What Are 10 Countries That Will Pay You to Move There?

Who wouldn’t want to move to a country where the government will pay you a decent amount of money? There are multiple countries that will pay you to move there.

The government of these countries has announced some great programs, but there are some criteria where you have to be eligible to get paid to live there.

Either you are a struggling student who wants to have exposure or promised career growth or have a family to take care of them and provide them a quality life.

We have come up with the latest list of places and overseas, which will pay you to live there.

From greener pastures of Ponga village of Spain to the metropolitan city of Denmark.

And yes, this is real!

Because the world is open for all your adventures and comforts.

But one thing would be the sole requirement to have the best perks you deserve, and that is TRY.

Below is the list of all those potential places and countries that pay you to live there.

What State Will Pay You $10,000 To Move There?

A delightful city New Haven- in the US that offers fantastic perks to its migrants. However, anybody wishing to migrate to New Haven, the goverment will provide $10,000.

What City Pays You to Move There?

The government offers incentives like Non-residents who relocate to the Swiss village of Albinen.

Could receive about 25,000 francs (about $25,200) per adult and 10,000 francs (just over $10,000) per child.

Let’s, explore more in this detailed article of the countries paying you to move there.

10 Best Countries That Will Pay You to Move There 2021

1- Antikythera, Greece 

A breathtakingly beautiful island in Greece with less than 50 residents, this beautiful island is looking for new inhabitants to come and live there.

To lure more residents, the government of Greece is now offering monthly $590 with a house and land.

places that pay you to live there

The island might not be so crowded and not many shops, resultants or other amenities available but it is one the most peaceful island in Greek plus they are paying you to move there.

Like many cities in Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia that have developed specialized services for enticing new people, Antikythera has also faced a lower population for many years.

This is a great place for nature lovers and surrounded by the Aegean Sea, and this means you will get home next to the seashore, land for agriculture, and a monthly income of €500 for three years.

Antikythera is a part of the government’s program that attracts residents to this small beach town; the good thing is that you don’t have to be a Greece citizen people can come around the world to avail of this opportunity.


Another pleasant European town, Candela flaunts ancient patterns and revive palazzos in the conventional pastel palette of an Italian legend.

With a higher influx rate towards urban cities and more prominent countries.

The places like Candela facing fewer population problems.

In fact, to attract more and more people towards itself, Candela is offering a somewhat promising amount.

european countries that pay you to live there

Singles will get 800 ($940) euros, couples will get 1,200 euros ($1,400), three-part families will get 1,500 to 1,800 euros ($1,760-$2,100).

And groups of four to five individuals will get more than 2,000 euros ($2,350).

That’s not all.

Other benefits and credits will also be given once you start living there.

You must rent out a house paying at any rate of 7,500 euros.

For flavorful and fresh Italian food, the flawless open country? I think it’s a deal not to miss.

3- Chile – Santiago

If you are thinking about moving to Chile to get paid, you have made the right decision. But how is it going to be?

Well, Chile welcomes people who want to start a business, but they don’t have the capital required for that, don’t worry. They will pay you $50,000 to launch your startup business there.

One of the opportunities you can get in Chile is Copper mining, it is a huge industry, but it is risky.

get paid to live

So, to expand its economic expansion, the government is currently doing what it could to convert Santiago to a tech center.

Santiago boasts many business opportunities, and it is impossible to disregard them. It rising tech industry is already taking off, and the government’s initiative to support new startups is incredible.

How will they pay?

When you start your own business, the government will pay you $50,000; not only this, but they will grant you one year visa.

And you don’t know how to start, a team of expert and a free working space will also be provided

Moreover, if you’re a female business owner or already own a business that has not completed three years, they want you.

So, don’t ignore this opportunity as Santiago is a quickly growing city, and it is an amazing place to live.


Alaska is the least populated state of the US and one of the most sparsely dense areas in the world.

Alaska is the 10th wealthiest (Per capita income) and most significant state by area of US at 1.2 inhabitants per square mile.

Best places to visit in Us

Above mentioned facts reinforce the idea for you to pick Alaska as a convenient and economically sound option to settle there.

The whole state of Alaska will pay you to live there – forever.

Therefore, the government distributes the investment earnings gathered from Alaskan mineral royalties to its residents, which is almost 2,080 dollars per capita each year.

