Best Backpack With Detachable Daypack + Rain Cover

Imagine you are camping at a beautiful lakeside with friends. Out of the blue, you decide to hike to the top to see the mesmerizing scenery & jaw-dropping vistas. You only have a backpack with no detachable daypack.

Since the trails are rugged, you only need a few things like a water bottle, a snack, a camera, or any other essential.

But then you look at your big bulky bag, and you are sure it will wear you out. Isn’t it a big bummer? This is where the backpack with a detachable daypack comes in.

The purpose of painting such a colorful scenario was to describe the importance of a detachable backpack only.

If you are a backpacker or someone who goes on frequent camping or hiking trails, a backpack is something I am sure you must own.

But long gone are the days when the voluminous backpacks were the only thing you had to take out of necessity.

Necessity is the mother of invention; hence the manufacturers got the idea quickly.

Now we have detachable daypacks that can be separated from your regular backpacks to provide you with ease and comfort.

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hiking backpack with detachable daypack

Now, if you are getting to know about the backpack with the removable daypack for the first time, worry not.

We are sure you are intrigued to buy a single multi-purpose bag, which will house all your essentials while giving you the liberty to leave some of them behind for ease.

This is why we have decided to feature some of the best backpacks with a detachable daypack with all the relevant information so you can make the best pick.

Backpack with Detachable Daypack | Comparison Table

Image Product Capacity Daypack Total Weight Price
backpac Osprey Farpoint 55 L 55 L Yes 4 lbs. Check Price
backpac Gregory Baltoro 65 L 65 L Yes 4 lbs. Check Price
backpac Thule Landmark 60 L 60 L Yes 4 lbs. Check Price
backpac Mountain Warehouse 80 L Yes 5.8 lbs. Check Price
backpac Urban Peak 2 in 1 65 L Yes 8 lbs. Check Price
backpac Deuter Transit 50 50 L Yes 4 lbs. Check Price
backpac Deuter Quantum 60 60 L Yes 6.14 lbs. Check Price
backpac Travel Max Backpack 88 L Yes 8 lbs. Check Price
backpac Acecamp 3 in 1 65 L Yes 4 lbs. Check Price
backpac Tactical Backpack 55 L Yes 3.97 lbs. Check Price


– 55L overall capacity 
– 13L Daypack capacity 
– 4lbs total weight 
– Daypack attached to the front 
– Pack access at the front  
– Hip belt 
– Internal frame 

What Is Osprey Fairpoint 55 L All About? 

If there is one best budget detachable daypack brand that can impress everyone within the money they can spend, it is Osprey. 

Fairpoint 55 L is the perfect traveling companion for those who do not stick by the rules and need a backpack that is versatile, durable, and sturdy.

Even with the full pack, the ventilation and the suspension ensure that the wearer can walk around without being uncomfortable. 

The opening guarantees easy access to things, which is a must-have quality for backpackers or those who hike on uneven trails. 

The daypack is attached to the front with a handy pocket and has an ideal size of 13L.

You can use it as carry-on luggage as well, so it serves a dual purpose if you buy Osprey Fairpoint 55 L.  

There is a space for a laptop and hydro-pouch, which we feel is a thoughtful gesture from the manufacturer to accommodate both the needs of the travelers. 

The pack has a clean design with a stowable harness, perfect for those who are going to use the backpack for traveling purposes.

It allows the backpack to be protected from baggage mishandling and even when you are in rough terrains, it protects the contents inside.  

  • Hi-tech and classy design
  • Honeycomb foam backs
  • Ventilated lightweight back support
  • Durable yet light
  • No outside pocket on the main pack
  • No adjustable back harnesses
  • No rain covers

Overall Opinion

Osprey Fairpoint 55 L is the best travel backpack with a daypack for those who want comfort and ease of use together.

It offers all the features one wants without spending a lot of money. 

The daypack is complete in itself and provides standalone specifications, so you can take it out separately anytime you want. 

Fairpoint 55 L might not be those who go on frequent hiking trips, but overall, it takes the lead among hundreds of options out there.  


– 65L overall capacity 
– 10L daypack capacity 
– 4lbs total weight 
– Removable hydration sleeve 
– Internal frame 
– Hip belt 
– Rain cover 

What Is Gregory Baltoro 65 L All About?

