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Welcome, my name is Majid. I am a travel blogger and a content writer. I love to travel and explore untouched places and share my experience, budget tips, and tricks with people who love to travel.

My goal in life is to sell everything and travel the world one day, which is difficult for me but not impossible.

With this in mind, I started my travel blogging journey to share travel stories. I am glad that people love my content and get the benefits of what I write.

And I get tons of emails from my readers sharing their holiday experiences, which motivates me to continue this blogging journey.

Moreover, I publish articles about the traveling, outdoor, camping, and photography gears that I personally use and like.

I had never thought of being a regular traveler, but here I am, living the dream. Traveling is fun, and it makes me alive.

If you are like me and want to travel the world budget-friendly, just keep few things in mind.

Preparing for travel really depends on your budget, and there are plenty of low-cost options to make a fantastic trip, such as affordable accommodations, flights, hotels, and places to eat.

All of these tips can be found more accessible if you follow my travel guides on this website.

Finding the Affordable/Cheap Hotels

And, as I mentioned above, the idea of breathintravel.com is to provide you the budget tips, hotel and accommodation, and guides.

I would also mention that I am so lucky that I have found booking.com to book cheap flights.

When planning a vacation, be sure to make all of your hotel reservations well in advance. In this way, you can lock in lower rates.

Check out booking.com to help you find the best deals out there. This website can really bring hotel costs down to rock bottom prices.


Finding Affordable Hostels

This is my favorite part because choosing a hostel to stay in plays a significant role in a budget-friendly trip. Not only this, but you can meet many other fellow travelers and share the travel stories.

Check out Hostelworld.com to get the best deals on hostels. Lastly, plan your journey and book the accommodation in advance because booking ahead means cheaper hotels and flights.

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If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] or from the contact form.

I always make sure that I am sharing the best guides, which will help you plan your journey hustle-free.

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