To gain maximum benefits of the scheme, you’ll have to stay for at least a year in Alaska and not to convict any crime, of course! Surely, among the best places that pay you to live there.

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If only there were a place in the world where you could live peacefully.

Oh, wait there is!

It’s called Albinen.

Switzerland is one of the best European countries that pay you to live there.

And there is a town called Albinen which invite foreigners to live there.

it’s a small town in Switzerland, and there’s not much hustle in Albinen.

Like the other places, states or countries which are having the scare population problem and attracting more and more masses from different parts of the world.

get paid to move to another country, countries that pay you to live there

The government offers incentives like Non-residents who relocate to the Swiss village of Albinen.

Could soon receive a bit of extra cash—about 25,000 francs (about $25,200) per adult and 10,000 francs (just over $10,000) per child.

The additional attractions include remarkably delicious cheese to have a snack. The village is a gateway to the scenic beauty.

We want to give prior heads up before you made up your mind to indulge in the goodness of cheese.

You have to stay there for a minimum period of ten years to buy or build.

But if you already have this much time to invest in the wellbeing of your life, then go for it.

To learn more about the places to visit in Switzerland, Check out this guide!


Canada, one of the best countries that will pay you to move there.

How can you actually benefit yourself?

well, the city Saskatchewan is Canada’s 5th largest province by and 6th in population.

Saskatchewan’s mighty landscape makes its residents aware of the natural beauty marvels around them. In spite of the cold weather, this place is beautiful to live.

get paid to live in the wilderness
Image Source

To attract more skilled and educated masses to the area and to retain more college graduates.

This province in western Canada started providing attractive incentives.

If you’re a college graduate and have completed your graduation before 2011, you may be allowed to this propose.

Saskatchewan provides non-payable tax returns from CAD 20,000, But only if your post-secondary school listed in the list of accredited institutions.


Do you want to get paid to move overseas in any of these three countries?

Excited to go to Asia?

Well, the core aim of these countries is to attract the US and European citizens to promote and teach the English language in their respective countries.

This cluster of Asian countries is placed in the same group because they offer somehow similar perks to a foreigner who wants to settle there.

All of them have already developed English language program systems that are effectively running.

So to get in touch and become part of the application process is quite fast and streamlined.

Few details may vary from country to country, but all of them are reasonably sound countries to live.

Additionally, cheaper flights and economically stable positions are driving forces to choose your option.


Known as the gateway to one of the world’s largest markets,” The European Union.”

Also, Denmark is considered the hub of entrepreneurship in the world.

Hence I would call it a heaven for investors and business owners as they opened their incentive programs to attract more and more businesses to their country.

Denmark will pay you move there, european countries that pay you to live there

Honestly speaking, you won’t get any hard cash in your hands though they will grant you instant access to their world-class health, education, and welfare system.

Easing all your worries, therefore, it makes it one of the best countries that will pay you to move there.


Enterprise Ireland is the name of the program, which is attracting most of the entrepreneurs across the globe to Ireland.

Besides that, Its major objective is to encourage and boost economic startups and businesses in Ireland.

ountries paying you to move there

So if you have confidence that your business idea or startup has the potential to grow, then this is your call of action.

Make yourself avail of this flourishing opportunity. If your business idea gets approved, then you’ll be getting thousands of funding.

It will also ensure great economic exposure to the large markets of Europe.


Get paid to move to the US!

Finally, if you are considering relocating to the US with the pre held idea that it is not among the most comfortable countries to immigrate.

Remember for your ease and comfort, there are multiple cities that offer considerable incentives.

New Haven in Us is a delightful city that offers amazing advantages to its migrants.

Anybody wishing to migrate to New Haven will be offered $10.000 in an intrigue free credit.

what city pays you to move there, where can i live free
Image Source

With more $2,500 on the off chance that they’re a city representative, educator, cop, fireman, or military part.

If that wasn’t sufficient, they’re additionally offering an additional $30,000 for anybody needing to make vitality productive updates.

Furthermore, there are government-funded school graduates for the understudies of the families that have migrated there.


Migrating or relocating to the whole new country and culture may seem challenging.

But once you made up your mind and successful in achieving all your relevant information and benefits.

Then the same factors will serve you as a motivational force to explore the new horizons for you and your family. Let us know in the comments your though about these countries that will pay you to move there.

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