Skydive Dubai – Ultimate Guide & Ticket Price

Not everyone is brave enough to Leap out of 13,000Feet over the speed of 120 mph. Skydive Dubai is one of the top things to do in Dubai and the most exciting experience you could ever have.

If you are nervous or afraid of doing new things in daily life or fearful of accepting fresh challenges, you need to select a thrilling activity like Skydive.

So it will enhance your confidence and provides you more courage in many twists of life.

Because I think doing what you think is scary or impossible is what makes you a much better person. Similarly, it makes you mentally healthy and open mind towards different challenges of life and pushes you forward to do more.

Skydiving is the best aerial sport and became a popular Sport in Dubai over recent years.

Though Dubai is an astonishing sight from the floor but viewing from above is breathtakingly amazing. Read my ultimate guide on the best things to do in Dubai.

Skydiving in Dubai Costs?

Well, Skydiving Dubai has two magnificent locations, the incredible desert drop zone, and humanmade island Palm Jumeira (it’s the most famous) drop zone.

Skydive Dubai price for Palm is AED/-2199 & for desert drop zone is AED/-1699.

Is Skydiving Safe?

You could be thinking, how do I jump from 13,000ft alone? Well worry not Dubai Skydive has highly competent, experienced and professional instructors.

Also, they will guide you through the full process from leaping off the airplane to stepping on the floor.

The famous and quickest way of freefall for first time Diving is known as tandem skydiving.

Tandem skydiving is when the teacher operates himself with you from leaping off the plane to stepping onto the ground.

That means you are in safe hands and can experience the freefall and fantastic view from the top of any of the locations, as I mentioned above.

When is the Best Time to Go Skydive in Dubai?

Dubai enjoys year-round sunshine and hardly any rain. But summer in the desert can be heated, so to prevent the heat, the very best time for skydiving is during the winter months, from October to April.

Or even if you go skydiving at the end of April, the weather would still be ideal and not so hot at all, and you can avoid the afternoon heat.

How long is a Skydive?

The complete skydiving process normally takes approx three hours. However, as you are in flight and set to jump, there it takes 20 minutes until you land.

The best part is if you buy the tandem skydive. You’ll pick up a free USB with your pictures & edited videos to get great memories, which whenever you want.

Also, you can share with your loved ones on social networking. That will be an accessible on-site shop for free after your Skydive.

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Dubai Skydiving Experience

Your adventure starts at the Skydive Dubai center, where upon arrival. Firstly, you’ll ask to fill in the required documents along with a health checkup, which includes measuring and weighing your BMI (body mass index).

Secondly, exactly half an hour before the trip, you may meet your Instructor who will brief you about the jump, double-check your all gear, and explain to you with all the required precautions.

The cameraman will have a brief interview of yours before your jump. Don’t forget to smile, because it is likely to be on your skydive video.

From the boarding place, there’ll be a last gear and harness check and a photo op.

As you fly into the diving height, you’ll be greeted with beautiful sights of Dubai, the palm island along with surrounding places.

Finally, in an altitude of 6,000 ft, the parachute will open up, and within the next 5 minutes, you may gently descend to the ground, All this while shooting in some truly magnificent views of Dubai.

Following the touchdown and a post-jump interview, the whole sky diving experience will come to an end. And you can go to collect your skydive video along with some souvenirs from the shop at the ground.

Skydive Requirements

  • Dubai Skydive has some requirements you must fulfill before going for freefall.
  • You must be 18+ to ensure to bring your ID card or passport or driving license.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited; you will have a proper check-up, so make sure there must be no drugs or alcohol in your body 24hr before skydives.
  • Kindly stay away from scuba diving at least 24 hours before your tandem skydives.

Furthermore, you can download the tandem waiver and the fitness form. These documents are valid for both drop zone locations.

Tandem waiver
Fitness Form

What to wear when skydiving

It’s always better to prepare yourself before Skydive & to know what do you wear skydiving?

Wear soft sports fabric that will not hurt your body while jumping from 13,000ft with a speed of 120 miles per hour.

Wear sports shoes, apart from that, no sandals, slippers, boots, or high heels, kindly do not wear don’t wear any valuable jewelry or any other accessories throughout your skydiving.

Skydiving Weight Requirements

You will be given a form to fill all your details, health checkup including your weight and measuring your BMI (body mass index).


Weight: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.
BMI: 27.5 or less.


Weight: 100.0 kg/220 lbs or less.
BMI: 30.0 or less.

Pro Tip:

  • Wear soft sports fabric that will not hurt your body while jumping from 13,000ft
  • Eat healthy breakfast before arrival for Skydive Dubai.
  • Female teachers are available; you can request before your skydiving and the campus if you want.
  • Get early here; because skydiving is usually busy throughout the day.
  • Do not be afraid of free fall; it’s all about fun and a lifelong memory. Relax, take a long breath, do not overthink only JUMP!

Book Your Ticket Here

Make the most of your trip to Dubai with the excellent skydiving experience. Admire the magnificent panoramas from 13,000.

Have the Whole dive experience recorded by an expert camera flyer who will give a company. Get Your Tickets here and know the current Skydiving Dubai Cost.

You can always reach them out on the below contacts.
Telephone: +971 4 377 8888
Email: [email protected]

If you think you are brave enough? Accept the challenge and get ready to jump from 13,000ft, what are you waiting for?

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