Gregory Baltoro is a hiking backpack with a detachable daypack. The reason it is well-preferred for hiking is because of its well-fitted design, durability, and a harness system that distributes the weight equally.

There are nine pockets evenly placed throughout the backpack making it easier to separate the gear and organize the other essentials. 

Coming to the detachable daypack, you can find it as a removable hydration sleeve. 

There is an easy drawstring opening with unfortunately one side pocket.

It is still a great option for hiking and outdoor adventures for the guarantee it offers because of the sturdiness and durability. 

It doubles as a water bladder holster, but with only little weight. This makes it perfect for your day hikes. 

What’s amazing about the daypack, and the backpack, in general, is that the accessibility it offers are required for tough terrains hikers and trekkers have to face.

This is the reason, it is preferred by mountaineers and adventure lovers.  

  • Dual-zippered lid pockets for better accessibility
  • Can easily handle heavy loads
  • Easy access due to the large U zipper
  • The supportive foam is a bit stiff at the beginning
  • Average weight (a little on the higher side)

Overall Opinion

Gregory Baltoro 65 L is a dream come true for those who go on hikes and long, tiring trips without missing a single item they feel like packing.

It provides comfort to all the heavy packers and gives easy access to everything place inside. Perfect for those who enjoy a long time on trails.  


– 60L overall capacity 
– 20L daypack capacity 
– 4lbs total weight 
– Daypack attached to the front 
– Hidden pockets 
– Innovative loop locks 
– Built-in movable sternum strap  

What Is Thule Landmark 60 L All About? 

It isn’t easy to find 2 in 1 backpack that is large enough to hold everything but comfortable enough not to disturb your peace.

Thule Landmark 60 L keeps both in mind while having a women-specific fit.

It is a great backpack that is high on reviews when it comes to international travels.

It is sturdy, durable, and lightweight with the daypack that separately offers satisfaction and ease of use.

The suspension system is contoured and can be tucked away when not in use, hence not deterring your speed and walking style.
Though the daypack is advertised as the front attachable, it can easily move to either the front shoulder straps of the main pack or to the back.

It can be carried hands-free, provides quick access to everything inside, and the built-in sternum whistle strap offers extra security.

The daypack’s capacity is suitable, and you do not even feel a lot of weight when wearing it on the shoulders.

For women who do not prefer carrying a lot of weight, it offers excellent support and relief. What else does one want?

  • Roomy and spacious, so can be taken for extended trips
  • Specially designed for women
  • Multiple features that offer safety and security
  • Less outer pockets
  • Inadequate water resistance
  • Expensive

Overall Opinion

This fashionable backpack with a daypack that every woman needs because it neither compromises on the features and nor on the style. 

The best part about Thule Landmark 60 L is that it offers various safety features that most other backpack manufacturers do not provide.

Hence, even when women are alone at the stranded trails it provides the security of what’s inside the backpack; and anything additional you keep for safety like pepper spray can be accessed within micro-seconds. 


– 80L overall capacity 
– 20L detachable backpack
– 5.8-pound total weight 
– Zipper closure 
– Chest and hip straps 
– Rain cover 
– Flight cover 

What Is Mountain Warehouse Traveller 60 + 20l Backpack All About? 

Mountain Warehouse Backpack is a travelling combo for extended travels and tours.

It might not be for hiking, but it is a travel backpack with a zip-off daypack.

It is the best option for those who do not want to lug around suitcases but would instead prefer a backpack for international or bus travels.

The main bag comes in the form of a large rucksack with 60 litres capacity. The detachable backpack can hold up to 20 litres.

The best part about it is that it comes with adjustable shoulder straps that you can size and resize as per your comfort.

There are chest and hip straps that allow the weight to be evenly distributed while stabilizing the bag; however, it is perched.
The bag unzips all around like a suitcase and has many pockets and compartments to keep things separate.

The shoulder straps can be removed and replaced with the detachable straps that come alongside them as well.

This is a super handy feature for those who want to rest their shoulders now and then.

  • Best for traveling for longer periods
  • Multiple compartments and storage space
  • Additional gear, easy to access
  • Not recommended for hiking
  • No protection for laptops in the daypack

Overall Opinion 

The Mountain Warehouse Backpack is full of pockets, compartments, zippers, clips, straps, and whatnot.

