Best Lightweight Tripod For Backpacking In 2021 & Beyond

Backpacking has always been an IT thing among travelers. Those who wish to see the world in all its glory prefer to travel light and more with a backpack than lagging luggage behind. This is why there are so many people out there, always searching for the best lightweight tripod for backpacking.   

The hunt isn’t always for the lightweight but the best travel tripod because quality and demand both have to go together.

Backpackers are always on the roads less traveled, the exotic locations, with the desire in heart and camera in hand.

Tripods make the best travel companion because photographing and video graphing every nature marvel you see becomes much easier.   

But choosing an ultra-lightweight tripod isn’t an easy job. You want quality in a budget plus the specifications that will help you backpack across any region you want.

If you are on the hunt for a backpacking tripod, you are at the right place. Let us give you some of the stellar options so you can capture, record & backpack like a pro! But first, some questions to sort you out! 


The first question that most of the travelers looking for a lightweight tripod for backpacking ask.

Most of the cameras today have a 1/4″ female thread on the underside. This is what you will attach to the head of the tripod.

Most of the tripods come with their heads attached, so you don’t have to purchase any separately.

This dimension is the reason that no matter what camera you have, it can be attached to any tripod.   

The recommended option would be just to take your camera to the seller before you purchase so you can be sure. Otherwise, generally, you are good to go no matter what camera or tripod you have. 

Quick Answer: Best Lightweight Tripod for Backpacking of 2021


A Comparison Table of Ultra Lightweight Tripod

Image Product Height Weight Price
backpac ZOMEI M5 55-INCH 55-inch height  2.5 lbs. weight  Check Price
backpac K&F Concept 62″ 62-inch height  2.43 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac MeFOTO BackPacker 51.2-inch height  2.6lbs. weight Check Price
backpac GEEKOTO 77″ Camera Tripod 77-inch height 3.37 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac BONFOTO 53.5″ Tripod 53.5-inch height 3.6 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac VANGUARD Aluminum Tripod 58-inch height 3.3 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac SIRUI Traveler Tripod 42.5-inch height 1.8 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac Rollei Ultra-Lightweight 55.91-inches height 2.16 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac TYCKA Rangers 56” 56-inch height 2.89 lbs. weight Check Price
backpac Dolica TX570DS Ultra Compact 57-inch height 2.5 lbs. weight Check Price


Here are the top 10 best lightweight tripods for backpacking as per our choice: 


2.5 lbs. weight 
58-inch height 
19-inch folded length 
11 lbs. maximum load capacity 

The Zomei M5 is the best budget travel tripod, which is portable and only costs around $40.

If you think the price is low so that the features might be compromised, you are wrong. Made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, this tripod is long-lasting, sturdy, and durable.

Each leg’s height can be adjusted separately, so if you are on uneven terrain, you can easily adjust it as per your ease.

best travel tripod

This is why it is extremely popular among backpackers because you can be hiking, and the tripod’s position will be customized according to your preference.   

The maximum you can extend the tripod is 58-inch, which might not be a suitable height for tall people.

There is also a hook at the center, which allows extra weight to be added to stabilize it even more.

But, honestly, it is a bit of a con that you need to stabilize it yourself. There is a lever with which you can tilt the head and pan the tripod left, right, center, up, and down.

You can carry Zomei portable tripod in the softshell carry case it comes with, and you can pack it down to a total length of 19-inch.   

  • Stable and can be adjusted as per different terrains.
  • The best choice for first-time buyers.
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to be carried around.
  • Not for tall-heightened people, as it isn’t the best when it comes to eye-level recording.
  • Cannot be converted into a monopod.
  • Lacks versatility for pro-photographers.

Overall Opinion 

Overall, the Zomei M5 55-inch is the best tripod for hiking and for those who are just starting with travel photography.

It might lack the feature for pros, but it provides the most affordable budget for beginners and intermediates, and that definitely makes it one of the best (if not the best!) on this list.  


