguard almost matched in this photo of the singer walking into Letterman in NYC. Her bodyguards keep a close watch on her, protecting the superstar from any danger. Cher’s favorite bodyguard was Michael Francis, and fans pointed out that she should have kept him on when she returned to the public eye.Cher ©Dominique Charriau /

Cher ©Dominique Charriau /

Cher fan accounts often had “appreciation” posts for Francis and the singer’s other personal protection. Cher praised one of her team in 2015 on Twitter (we all know how Cher loves Twitter), saying that her bodyguard, a former firefighter, “is great” and has worked with tons of celebrities, including “MJ Fox, Tina, Janet, & Countless Others.”

When you’re someone as iconic as Cher, it’s important to always make sure security is tight. The diva has been the victim of the odd stalker or two, so you can’t blame her for shelling out hundreds of thousands a year to keep herself and her family safe.