Where to See Northern Lights Canada? Find Out Here

Can you see the northern lights in Canada?

Here is what you should know…

Canada has some of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, Including Yukon, Nunavut, Manitoba, and many more places.

Which actually not the majority of people are aware of! Well, winter is the season of the Northern Lights in Canada as the skies are darker in the evening, allowing for better viewing.

Your best chance to see the aurora borealis Canada is between late September and late March, on dark, clear nights, from 6 pm to 1 am.

Staying awake whole night will be tiresome, but once you see the magical display, the sleep loss will be well worth the memories.

Furthermore, if you don’t know where to see Northern Lights in Canada, not to worry, with this comprehensive guide.

I hope you will find everything you want to know about these spectacular dancing Canadian aurora.

In addition, I will show you where you can stay for a night or more to have this unique experience in your life.

Where can you see the Northern Light in Canada?

There are many best places to see the Northern Lights, but Yukon probably is the most famous of the places to see aurora borealis Canada for a good reason and a must-stop on any trip around the country.

It is popular for its longest cold nights, hence for the Northern lights to show its magic, this is the perfect place.

However, it doesn’t mean that other places are not worth a visit. Of course, all these places which you’re going to see have their incredible display of lights.

The views are breathtaking, with many shades of green, pink, and yellow in the sky. Its beauty is hard to describe with words.

 Best place to see northern lights in Canada

1- Whitehorse, Yukon – The best place to see the northern lights in Canada.
2- Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – Best winter location to see Northern Lights
3- Churchill, Manitoba – Amazing destination with sightseeing of Polar bears along with Northern Lights
4- Fort McMurray, Alberta – Booking tours is the best way to see Northern Lights here
5- Nunavut – See the Northern Lights in freeing temperature.
6- Kuujjuaq, Quebec – Another great place to see the dense Northern Lights

1- Whitehorse, Yukon

On top of the list, we have Yukon. Yukon is the Nature’s Disney Land; most people who come to Yukon want to get out into the wilderness.

But before you could do that you have to arrive in Whitehorse, the capital city of Yukon, which is the idle place for all kinds of outdoor activities.

northern lights in canada, Yukon
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Such as hiking, camping, seeing wildlife, thrilling adventures as well as the Takhini hot pools.

Whitehorse is where you will see the colorful dancing aurora borealis show.

And you might be wondering where to stay on your first visit to see this experience. With that, there are some perfect hotels with easy booking from luxury to budget.  

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Best Hotels to See Northern Lights in Yukon


Northern Lights Resort & Spa is your perfect choice for royalty and the best wooden resort in Yukon to see the Northern Lights.

It has 5-star reviews for its most welcoming & helpful staff and excellent service provided to guests.

Additionally, the resort has many excellent services, like breakfast, Wi-Fi, sauna, hot tube, exercise space & comfortable atmosphere.

Enjoy northern light with fantastic tea and hot cocoa from outside the resort or even on your bed from the window.


Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast offers complete privacy; rooms are beautifully decorated with an outdoor deck to see the beautiful phenomenon.

The hotel offers all the amenities with a unique dining experience.

Also, the Takhini Hot Springs pool is just a little distance away, which also makes Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast a perfect place to stay.


Less than a kilometer away from Dawson City, Inn on the Lake is the right choice for budget travelers.

The hotel offers spacious rooms neat and tidy atmosphere & washrooms are equipped with a heater.

Lunch and dinner are served in a hotel restaurant, which is delicious. Inn on the Lake staff is more than ready to help and share helpful travel tips about the area.

2- Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Situated on the coast of Lake Slave, Yellowknife is among the best sites for viewing the Northern Lights.

Due to its mostly smooth ground and directly below the auroral oval, unlike other destinations, it makes it a prime place for viewing the significant phenomenon in a clear sky.

where to see northern lights, Yellowknife northern lights
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There is nothing else so beautiful in the world, like watching the Northern Lights without any obstructions.

There are also many accommodation options in Yellowknife offers a fantastic stay to see the Northern Light.

Best Hotels to See Northern Lights in Yellowknife

Mid-Range 1:

Jenny’s B&B, just the walking distance from primary attractions and tours in Yellowknife. Jenney’ B&B offers a classic wooden house experience where the host itself cooks fantastic food for you.

Very relaxed atmosphere, rooms are neat and clean, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable. It is an excellent value for your money and feels like home.

Mid-Range 2:

Mabuhay Lakeside Manor, this accommodation is beautifully situated in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories region, offering cozy rooms with delicious breakfast.

And you can also cook for yourself if you want because the hotel has a fully equipped kitchen and close to the supermarket area.

Besides that, the staff is so hospitable assisting their guest in a very pleasant way as well as helping them to book other tours and transportation. It’s a perfect place for solo travelers & backpackers!