These make it one of the bests when it comes to extended travels especially overseas. You do not get a heavy suitcase, but you can keep everything you need.

And if you require something light to carry around, the detachable backpack will accommodate you easily.  


– 65L overall capacity 
– 15L detachable backpack 
– 8 pound total weight
– Rain Cover
– Zipped laundry bag 
– Secured straps and locks 
– Air Bridge back system

What Urban Peak 2 in 1 Travel Backpack 65 L Is All About? 

The Urban Peak is a backpack daypack combo for passionate travellers and hikers.

The detachable daypack is a roomy duffle bag that is perfect for storing all your mid-level hiking and travelling gear.

You can even use your daypack in everyday life for the gym, office equipment, and other purposes, etc.

It is sturdy, water-resistant, and durable. There are compression straps, felt-lined pockets, accessory loops, and side mesh pockets.

In short, the detachable backpack is equipped with everything to ensure that you have a comfortable experience.
The main bag also has a wide shoulder strap, side ID tag, and two coded locks to make it travel friendly.

There are front and bottom compartments alongside a detachable zippered laundry bag.

The separate Velcro storage pocket gives you an option to protect your items against water and rain.

The comfort is synonymous with Urban Peak with the sternum straps and ventilation system that offer support with sweaty activities.

There is versatility etched in every feature that this 2 in 1 backpack provides for the wearers.

  • Extremely durable, sturdy, and versatile
  • Lots of storage space in both main and detachable bags
  • Added comfort features offer an extra advantage
  • Premium price, so it is not for everyone
  • Can’t fit a big laptop
  • Unsuitable as a carry-on because of dimensions

Overall Opinion 

Urban Peak 2 in 1 Travel Backpack is the best alternative for a full-blown suitcase.

It is highly recommended for all the travelers who hop from country to country to travel along the off-beaten roads.

It offers support for both conditions and is durable to be your companion for a long, long time.

With it, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff or leaving anything behind because space will be enough to keep you going for a good amount of time. 


– 50L overall capacity 
– 4lb total weight 
– Zipper closure and zip-up cover panel 
– Luggage stabilizing straps 
– Made from 600d Polytex 

What Deuter Transit 50 Travel Backpack Is All About? 

Deuter Transit Travel backpack, as the name suggests, is the one that is the most transit-friendly on the list. 

You can keep it as a backpack or change it into two different bags with a separate daypack on a subway or an airport terminal. It is that easy. 

The carrying options it comes with are many and almost all of them are travel-friendly, hence it is the foremost choice of the plane hoppers. 

The backpack has a padded & removable carry step, two separate grab handles, and yet another padded shoulder harness that is breathable. 

With the help of compression straps, the volume can be regulated, and the stabilizers can be used to provide comfort against uneven weight. 

Going from a duffle to a backpack takes about 30-seconds in total. The detachable backpack gives you an option to carry everything you want in your small-sized bag including your laptop. 

There is a separate organizer to hold your smaller items and phones. 

There is also a small front side pocket that can store the documents that you might need within a second’s notice or multiple times. 

  • Great quality
  • A transit bag from duffle to backpack through and through
  • Extra 15L worth space in the backpack
  • Travel friendly
  • The daypack cannot store large items
  • Some might find attaching the daypack to the full backpack a little harder

Overall Opinion 

Conclusively, Deuter Transit 50 Travel backpack with daypack comes at a great price for the quality and multitude of features it offers. 

The effortlessness with which it shifts between the two modes makes it the topmost choice for frequent light travelers. 


– 60L overall capacity 
– 10SL added backpack capacity 
– 6.14-pounds total weight Available in Black &Turquoise 
– Length adjustment system 
– Multiple storage options 
– Built from strong pocket rip nylon and Duratexfabrics 

What Deuter Quantum 60 + 10SL Backpack Is All About?

The first and foremost specification that we love about Deuter Quantum is that this bag screams that it is built for women.

While no other backpack pays attention to the fact that there are anatomical differences between men & women, and the latter have shorter backs, this one does!

This is why advanced ergonomics make sure that women have total comfort and control over how the backpack adjusts on their backs.

It is travel-friendly and has a large detachable daypack that offers a back length adjustment system with comfortable padding.

