Garmin Oregon vs Montana: Detailed GPS Comparison 

Are you making the same mistake as the other novice hikers? It is essential to bring the best GPS to make sure you are on the right track.
So, here we will compare the Garmin Oregon vs Montana GPS to know which might be best for you.

Trekking and hiking are two of the most difficult sports. They are risky and it’s easier to get lost if you don’t have a good GPS with you.  

Imagine you have everything on point but a low-quality GPS?  

Getting lost on a trip is a nightmare. In fact, the worst nightmare.  

So instead of making the worst mistake of your hiking trip, here we bring the comparison for the best handheld GPS available in the market.

Garmin is the leader of the GPS industry. With a wide range available, it might be tough for people to find the right one. It’s time to hop on Garmin Oregon vs Montana, the two most used Garmin GPS ranges.   

Garmin Oregon Vs Montana: A Comparison and Difference Between Two

Both Garmin Oregon and Montana are two prominent lead products of Garmin company in the GPS industry.

They both have a wide range of models from which you can select. However, each model has its pros and cons.

These models can be compared individually. But there is a wide comparison of the overall range.

The screen size, tracking capabilities, and technologies of both the GPS devices are worth the comparison. 

Screen Size  

The Garmin Oregon has a screen size of 3-inches. Whereas that of Garmin Montana models around 4 inches.  

Technology – Montana vs Oregon

The Garmin Oregon has an accelerometer, 3-axis compass, and barometric sensors that measure accurate air pressure and predict the right movement speed.

Whereas the Garmin Montana has TOPO US 100K maps that show complete terrain contours and searchable points of interest.    

Tracking Capabilities  

Garmin Oregon offers live tracking and geocaching capabilities. Whereas Garmin’s built-in topo mapping does it all for you.  

Garmin Oregon Models

Garmin Oregon GPS comes in three different models: 700, 750, and 750t.  

Let’s discuss them one by one and their features. 

1- Oregon 700 

Handheld GPS devices have made it easier for trackers to track without any fear of getting lost. Oregon 700 is the perfect combination of user-friendly interface and accuracy.   

Here are features that make the product worth the investment:   

garmin oregon 700


Screen Size   

It an all-rounder with fast reception. The touchscreen gives you a more like smartphone feel.

However, if you are wearing a glove, the touchscreen can be tough to use. The dimensions are around 2.4″ x 4.5″ x 1.3″.

which are lesser as compared to a smartphone. However, these dimensions hold GPS in hand while tracking.   

The 3″ screen is easy to use and has a bright display. The 240 x 400 pixels might seem less as compared to what we are used to in smartphones.

However, given the weather conditions and rough tracking conditions, this display range is perfect. Tbh!! Smartphones are a distraction, and you don’t want to track while scrolling FACEBOOK!   

No Level up Issue   

Garmin Oregon 700 is the best handheld GPS device as the device screen shifts its angle based on the user’s view.

You do not need to rotate the device while tracking, and it does it by itself! You will always have the CORRECT WAY UP while traveling.   

Activity Specific Options  

Apart from a smart screen, various activity-specific profiles make your tracking easier.

There are multiple icons that you can select depending on the type of activity.

The different activity icons include hiking, geocaching, cycling, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and even horse riding. However, the estimate of the activity represents a hiker or a biker.   

Customize Data Storage   

Another feature that makes Garmin Oregon 700 stands out is that it stores the track of your actions and stores information.

You can decide the time and distance variables from tracking. For instance, you might want to record your activity data every 2 meters or after every 30 mins.

You can also track all activities, but it can fill up the memory faster.   

It offers strong connectivity as compared to its legacy models. You can update your location and other information, including air pressure and speed, etc., within seconds.  

It has effective Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity.  
The 3-inch screen is easier to navigate. 
Chances of lag and poor performance are lesser. 
Easier to carry due to its compact size.  
Accurate navigation system.  

No camera.  
The touch screen can be better. 
There is no documentation for the product along with the product.  

 2- Oregon 750 

The next in the list of Garmin Oregon vs Montana is Oregon 750. It is one of the best handheld GPS’ available in the market.

We have a mixed review about it as it is not much advanced than its previous versions. Here is the discussion of the top features of Oregon 750, the best GPS for hiking.   

garmin oregon 750

Top Features  

Before we dive into the top features of Oregon 750, it is important to see what features are the same in all three models.

All three products’ screen sizes and dimensions are the same, makings all of them the best handheld GPS. They all can be carried around easier.

The difference is in the speed, durability, and accuracy of the three models.   


Oregon 750 has high durability. Given the ergonomic design and sturdy exterior of the GPS, it can withstand even the toughest tracking and hiking locations.

Dust, dirt, and humidity do not affect it much. The water-resistant feature adds more life to the durability of the device.

It is rated slpx7 for durability, which is considerably higher than the other versions.  


Another major approvement in the Oregon 750 is its higher accuracy. The start-up time is relatively higher.

Also, the overall battery life of this best handheld GPS is worth the praise. You can catch live tracking locations around faster.