2.43 lbs. weight. 
62-inch height 
18.1-inch folded length 
22-lbs. maximum load capacity 

A mid-range option, but it comes with a pleasant 62-inch extension option, which will allow for eye-level shooting.

It might not be the most perfect, but it won’t make you uncomfortable, at least. If you have a huge backpack, it folds down into 18-inch, so it can easily be carried around.

One of the best things about this tripod is that it is only 2.43 lbs. The weight is never going to be a problem.

According to some backpacking tripod owners, it is one of the lightest they have ever traveled with without feeling burdened. 

ultra lightweight tripod

What’s more, is that this tripod should be one of the top choices for those who have a heavy camera.

It can easily handle up to 22 lbs. There is an additional 1.1-inch ball head allowing more stability and ease of use with heavier cameras.

It is the most preferred lightweight tripod for backpacking because it allows you to shoot at super low angles.

You won’t have to lie down to get the best shots, as the tripod alone will make that possible for you.  

Finally, the cloud platform has a 360-degree scale at the bottom. With the help of this, the owner can take panoramic shots efficiently.

Just like previously mentioned in the list, the K&F tripod cannot be converted into a monopod. Moreover, it isn’t exactly cheap, so it is not for everyone! 

  • High load capacity, so even heavy cameras can be adjusted.
  • Low angle shots can be taken easily.
  • One of the ultra-lightweight tripods available.
  • Price on the steeper side.
  • Cannot be converted into a monopod for the price buyer pays.

Overall Opinion

Taking the crown of one of the best lightweight tripods ever, the K&F 62-inch DSLP tripod offers so many features, all of which are the most convenient for backpackers.

If not for the price tag and the inability to be converted into a monopod, this would have been in the race of one of the best tripods ever.  


2.6lbs. weight. 
51.2-inch maximum height 
12.6-inch length when folded. 
8.8 lbs. maximum load capacity 

The MeFOTO tripod is one of the best backpacking tripod options. It is portable, which means you can quickly carry it around, and is only 12.6-inch long when folded.

The weight is also only 2.5 lbs. which makes it great for backpacking and when traveling light.

It is made of aluminum, so it is sturdy, durable, and lightweight at the same time.

The legs’ angle can be adjusted, and all the legs can individually be locked as per the height requirement.

best lightweight tripod, best travel tripod

This makes it the best tripod for hiking because of the ease in adjustability. It isn’t ideal for eye-level photography, but the center column hook allows the heavier cameras to be placed at the max height.

If you own a bulky camera or heavy lenses, you will have to rethink buying it.

Moreover, it is also effortless in other features it offers, like the incapability of turning into a monopod.

So, for its weight and the beginner-level ease of use, it is indeed excellent. However, for the advance uses, it is not.

The highlight of the MeFOTO tripod is the ability to take panning shots and panorama photos & videos.

Definitely the professional level shots you want to take off your backpacking experience.

There is also an Arca-Swiss quick-release plate, which is famous among professional photographers for its convenience. Therefore, you already get a hint of what you get with this tripod.

  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Durable, sturdy, and portable.
  • Not affordable for those with a low budget.
  • Cannot be converted into a monopod.
  • Low angle shots cannot be taken smoothly.

Overall Opinion

The MeFOTO Backpacker Lightweight Travel Tripod might be pricy but it offers portability, ease of use, comfort in carrying it around, and durability within the same price tag.

Though it cannot convert into a monopod and does not allow long angle shots (which is a bummer!), its Arca-Swiss quick-release plate compatibility gives it an edge and make it the best lightweight tripod within the amount you spend on it. 


3.37 lbs. weight. 
77-inch maximum height. Can turn into 81.5-inch when turned into a monopod. 
19-inch folded length. 
17.6 lbs. load capacity. 

This is the first lightweight tripod for backpacking in the list that allows eye-level shooting without taking the comfort away.

The height can go up to 77-inch, which will be above eye-level for most people. This means that you can operate it at your height efficiently.

Since the height is fantastic, the weight is on the extra side as well. Even though we guarantee it is lightweight, but it might not be the lightest on the list.