There is also a transport cover that allows protection against multiple elements on flights and rain.
With the sturdy grab handles and shoulder harnesses, the detachable backpack is easy to carry around.

There are compression straps that allow the wearer to secure sports gear like skis and similar items outdoor.

Multiple compartments offer the option to store valuables separately. The daypack also has a ventilated back that allows less weight on the shoulders and even distribution.

This backpack is undoubtedly one of the bests made for women who love travelling and adventures.

  • Travel cover offers protection in flights
  • The longevity outdoes many other famous brands
  • Built and designed for women
  • The price is a bit steep
  • Preferred generally by women only

Overall Opinion 

The Deuter Quantum is a backpack for women that is built to last. Apart from the durability and the comfort it provides to its companions, the high-performances fabrics ensure that this backpack travels with you to all your journeys through the years. An investment worth every penny! 

8- TRAVEL MAX BUSINESS – Backpack With Detachable Daypack

– 88L overall capacity 
– 10L daypack capacity  
– The load capacity of 30lb 
– Laptop compartment 
– Concealed shoulder strap 
– Flight approved 

What Travel Max Business Laptop Backpack Is All About? 

The Travel Max Business Laptop Backpack is for those travelers who often have to move from one place to another frequently.

It is the best choice on this list for work travelers, weekend getaways, corporate retreats, and college students for their field trips. 

The main backpack has a whopping capacity of 88-liter whereas the daypack has a 10-liter space. 

Both are tear-resistant and water repellant, hence you are only getting the best of quality here.

There are compression straps on both sides, a sternum strap, and shoulder straps. All of these are adjustable for an adequate fitting. There are reflective strips for night safety as well. 

There is so much to cover about this backpack that it stuns us. The laptop compartment can house a 17-inch laptop and a 12-inch tablet as well. 

There are a cone-space and a gap at the bottom to protect the devices from external damage. 

There are more separate compartments like mesh pockets, mesh organizer bag, front zipper pocket, and other accessories’ pockets, etc. 

The detachable backpack combo features a dual-use design. You can disassemble it and use the front one as a bag while the backpack can be converted into a handbag. 

There are top handles that allow you to use it either as a suitcase or a backpack. 

  • Super spacious
  • Multiple compartments for different personal items
  • Cheap according to the feature it offers
  • Branded as a business backpack but can be used by various types of travelers
  • Cannot be used as a hand-carry if the daypack is attached

Overall Opinion 

The Travel Max Business Laptop Backpack offers great value and features for the price you pay. It is convenient for every kind of traveler – whether business or leisure. 

It is that travel backpack with a daypack that will remain with you for a very long time, and that is what gives it an edge over so many others. 


– 65L overall capacity 
– 25L detachable daypack 
– 6L detachable waist pack 
– Adjustable torso, shoulder, and waist straps 
– Detachable rain fly 

What Is Acecamp 3 in 1 Backpack All About? 

The only 3 in 1 detachable backpack on our list, this multi-purpose option is best for all kinds of travellers.

It offers a wide coverage range, which means hiking to overnight stays and traditional backpacking, you can do it all with this one backpack.

The heavy-duty backpack has adjustable straps for the waist, torso, and shoulder. The main backpack has a capacity of 65-litres, which is humongous keeping in mind you have two other places for storage.

There are sternum and load lifter straps for comfort and waist belt straps to transfer weight equally on the hips.

There are hidden pockets so that valuables can be stored easily, away from prying reach.

Moreover, it has lockable zippers that can be pulled easily and a detachable rainfly as well.
The second in the 3 in 1 backpack is the detachable waist pack.

It has a 25-litre capacity with a top hook that can be used for hanging. There are various pocket organizers for storing things that are required to be within reach.

Finally, the detachable daypack can store up to 6L. It has one main pocket with multiple smaller pockets inside.

The back panel is padded, so there is nothing but comfort. At the top, there is a pocket for a headphone port and phone.

  • 3 different detachable bags in one
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Almost all features are individually adjustable
  • Heavy-duty, can be used for multiple types of travel
  • Weight distribution is even throughout
  • So many straps and buckles
  • Multiple straps & buckles serve various purposes, making them cumbersome

Overall Opinion 

Overall, the Acecamp 3 in 1 backpack is one giant detachable backpack offering so many features that are almost impossible to count. 