However, these reports are so fast that it might be hard for you to catch up during hiking and tracking experiences.  


The redesigned antenna gives improved connectivity even in tough weather. 

Oregon 750 is compatible with Connect IQ, allowing you to customize apps, data fields, and widgets.

The Bluetooth-enabled notification system uploads your notifications on Garmin Community online.   

It comes with multiple battery options, giving you faster charging.  
The battery lasts up to 16 hours for a single charge.  
Sturdy design allows withstanding tough weather conditions. 
It allows sharing of location and photos. 

Due to sensitive touch screens sometimes, the device makes touch by itself. 

3. Oregon 750t 

Another Garmin Oregon product is 750t, which is the most advanced version of the three devices.

Just like the previous two models, the dimensions and size of Oregon 750t are the same.

However, there is a difference in the connectivity, durability, and other specs of the device.

Let’s dive into a brief review of Garmin Oregon 750t for Garmin Oregon vs Montana.

garmin oregon 750t

Top Features:  

Roundtrip Routing   

One of the best features of Oregon 750t is roundtrip routing. This feature allows you to plan your complete hiking trip by considering the hiking, driving, and distance to reach a specific destination.

The pre-installed Topo activity maps give you a complete map of places and different routes with a complete guarantee of safe & secure routes.  

Sensors & Connectivity   

The Oregon 750t, just like its previous model, comes with ABC sensors. There is also a Traceback feature that shows the route you tracked.

The high sensitivity GPS maps show the map from around the world with higher accuracy.

It is connected with GLONASS, a Russian satellite that gives you more accurate information about each location.

The one-year bird eye subscription is worth the investment as it gives you real-time information about various locations. The best part is it also includes high-resolution images.   

Weather Information

Garmin Oregon 750t has an active weather feature that gives you real-time weather updates and forecasts.

It’s time to plan your trip in advance with more accurate information.   

Camera & Torch

Garmin Oregon 750t includes an 8 MP camera and a flash to be used as a torch. It’s more than a traditional GPS.

Being the best handheld GPS in the market will give you all features you need for GPS.

Also, it has the Connect IQ that lets you customize the screen, including increased screen brightness for better clarity.   

It comes with a bird-eye subscription for one year. 
User-friendly along with better connectivity.  
Animated icons and overlays.  
You can also upload locations and images to the Garmin community.  

There is no basic documentation available.  

As compared to Oregon 700 and 750t the Oregon 750 is relatively more stable and faster than the rest of the devices.

The future versions of Oregon although might seem like not making much of a difference. However, each model has some features that make it stand out.  

Montana Models:

Apart from Garmin Oregon, the Garmin has another range of the best handheld GPS devices, known as the Montana models.

When we talk about Garmin GPS handheld devices, there is no way we don’t have a discussion on Garmin Oregon vs. Montana.

However, both the models are great; it’s a matter of what one prefers when buying a GPS device for their tracking.  

Now enough of the jabber; let’s dive into Garmin Montana models’ brief reviews and pros & cons. 

1- Montana 610 

The first in the series of Garmin Montana is Montana 610, which is a 4-inch handheld GPS device with double orientation.  

garmin montana 610 gps, oregon vs montana

Top Features: 


It has high connectivity as it is equipped with GPS and GLONASS reception. The GLONASS reception gives real-time images for knowing the best of what is ahead of you.

There is also a built-in trip planning tool, which is not available in the Garmin Oregon series. Plan your trip, share it with your friends, and get going.  


Garmin Montana 600 is well-equipped with 3-axis, tilt-compensated electronic compass, which gives you accurate readings. 

The barometric altimeter tracks pinpoint your exact location to give you more precise information of where to head. 

You can share your hiking track and information with your friends without needing to go into a lot of details.  

Rugged & Waterproof 

Garmin Montana 600 can handle 1m of water for around 30 mins. You can use it in water without having to worry about it being damaged. 

The rechargeable lithium-ion pack or traditional AA alkaline batteries are not damaged quickly with the water, increasing its overall life.  

The altimeter sensor measures your altitude via air pressure. 
The 4-inch-wide screen offers easy navigation. 
You can use it in both water and land and can get estimates accordingly.  

The sensors cannot be connected via Bluetooth. 

2- Montana 610T 

Another best handheld GPS model by Garmin Montana is Montana 610T. Although it’s not much different from Montana 600, some features make it stand out.  

Top Features: 


Montana 610T comes with TOPO U.S. 100K maps that offer high-resolution maps from anywhere around the world.

The preloaded TOPO US map offers a pinpoint location for each area. You can now easily plan your own trips and decide which route is best for you.

It also has an AUTO MOUNT navigator, which allows you to mount it to your car or bike. You can get navigation based on the vehicle you opted for. 

Wireless Sharing  

You can now share your journey wirelessly with other Garmin users. You can upload your journey information on the Garmin community channel so that other people can benefit from it.  