Having said that, the 3.37 lbs. weight for this height is spectacular. What also makes this tripod stand out is that it converts into a monopod without any hassle.

backpacking tripod, How much is a good tripod?

With the monopod, you get the freedom of movement with a maximum height of 81.5-inch.

We definitely think that’s impressive. When folded, the height would be 19-inch so you can pack it in your favorite backpack before embarking on the adventures.

The maximum load capacity, which is 17.6 lbs. allows for the heavy cameras as well. Finally, the column legs have four different sections.

These can be adjusted with quick-release buckles to the desired height.

The Geekoto 77-inch is a beginner-friendly tripod with great features that offer durability, long-term commitment, and ease of use for those who want to make this purchase a one-time investment only.

  • Easy to adjust.
  • Can be converted to a monopod.
  • Comfortable eye-level shooting.
  • Little bulkier in weight.
  • Pricey for those who have a strict budget.

Overall Opinion

The Geekoto is one of the backpacking tripods preferred by even professional photographers even though it is geared toward newbies. 

Sure, the weight could have been on the lighter side but doubling as a monopod lets the ball rest in its favor always.  


3.6 lbs. weight. 
53.5-inch maximum height. 
14.5-inch when folded 180-degree reversely. 
17 lbs. maximum load capacity. 

The BONFOTO Aluminum tripod is durable, lightweight, and has a decent height as well.

It comes with a 360-degree professional swivel that allows you to transition between shots smoothly and take photos from any angle of your choice.

There are four sections for legs that ensure you can always keep the tripod steadfast.

best tripod for hiking, best lightweight tripod

One of the best things about this ultra-lightweight tripod is that it is super compact when folded even with its height.

The centre column hook allows for additional weight to be added for stabilization when the camera or the lens is heavy.

This tripod’s design is sturdy and does not let the camera pull hard or slip out. Another vital feature of this tripod is that it can be folded reversely by 180-degree, thus taking less space in your backpack.

It also comes with a carry-on bag; in case you want to separately take it along and have it in your hand at all times.

  • Can be converted into a monopod.
  • Takes less space when reversely folded.
  • Allows low-level photography.
  • The weight is more than three pounds.
  • Some users find it unreliable for the price paid.

Overall Opinion

The BONFOTO 53.5-inch tripod might be a bit on the heavier side but it still is lightweight when compared to so many more out there.

The low-level photography, macro shots, the ability to turn into a monopod, and reverse folding far outweigh this disadvantage. It is one of the bests lightweight tripods for backpacking. 

6- VANGUARD Aluminum Tripod for Backpacking

3.3 lbs. weight. 
58-inch height. 
14.9-inch when folded. 
13.2 lbs. load capacity. 

Vanguard aluminium tripod is one-of-its-kind and innovative. Instead of the usual three legs that invert and fold up around the centre column; this backpacking tripod has a unique design through which the centre column has to be flipped downwards for storage.

This means you can assume it to be the best tripod for hiking since the setup time is swifter and more reliable.

best budget travel tripod

Not just this, but the leg to angle locks are also unique. They have a spring-loaded push-button release for easy operation and saving time.

This tripod comes with a padded leg, and the rubber feet can be retracted for spikes.

It is Arca-type compatible, has a separate panning lock, and comes with a travel bag too.

You do not have to give it space in your backpack if you don’t want to. You can store it in the bag it comes with, and it isn’t essentially hard to carry either.

  • Innovative and one-of-its-kind.
  • Folds up from the center column, allowing easy management.
  • Arca-type compatible.
  • Average weight.
  • The price is on the higher side.

Overall Opinion

As the name suggests, the Vanguard aluminum tripod is one of the most durable tripods you can get your hands on.

Whether it is rugged terrains or adventure photography, with the backpack on your shoulder and this tripod in your hand, there is no fun you will ever miss out on, we can guarantee that. 