There are added security features, lockable zippers, and so many other options that the bag is safe to travel with anywhere you want. It offers a lot of convenience and versatility in use to the buyers.  


– 55L overall storage capacity 
– 3.97-pounds total weight 
– Molle webs 
– Velcro name tag 
– Detachable Molle pouches 

What Is CRAZY ANTS Tactical Military Backpack All About? 

Last but not least, the CRAZY ANTS backpack is for those who have a camper inside them.

It is for all kinds of hunters, trailers, and hikers who want one sturdy backpack to carry with all their gear inside it.

There are multiple detachable pouches including a tactical pouch, first aid pouch, and a waist pouch.

There are zippered pockets and a built-in organizer as well. When fully assembled, it can hold space for three days of gear.

With the various attachment points spaced throughout, there can be even more storage area than the mentioned.
The best part about this backpack daypack combo is that it is extremely sturdy, reliable, and durable.

The military-level fabric ensures that there is never any damage, no matter what. It is for outdoor adventurers, and even with the laptop space, there is no protective padding. Hence, keep it restricted to your outdoor gear only.

  • Perfect for every kind of outdoor adventures
  • Expandable storage
  • Comes with a first-aid pouch for injuries when hiking or camping, etc.
  • No water bladder
  • The zipper can break for some users

Overall Opinion 

The Crazy Ants backpack is for those with an outdoorsy spirit. You can take it to the mountains, rugged terrains, crazy hikes, and forest camps.

And there is no way this hiking backpack with detachable daypack will ever ditch you when it comes to quality. 


There are so many best backpacks with detachable daypacks available out there that it can become a little difficult to choose the right one for yourself.

Worry not, here are a few things you must know before you buy yourself a backpack with a removable daypack: 

While your pack doesn’t necessarily have to be completely waterproof, it should at least be water-resistant. For frequent travellers, it is a must. Look for a thick yet lightweight material when choosing. 

Make sure there are two zippers in each compartment so they can be locked together. A little concern for safety goes a long way. 

The purpose of having a backpack with a daypack is convenience, so make sure it has multiple compartments to save all your valuables separately.  Try to go with the option that offers adjustable straps for support. 

hiking backpacks, camping backpacks


If you are just trotting to the nearest store you know of and asking for a backpack while imagining the daypack, you are doing it all wrong.

Though every bag with shoulder straps is called a backpack, there is a subtle difference between a daypack and a backpack that you should be aware of.

A daypack is a backpack that is lightweight and has enough space for smaller items and extras.
So, you can think of it as a smaller version of a full-fledged backpack. The daypacks can be used for day trips and day hikes, etc.

Hence the name it has been bestowed with.On the other hand, a backpack (depending on which type you go for) can be used for proper trips and travels.

The popular term backpacker stemmed from it only because you take one backpack and keep all your essentials inside it to go places.

It can easily house necessary and essential items required for a trip


Your guide to the size of a backpack with a removable daypack will depend majorly on the purpose you want it for.

The right size and the backpack capacity that can be used for longer durations that we suggest will be somewhere between 50L – 60L.

It will be perfect for housing all your trip belongings and a few extras. You should keep the size range from 20 liters to 30 liters for the daypack, especially if you are looking to detach it from the main backpack and take on a day hike or trip.

The said backpack will efficiently manage all your clothes, gadgets, toiletries, utilities, hike items, and other essentials required for such kinds of trips.


The weight of a backpack matters a lot since you will be carrying it around to place yourself. The ideal weight that we suggest should be around 5lb.

For heavy-duty bags and prominently the ones that can be taken to rugged terrains (like the ones mentioned in the list), the weight can go up to 6lb.

If you go for options more than the mentioned weight, then it might be a little difficult to carry around.

But mostly, it would depend on the purpose with which you bought the backpack.


Honestly, there is no right or wrong price at which to buy a backpack. Every traveler is different and has their definition of what essentials and utilities are.

Hence, what’s important to keep for someone might be useless for another one. But the safe price range for a backpack would be between $80 – $200. 

You can go lower or higher than this according to what your pocket allows.  

However, whatever you buy within the said budget will be a good backpack and will be enough to meet your needs for a decent time.

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