What to do in Qatar? 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Qatar

If Qatar is one of the minor territories in the Persian Gulf, it makes up for this modest size with luxury and adventure that attracts tourists from worldwide to take Qatar Airways online booking.

The country harmoniously combines the Middle East’s millennial culture with modern amenities and experiences for an unforgettable stay.

Whether you prefer to focus your trip on an adventure, luxury, beach, or sport, Qatar has plenty of opportunities for you.

And since this destination is still at the dawn of its tourist boom, you will be among the first to discover all it has to offer.

To finish convincing you, here are the best reasons to give in to temptation, in our opinion.

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Are you looking for a destination in the sun? Qatar will satisfy you. The weather is pleasant there almost all year round.

Winters are generally very mild, with daytime temperatures ranging from 12 to 21 degrees C in January.

qatar city

The summers are sweltering and humid, with the thermometer reaching 41.5 degrees C in July.

And if it rains during your stay, you will have chosen to travel in winter, February being the rainiest month.

If you’re from Asia, then you can easily take your cheap flights to Qatar without worrying about its temperature because it’s somewhat the same.

Temperatures are not separate from those at similar beaches or desert destinations between the 25th and 30th parallel north.

Tradition and Modernity Blend

Qatar’s rich history is visible almost everywhere, from architecture and museums to markets and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

But the country does not live in the past, as evidenced by the innovative buildings of Doha.

visit qatar

Indeed, this destination is distinguished by a mixture of tradition and modernity that cannot be found anywhere else.

Qatar continues its heritage but still compels newcomers and travelers to take Qatar airways online booking.

Because it offers state-of-the-art amenities, hotels, and infrastructure that combine international cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles.

An array of Shopping Places

Qatar offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide variety of shops, especially in Doha.

Where luxury shopping malls bring together some of the most renowned brands in the fashion world.

things to do in qatar

It is thus possible to spend an entire day licking the Mall of Qatar’s windows, whose hundreds of shops share nearly 500,000 meter square of sales and entertainment space.

The souks provide a more traditional experience. You will discover authentic Doha with locally made handicrafts, such as kitchen utensils, pashmina shawls, sweet spices, and woven baskets.

A visit to a souk is indeed like a treasure hunt: you never know what you will find there.

Ideal Destination for Outdoor Activities

From parachuting over the Persian Gulf to scuba diving in its waters, from dune treks to exploring ancient forts, Qatar is an ideal destination for vacationers seeking adventure.

Game drives through the sandy expanses are among the country’s most popular outdoor experiences.

attractions in Doha

You will be able to get on a quad to tame the Mesaieed desert. Or, for a more traditional epic, swap your quad bike ride for a camel ride.

Outdoor adventures don’t stop at the dunes. However, you can also kayak through the mangroves of Al Dhakira and kitesurf along the coast.

On a side note, consider taking Qatar airways online booking because going out physically is still not safe.

Extraordinary Museums

In addition to rare housing artifacts, many museums in Qatar have exteriors as fascinating as the exhibits they contain.

For example, these include the must-see National Museum of Qatar; with its sand rose to look, or the ALRIWAQ museum and art gallery.

what to do in qatar

It was initially a temporary structure, but its decor has become so popular that the place has become a permanent exhibition space.

Designed by an award-winning architect, the Museum of Islamic Art is clad in a limestone facing that reflects sunlight.

At the same time, the Sheikh Faisal Museum occupies a perfectly preserved historic fort.

Huge Desert Expanses 

For a desert safari or just a picnic atop a dune, you can head to Qatar’s largest expanse of sand in the southwest of the country.

places to visit in middle east

Anyone visiting Qatar should explore these extraordinary landscapes for the first time; for the desert’s grandeur impresses as much as it forces humility.

Depending on the time of day and the light, the dunes offer a noticeably different spectacle.

The deserts of Qatar thus reserve the most beautiful views at sunrise and sunset, but also at night, under a clear sky.

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