1.8 lbs. weight. 
42.5-inch height. 
12.2-inch folded length. 
13.2 lbs. load capacity 

The Sirui Compact Traveler is a lightweight and compact (as the name suggests) tripod specially designed for backpackers and frequent travellers who want to get the best photography on a decent budget.

Best DSLR Tripod, best tripods in 2021

It is perfect for small or mirrorless cameras, as it cannot go for heavier options. Its build quality is epic and undeniably one of the most superior ones on this list.

It is a 2-section removable centre column for low-angle shooting down to almost 3.1-inch, which can easily be considered the rarity among the travel tripods.

There is a separate pan-lock knob, and this best budget travel tripod is Arca-type compatible as well.

  • Super lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with the best build quality, which is super sturdy and durable.
  • It has 5-section legs, which are not always recommended.

Overall Opinion

Other than the fact that it comes with 5-section legs, there is not even a single thing that should make you think twice before buying the Sirui Compact Traveler tripod.

This ultra-lightweight tripod is for all the travelers who want to shoot the best without compromising on the budget and quality. 


2.16 lbs. weight. 
55.91-inches height. 
12.99-inch when folded. 
17.64 lbs. load capacity. 

Rollei is an ultra-lightweight travel tripod that only weighs 2.16 lbs.

If you have gone through the list previously, you must already know that this weight is almost ideal for a tripod that is supposed to travel a lot with you.

It comes with spikes that offer stability on uneven ground. It also has a 360-degree panoramic magnesium ball head with an Arca Swiss compatible camera quick release plate.

lightweight tripod for backpacking

All the mentioned features are cutting-edge, which we are sure you must know already since you are on the hunt to get the best tripod.

This lightweight tripod for backpacking can be folded by 180-degree, which can reduce the packed dimension to only 12.99-inch.

It offers quick disassembling and fast assembly, which are every photographer’s dream come true. The best part? Rollei can also be used as a monopod.

  • Can double up as a monopod.
  • Ultra-lightweight, durable, and easy to carry around at the same time.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Cannot stand windy conditions.
  • The screw clamps were reported to cause problems in some users.

Overall Opinion

For the price tag it comes under and the weight it has, Rollei Compact Tripod is definitely the strong contender to be the best travel tripod. 

A little more manufacturing attention and it will be on the top. 


2.89 lbs. weight. 
56-inch height. 
14-inch when folded. 
26.5 lbs. load capacity. 

The Tycka Rangers Tripod is a sturdy and durable tripod that is lightweight and has an average eye-level photography length.

It can make-do if your purpose is to take pictures and not always have them at eye-level.

If you are sitting down and taking pictures, then this one beats the others on the list.

The hook at the centre column allows some counterweight to be added, which adds more stability.

best budget tripod for dslr, best budget travel tripod

The best use of this tripod is for super low angles, macro shots, and microphotography. It lets you capture those seamlessly.

With the help of the centre column, you can invert and get as close to the ground as you want to.

All the while, you will not get dirty! It also comes with a removable leg that can double up as a walking stick for support too.

It also triples up to convert the tripod into a monopod. Let’s just say that the Tycka Rangers Tripod might take the lead here when it comes to professional-level photography.

  • Exceptional for macro and low-angle photography.
  • Can easily hold the heaviest lenses and cameras.
  • Can convert into a monopod.
  • You get a walking stick too!
  • Not for eye-level shooting

Overall Opinion

The Tycka Rangers Tripod might not be the most affordable, but it is one of the most reliable and pro-level among the many other available.

It is versatile, has higher quality, and every feature you get is way superior to the price point justifies. What else do you want? 


2.5 lbs. weight. 
57-inch height. 
12.5-inch length when folded. 
15 lbs. load capacity. 

The Dolica Tripod is often the best lightweight tripod recommended by experts. This is the reason that it is suitable for both beginners and semi-pros.

Moreover, it offers decent support for eye-level shooting, and you won’t be uncomfortable while doing that. It is sturdy, durable, and ultra-portable for long-term usage as well.

best budget tripod for dslr

You can fold it and fit it into your hiking backpack; hence it is also the best tripod for hiking for some users.

