The Most Exclusive And Expensive Bodyguards In the World

16. Queen Elizabeth

Star’s Net Worth: $480 million*
Annual Protection Cost: $138.42 million*

Queen Elizabeth is the British head of state, so it makes sense that she would have her own team of bodyguards. Called the Queen’s Guard, Her Royal Highness literally has a team of infantry soldiers hired to protect her. These soldiers guard the residences in the U.K. Some of the rules and policies governing these guards have been in place since 1660.Queen Elizabeth ©Irish321 /

Queen Elizabeth ©Irish321 /

When Queen Elizabeth is in residence, she has three officers and forty ranks protecting her. There are sentries posted at Buckingham and St. James Palace. The estimated cost of the Queen’s Guard and other security personnel hired to protect the Royal Family is over $138 million per year.

It’s quite startling given that information that an intruder managed to break into Her Majesty’s bedroom back in 1982. The assailant managed to bypass all of the extraordinary measures that were put in place at that time and woke the Queen up from her slumber!