The built-in Montana 610t Camo locates your position quickly. Even if you are deep in the woods, you can now pinpoint your location with accuracy. 

3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass gives you accurate direction even if you are not holding it to level. 

Using your location gives you the right estimate for your direction and time to reach your destination.  

It is waterproof. 
The battery is rechargeable.  
Highly accurate location.  
Plan your trips with information for the next location.   

It is heavy to use, given the difficulties in hiking and tracking trips.  
For some, it is expensive given the features.

3- Montana 680 

The next in the is Montana 680, which is another great Garmin model. Garmin Oregon vs Montana discussion is incomplete without Montana 680.

Let’s dive into the review of Garmin Montana’s classic yet best GPS for hiking.   

best handheld gps

Top Features:  


Gamin Montana has a fast receiver with high accuracy reception. It picks up data from both GPS and GLONASS.

This provides you with real-time images and data of your current and future locations in the plan. The recorded accuracy is around 8 feet for both covered and open locations.   

Display and Ease of Use

The 4-inch display is wide and, in fact, higher than Garmin Oregon products. The screen has icons and widgets for easy access.

The ideal 4-inch size makes it easier to carry in both hands or to attach it to your vehicle.

With a single push button to launch the device, the overall device is a touch screen.

However, the screen resolution is not that great, but since its handheld GPS, we don’t expect it to be a smartphone-quality touch screen.  


The map redrawing is fast. You don’t even need to wait for seconds to update the maps. The quick receptors update the location from time to time.

The compass is fast, and there is no lag while checking the direction. Even you can use this while not holding it on the level.  


Although the device is versatile, the large size does not allow it to fit in a pocket easily. Tbh!

If you have small hands like mine, this 4-inch device can be tough to carry in hand for a longer period.

The 8MP camera might seem of no use, but it is helpful when clicking the pictures of a waypoint. Imagine getting rid of typing in the descriptions. 

It is the best GPS for backpacking as it has strong reception.  
You can mount it to most of the available.  
Wireless communication and an electronic compass make it easier to navigate.  

It is large in size making it hard to carry.  
Given the price and features, it is expensive for many hikers.  

4- Montana 680T 

Next is the list is and the last one in the Garmin Montana series for Garmin Oregon vs Montana is Montana 680T.  

garmin montana models, montana 680t

Top Features: 


Montana 680T is the best GPS for hiking as it has improved connectivity than all the other models.

No matter where you are on track, it will show accurate location and directions.

The Geotagging feature further makes it easier for you to record your location data.

With topographic and 3D view features, you can now have photos directly embedded on the map at that very time. This all is possible through GPS and the Russian GLONASS system.   


The 25-hour long battery life does not let users compromise on the speed. Within microseconds, you can get the direction from the compass.

Moreover, getting your exact location on the map also does not take much time.

The battery life is higher than all the Garmin Oregon and Montana devices, making it the perfect investment.   

Display and Screen   

The 4” TFT touch screen gives you the ease of using the GPS device easily. You don’t need to worry about getting it spoiled with water.

The widgets and icons make this GPS the best handheld GPS. The high-resolution camera gives out images that are treated to an eye, given that it is just a GPS device. It’s time to stop worrying start hiking.   

It has a highly sensitive GPS. 
You can record your tracklogs. 
It comes with 250,000 preloaded geocaches. 
The automatic Geo-tagging feature allows real-time image tagging. 
It comes with free basecamp software.  

For some of this Montana, 680T can be expensive. 
There is only one color available.  

Buying Guide: Garmin Oregon Vs Montana 

Track Log:  

Having a tracklog is extremely important in a GPS. Since, most of the time, we are tracking and hiking to unknown locations, it is essential to have a track log in the GPS.

If it has a trackback feature, then it is even better. Imagine being in a new location, and you get on a track that can hit you off your goal hiking time and distance.   

GPS Position:  

Every GPS is connected to a single satellite providing the GPS data. However, it is better to have a GPS that gives you a dual GPS connection as it offers better accuracy.

Since there is no time to use a smartphone during your tracking and hiking trip, the best GPS for hiking has dual GPS.   

Touch Screen Display:  

A touch screen display offers an additional layer when it comes to versatility and ease of use. A touch screen display offers easy-to-navigate widgets and icons.

The friendly display in tough weather makes it easier to have a GPS partner that you can trust.   

Battery Life:  

A good GPS has a battery life of around 15 to 25 hours. The Garmin Oregon vs Montana both have a minimum of 16 hours of battery life. They have a lithium battery that you can charge within minutes.   


The best handheld GPS are those that are sturdy and strong, withstanding even the toughest of weather conditions.

Ensure that your GPS works well for three years, at least with features like water resistance.   


Buying the best GPS for backpacking has never been easier. If we compare Garmin Oregon vs Montana, then both the ranges and their respective models have pros and cons.

It depends on your requirements of what fits best for you. However, if I were to pick one, I would opt for Garmin Oregon, given its small and compact size.

Yet, if you are someone who is more towards the latest features, then Montana range is the perfect option.