Grace Lake Villa, located in Great Slave Lake, makes it a perfect location when the aurora lights reflect on the lake.

It is a perfect place for travelers those are on less spending plan and yet wants to see the aurora lights in a beautiful place.

Go for a lakeside view room which is nice tidy and clean. Also, the host is so generous and ready to help always.

3- Churchill, Manitoba

Where to see the northern lights in Canada? Well, Manitoba is the most visited destination for viewing the Northern Lights in Canada and for good reasons.

Firstly, Manitoba is straight underneath the Aurora, which creates a unique view of light & secondly, as per Travel Manitoba, the lights here can be seen all year round.

However, it may depend on the clarity of the sky with no clouds or rain. 

So, no matter the season, you can come here and watch the Northern Lights any time of the year.

Churchill Manitoba,winter
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Moreover, there is a chance you might encounter polar bears, get ready for one of a lifetime experience.

Churchill also attracts many tourists for its wildlife, and if you are not comfortable in exploring Manitoba on your own, then I would suggest you book a tour guide.

That will guide you to explore the beautiful attractions of the area, and it’s the best way to appreciate its beauty.

For that, check out Canadian Affair for a comprehensive tour of Manitoba.

Best Hotels to See Northern Lights in Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba offers a unique home-like accommodation experience for all types of travelers; however, as compared to other areas, Manitoba has not many options for accommodation.

Below I have picked my best-staying places for you to spend the night and see these majestic Northern Lights.

Hotel Iceberg Inn is located in Churchill close to the train station, offers warm and comfortable rooms.

The hotel staff is so nice that they will take you to see the Northern Lights and Polar Bears. Furthermore, the hotel has many excellent reviews once you stayed here, you would probably visit again.

Another great option is A-Frame Chalet, though it’s not as luxurious as other hotels but still an excellent opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

It offers free Wi-fi, a comfortable atmosphere, and perfect for solo and family travelers.

4- Fort McMurray, Alberta               

If you are visiting Alberta to see the Northern Lights, then you must travel to Fort McMurray, where you will find the yellow, pink, and green dancing lights in action.

Fort McMurray is just a small distance away in a flight from Edmonton. The lights there are mostly visible from early September till April end, on a clear night.

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For the exact forecast, take a minute to visit the Aurora Watch website and plan your trip accordingly.

Apart from Northern Lights, there are many other outdoor activities such as skiing and dog-sledding.

You can also book a guided tour and stop guessing what the best time or place to see the Northern Lights in Fort McMurray is, check out this link for booking and more details.

Book Here: Whitehorse Northern Lights Tour

5- Northern Lights Canada – Nunavut

Nunavut is located in northern Canada, consists of 25 distinct communities that have no road transportation connection to one another.

However, you can only reach this Arctic land by flight, which is a usual way to connect with other communities.

northern lights in canada, where to see

Viewing Northern Lights in Nunavut is very common as there is no light pollution, and you can easily see them as the sunsets.

No doubt, it’s the largest Aurora Lights destination as compared to other territories.

Best Hotels to See Northern Lights in Nunavut

The good news is you can spend your days there in style. Frobisher Inn Hotel is your perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor activities.

The hotel is arranging all kinds of outdoor tours, including sightseeing of the majestic aurora lights, chopper ride over the arctic, ice fishing, and dog-sledding.

The hotel has spacious, warm rooms beautifully decorated, frees Wi-Fi, a gym, and has a restaurant that offers delicious food.

6- Muncho Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia

Another jewel of Canada where you can enjoy the Northern Lights at its best is Muncho Lake Provincial Park, located in British Colombia.

It is reported that Northern Lights can be seen in Provincial Park throughout the year. On a clear sky, there are more chances to view the dramatic view.

northern lights tours canada

The views are breathtaking when the light reflects on Muncho Lake water, with many shades of green, pink and yellow.

The farther you go in Northern Territories, the more you have a chance of viewing it, Northern Lights are viewable in the majority of the area in BC.

Best Hotels to See Northern Lights in British Columbia

If you are not into luxury but want to spend few days in simplicity, then consider Northern Rockies Lodge.

Northern Rockies Lodge is located in Alaska high way between two lakes Nelson and Watson.

The hotel is situated in a beautiful location with large cozy modern rooms with balcony, neat and clean room; hotels offer delicious breakfast and restaurant in house.

Northern Rockies Lodge attracts visitors and photographers to captures the fantastic moments. Moreover, tours and excursion services are available at the front desk.

Check here! The latest price and available rooms.

Final Thoughts:

Northern Lights has amazed people since these have first discovered, this is a kind of experience which you will never forget in your life.

It’s a true wonder of nature and will make you fall in love with Mother Nature even further.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts, are you excited to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

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