The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

15. Jason Momoa

Star’s Net Worth: $10 million*
Annual Protection Cost: 

There’s no denying that Jason Mamoa is a huge Adonis of a man. The actor is a towering 6-foot-four-inches, so even though he employs a security detail, he often looks like the bodyguard himself. He could probably bench press them all in one fell swoop. Jason Momoa ©BG017/Bauer-Griffin /

Jason Momoa ©BG017/Bauer-Griffin /

Momoa has often been spotted out and about surrounded by a couple of suit-wearing bodyguards, but he’s more than capable of taking care of himself. Still, given his A-list status, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t want to take any chances. 

Jason only became more popular after starring in the lead role in DC’s Aquaman. With a sequel in the works, his star is set to rise even further, which makes security even more of a pressing issue. Everyone wants a photo with this actor, regardless of if they’re paparazzi or fans.