Best Vacations For Single Guys That Won’t Break The Bank

Wondering where to travel being a single guy? Well, let me show you the best vacations for single guys around the world, and you will see why these fantastic destinations would be a great idea.

If you are someone who never vacations alone and wants to have more fun? Then this is the time. Travelling alone is completely different and courageous then travelling in a group or with family.

What are the Best Vacation Spots for Singles?

When you travel, you are open to a new horizon where you learn many things about yourself, about that place, about people, their culture and language.

When you travel alone, the most significant advantage is that it makes you courageous you get to know more about yourself. Besides making you a braver person, it also makes you mentally stronger.

Now that you’re planning to take a solo trip, you can’t go wrong with these best vacations for single guys! Let’s get started.

Also, if you want to know about the best places to travel alone in the US, Check out this guide.

These are the 10 Best Vacations for Single Guys

1- Oahu, Hawaii

Starting our list of best vacations for single guys with Oahu, Oahu is Hawaii’s most populous and developed island. It is known as the third most significant island.

If you’re like most people who think that Oahu in Hawaii is only about crowds Honolulu traffic and shopping? Then you are wrong, my friend.

Let me tell you,

Ohio offers the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. The most famous being Waikiki, but it is commonly very crowdie & if you want to have some alone time you should head to Waimanalo Beach.

On the rugged, majestic eastern coast of Oahu, also known as the windward side, lies Waimanalo Beach Park.

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This Beach is away from the crazy crowd of Waikiki. Thus, it offers miles and miles of white sand turquoise waters and calms enough waves year-round to relax and enjoy the refreshing North Pacific.

However, the good thing about this coastline is that it is not busy like a Waikiki; it’s practically empty.

Next, you have, Lanikai Beach, arguably the most beautiful Beach on the powdery island sand leads to aquamarine and a few small islands which are truly picturesque.

Well, I talked about beaches because these are the best things to do in Oahu for a fantastic vacation.

Not only this, but you can also do a lot of other activities in Oahu, but you will also get so many opportunities for adventures.

Such as, zipline, hiking, waterfalls, nightlife, the best food, as well as knowing about Oahu’s unique culture.

Click here to book the best day trips in Oahu

2- Portland, Maine

We have talked about Oahu. Now let’s see what Portland in Maine has to offer about the best vacations for single guys.

Maine is another popular destination to travel alone in the US, and Portland is its main economic center primarily established on travel and tourism.

Maine offers many exciting things to do for everyone to visit here alone in a group or with family.

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When in Portland, the best way to appreciate its beauty is to book a full sightseeing tour that includes a complete city tour and a trip to three of the lighthouses.

Additionally, you can get a fantastic view of the whole city, starting from the downtown area and various shops to the art district, best restaurants, and bars.

But if you are not comfortable with group tours,

Then you should drive yourself, or you can bike to visit the beautiful lighthouses along Casco Bay and also visit the city on your own.

Moreover, visiting the Portland museum of art, the boat tour on Casco Bay, the old port, bars should be on top of your list and don’t forget the food.

3- Montreal

Montreal located in the Quebec state of Canada, and it is a beautiful city and best vacation pick for a single man.

Whether you’re traveling to Montreal in any season, you’ll always see festivals going on.

Montreal is the second biggest city in Canada, following Toronto, and the majority speaks French here.

Not only this, but Montreal is such a uniquely vibrant and culturally diverse city with a lot of fantastic shopping (Sainte-Catherine street is famous for shopping)

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Fun Fact,

“No building in Montreal can be taller from the Cross on the Mount Royal Mountain.”

There are many best things to do in Montreal, but if you are food, then Montreal is a food paradise for you. Also, there are so many restaurants serving delicious cousins.

And Yes,

Montreal Biodome is worth visit, and it is an indoor nature exhibiting those replicas four different ecosystems.

Undoubtedly it is the perfect spot to spend some fantastic time watching all the beautiful exotic animals.

Also, check out Old Montreal, one of the oldest areas in Montreal.

It feels like you are walking in Europe, you can also take a horse carriage ride through & the drivers very informative to share a lot of information with you.

To learn more about the best things to do in Montreal, check out this guide.

4- Belize (best vacations for single guys)

Naturally, Belize is a fantastic edition in the list of vacations for singles; the Caribbean Country located in Central America contains the most stunning sandy beaches.

Belize is more like a laid back vacation experience, Caye Caulker, to be precise (one of the best islands off the coast).

However, as a place for single man vacation, it hits all the points you describe.

It is super friendly, and there are always other single travelers to socialize with if you are looking for.

single men vacations, best cities to travel alone

And also many hammocks on beaches for curling up with a book and a cold beer.

The live music is mostly Reggae, but there are ex-pat bars with DJs if you prefer. Belize is also a kind of warm vacation spot & the weather always feels right there.

Besides that, Belize offers many outdoor activities, water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, and an excellent beach holiday experience.

Belize is also known for having the magnificent dense forests and wildlife. Click here to read 11 Epic Things to do in Belize!

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5- Barcelona

Well, I know it’s outside the US, but Barcelona offers the best vacations for single guys. Every year a lot of people go and have a lot of fun there.