It is a large ball head so that it can support bulky DSLRs with added lenses too. With the ball head, there are rubberized knobs that support tilt and pan.

The rubber feet allow support in uneven terrains and slippery slopes as well. The hook at the centre also allows for additional weight.

  • Reverse folded legs.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can be converted into a monopod.
  • Non Arca-Swiss compatible.

Overall Opinion

The Dolica Ultra Compact Tripod is the one equipment you can have long-term even when you move on from being a beginner to intermediate.

Not just because of the features, but because it is durable, we are sure that it will withstand all those years of learning photography and failing as well. 


Buying a tripod might not sound like a big deal, but it is an investment. Moreover, it is like that one-time investment they want to reap for years to come for most people.

Hence, it becomes all the more important to take care of every nitty-gritty and small detail before you purchase your best travel tripod.

We have compiled some of the questions with their answers that act as the ultimate guide for those who wish to buy the best lightweight tripod for backpacking.   

Read the details carefully and keep them in mind before you decide on the product of your choice: 


The tripod must be capable of supporting your camera’s weight. The rule of thumb here is to buy a tripod that can easily support a camera 1.5 times more than the actual weight.

This way, you will be sure that even with the heaviest lens, your tripod will be able to work without collapsing and destroying the camera.   

Another essential thing to consider will be the pressure you apply to the tripod stand while operating it.

The added weight can be detrimental if the tripod can’t support it, hence add to the weight before finalizing the product.   


The tripod must match your height. You will kill the purpose of buying it if it does not.

When you position the camera on the tripod, the viewfinder should be at your eye level or higher. This way, you will be able to look directly into it.   

With the tripods that have attached head, the tip of the head must be at your jaw level.

Similarly, the modular tripod that comes with a separate head must have its legs end at your shoulder level.

Consider the height of the tripod when it is folded as well. This will be helpful if you want to fit it into a suitcase or a carry-on. 


If you are looking for the best budget travel tripod, do not compromise on the material for the sake of money.

The material also plays an important role in deciding the weight of the tripod.

The perfect material for a lightweight backpacking tripod would be carob-fiber. It doesn’t rust, is stable, long-lasting, and durable.  

You can also go for aluminum, which is another commonly available tripod material.

It is a bit heavier when compared to carbon fiber but is cheaper. Hence, it will always be an affordable option.

Do not go for stainless-steel tripods, as they will almost be impossible to carry around.   


Every tripod has its load capacity as per the height and weight you go for. There is no right or wrong answer for it.

Depending on the height and weight you choose, as mentioned above, the load capacity of your tripod will be evident.

Make sure you check your camera’s weight alongside the weight of your heaviest lens and then pick the tripod that can manage that. It is an easy and reliable formula to buy a suitable tripod. 


There are two types of tripod legs – tubular or non-tubular. The former is made of carbon fiber and comes fitted with a threaded twist-lock system that will help you secure the legs in one place.

On the other hand, the aluminum and steel tripods’ have legs that come in multiple shapes and have a flip-lock.  

Depending on the tripod’s height, there might be 3, 4, or 5 sections on its legs. The more section, the less stable the tripod is going to be. 


Is it necessary to buy a travel tripod if you are a frequent traveller?

It is not. But if you are a frequent traveller, it means that you do have a lot of memories to capture, so why not get yourself the best budget travel tripod too?

Which is the best lightweight tripod?

The list mentioned above has some of the best names in the lightweight tripod industry. You can read the specifications and buy the one that fits your type and budget perfectly.

Which is the best travel tripod head?

The best travel tripod heads are the ones that come with the tripod. Otherwise, you will have to buy and manage it separately. The lighter ones are always preferred as long as they can handle your camera.

Can the lightweight travel tripods be used while hiking as a backpacker?

Yes, definitely. All the tripods we have curated for this list are the ones that are the best tripods for hiking as well. You can easily carry these in your backpack without feeling too much weight.

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