In fact, It has everything you need pretty much from a beautiful country, just a few miles inland, to some of Europe’s biggest theme parks, big beaches, lots of culture and art.

Also, some of the most prominent party destinations, as well.

And if you are a solo photographer, you could easily spend days to capture the beautiful sights and everyday life.

single guys vacation, best places to travel alone men

The views of Barcelona are breathtaking.

Because there is always something happening for tourists in Barcelona to grab your attention, from the amazing street life to the fantastic buildings, beautiful people.

Moreover, Sagrada Familia (the most incredible church) is Barcelona’s most famous point of interest.

It also is very convenient to travel to other European countries from Barcelona, if you want something else and spend more time in Europe.

Click here to book customized tours and excursions.

6- Vienna, Austria

Where is the best place to travel solo?

If you want to visit a place together with natural beauty, art, and history, then without a doubt, Vienna should be top of your list.

It is also one of the safest city for solo travelers.

Certainly, Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it’s also among the best vacations for single guys.

Magnificent fairy tale castles, mountains, waterfalls, beautifull rivers, and the jaw-dropping landscapes are the Vienna main points of interest.

best places to visit outside us

Without a doubt,

The city itself is magnificent with the jaw-dropping architecture around every corner.

Besides becoming famous in tourists, Vienna has been honored the highest standard of living in a row for several years.

So, simply you will encounter many friendly and welcoming locals on your trip. Read here the 7 best places to visit in Vienna.

7- Costa Rica

Costa Rica in Central America is a fantastic choice for single vacations, lots of amazing nature, good food, not very expensive, overall just an excellent place to travel.

Whether you’re someone who loves adventures, wildlife spotting or wants to relax on the beach, Costa Rica has something for every traveler of any age group.

The first thing you do in Costa Rica is to join wildlife riverboat tours because it’s the best way to explore the rainforest.

vacations for singles, single men vacation

Where you will get a chance to see the monkeys, sloths, reptiles, and a wide variety of paradise birds.

Also, Costa Rica is a cheap place to go, so that might be your next solo trip destination.

So, visit Costa Rica before it becomes worldwide popular among tourists.

Click here to book the best Costa Rica tours Rain forest, Zipline, Bird watching, and many more.

8- Taiwan

Still can’t decide where should you travel when single?

Well, Taiwan is one of the best places to visit outside the US, it has beautiful mountains, dense forests, coastline, and a great city with a secure and accessible public transport system.

This country offers great food, amazingly kind people, and essentially anything you want out of a tour to Asia for reasonable prices.

And you can visit everywhere easily, and the island has everything you could wish for.

It has large international cities, forests, lakes, mountains, rice fields, and sprawling countryside.

best places to travel alone, men vacations

It’s beautiful. The people are friendly, and things are cheap (especially outside Taipei).

Besides, there’s a vast biking culture too, with beautiful paths to travel the whole island that way if you have the time.

The people there are very hospitable & pleasant, even without knowing their language it is easy to go around, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Therefore, if you spend a week in and bike through Vietnam, it’s a million times better than in other countries, which makes it one of the best vacations for single guys.

9- Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with majestic temples beautiful landscape, breathtaking islands, friendly locals & history.

If you want to visit South East Asia as a single guy vacation, Cambodia is the country that cannot and should not have missed.

The country is heaven for adventure lovers with a lot of outdoor activities. It’s the best place for a summer vacation.

best places to travel solo

Besides, everything here is affordable, from food, transport, tours & excursions, rental services, and air ticket.

If you are on budget and want to explore South East Asia, I recommend Cambodia.

In fact, the dinner is as cheap as $2, this is amazing. But if you are going city to city, there are also buses available, or you can rent drivers as well.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an affordable exotic adventure Koh Rong is perfect for you.

Koh Rong island is beautiful and not too touristy yet, super relaxed and some excellent diving as well.

Also, visit Siem Reap, a great night market and bar street, and of course, the temples. And the right place for backpackers and solo travelers.

Click here to book the best city tours in Cambodia.

10- Portugal

Have you always wanted to travel to Europe? Why not start with Portugal, and for those traveling alone, there’s perhaps no better pick than Lisbon.

The capital city Lisbon is an ideal location for a short break and also the best vacation spots for singles.

Portugal is a great country and the best vacations for single guys – fantastic food, beautiful views, inexpensive, easy to understand travel system. The sun is always out.

solo trips in Portugal, single guy vacation
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Portugal is well known in the world for its friendly locals and the number of activities they offer for solo travelers.

Another reason, the nightlife is outstanding if this is what you want on your solo trip.

No doubt, Algarve is the best place to visit in Portugal with the collection of beach towns.

One of the highlights of Algarve is the Lagos, with beautiful relaxed beaches. Portugal has so much to offer for those willing to discover a bit further.

Click here to book the best Algarve cave boat cruise.

Final Thoughts:

Why is solo traveling enjoyable & thrilling? Because it’s an extended period of the holiday, especially one drifted away from home.

It’s an excellent choice for people who want to cut out of their shell and not have to worry about results.

As a traveler, I prefer to travel solo because I’m not held back by anyone, and I get to meet tons of new folks, friendly or romantic.

Now, I will leave it to you to pick any of the best vacations for single guys from above, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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