Best Small Beach Towns in Florida – Worth a Visit

Florida is known for sunny beaches, friendly people, culture, and incredible history. While no trip to Florida is completed without visiting the major cities like Miami and Orlando. But don’t miss out on the best small beach towns in Florida. 

Here, we have put together a list of the most beautiful beach towns in Florida.  

Some of these towns are perfect for families, and some might be good for single people.

But one thing is common here that there are many living options and, in some areas, you can find a home at an affordable price.  

Now, living in Florida has its own benefits, and one of the best things is that there is no shortage of things to see, do, places to live, restaurants and hidden gems to explore.  

Yearly more than 110 million visitors come to this charming state because of the breathtakingly beautiful destinations.  

But sometimes we look for a little less tourism and a little more peace and quiet destinations.  

Whether you want to relocate here or you are on vacation and desperate for an escape searching for a new spot to enjoy; here are our quiet beach towns in Florida that are definitely worth a visit. 

1- Cape Coral 

Population: 204,549 
Median Home Cost: $199.5K 

Cape Coral is a relatively large and newly planned community and very popular with retirees. At about 115 square miles in all and located along canals and waterfront, this area could be a really interesting landing place. 

Cape Coral is a southern city that sits right along the Gulf of Mexico, it is relatively new city founded only about 50 years ago. 

This beach town has lots of coastline making it perfect for a laid-back life style. Nicknamed waterfront wonderland, the town itself has over 400 miles of canals which is more than anywhere in the entire planet. 

Most residents live along these canals and have boats that transport them by water. The town started as one of Florida’s first master planned communities and today has a population of about 190,000. 

Cape Coral was actually recognized as one of Forbes fastest growing cities in the U.S in 2017.

And also has one of the best places to retire when it earned its spot on the list of America’s 100 best places to retire in 2016. 

Furthermore, when taxes and crime rates are low and scenery and weather is beautiful it’s no wonder so many people want to move to this gem of a town. 

There are many things to do in cape Coral; one of the most popular activities in Cape Coral is to take advantages of the beautiful beaches. 

Prince Island is an island paradise right next to Cape Coral, where many people enjoy visiting for an afternoon beach day. 

2- Edgewater, Florida 

Population: 24,282 
Median Home Cost: $219.7K 

Edgewater is a wonderful beach town in Florida, and it is only minutes away from the beach; not only this, but it takes about an hour drive to the theme parks.  

It is a beautiful town to visit and relocate to. Edgewater is affordable, safe, and good news for parents because it has a very good school system.  

If you have never heard of this little town, it’s most likely because of its population, which is only 18,000.   

But as I said before, it is only about an hour’s drive to the theme parks and about 20 minutes to Daytona Beach.   

This town offers incredible views, and this is the last piece of land lest in Miami that hadn’t been overbuilt.   

But right now, it is going through a phase of beautiful new construction projects directly on the bay.   

The type of housing that is here is mostly new condo developments.

So, if you are looking for incredible amenities and a lifestyle with beautiful bay view’s looking out over into the ocean in South Beach, this is the neighborhood.   

The amenities in the neighborhood are vast; there are beautiful parks, and you are close enough to the highways, close enough to the airports, and downtown. 

3- Sebastian – Best coastal towns in Florida 

Population: 26,951 
Median Home Cost: $239K 

You may hear of Sebastian; it is a beautiful small town on the coast of the Atlantic North of Melbourne and South of Vero Beach.  

One of the cute beach towns in Florida, many beaches in this area are not explored by tourists; making this a good spot if you want to take a break from city life and escape to a quieter place.  

Sebastian Inlet, which is a fantastic state park, is also located in Sebastian. Sebastian Inlet is a very well-known park for great surfing as well as great fishing.  

Furthermore, you can find modular homes starting at around $50,000. It is a good deal! So, Sebastian is affordable, near the beach, and safe.  

It is easy to drive by this little Florida town, and it only has a population of around 27,000 people.  

Sebastian offers the ideal setting for living life to its fullest. Famous for friendly people, a relaxed hometown atmosphere, pristine waterways, scenic landscapes, and world-famous citrus.  

Sebastian is a marvelous place to live and is still one of the best beach towns in Florida for families.  

It is roughly halfway between the Kennedy Space Center and Miami and about an hour and a half South East of Orlando.  

Moreover, the town still has minimal traffic and crime. Traffic to and from and around the Indian River is excellent.  

Three high span bridges link the barrier island beach area and the mainland. It is a wonderful place to visit and an even more wonderful place to live. 

4- Sarasota  

Population: 60,000 
Median Home Cost: $292.8K 

Sarasota is a Gulf Coast community that offers folks excellent access to beaches, weather, and several culinary and cultural amenities.   

You’ll find it sitting right on Tampa bay’s southern end and right between the water or Fort Myers and Punta Gorda.   

Several barrier islands also helped make up the city, an area with a full-time population of just about 60,000.   

The best thing to do in Sarasota is to go to the beach; Siesta Key beach is a must-visit it is a really long strip of beaches, and it is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or go for a long walk.  

There are no waves at this beach; which means it is a beautiful spot to sit, chill in the water and enjoy the beauty of this beach.  

Visit the beautiful Oscar Scherer State Park, which is an excellent spot for canoeing, tons of birds are here, and you will see beautiful trails.  

So, if you are looking for a vacation that has beautiful beaches, fantastic art and culture, nightlife and entertainment, food, drinks and more; then you have to visit Sarasota. 

5- Fort Myers 

Population: 79,927 
Median Home Cost: $250K 

Sitting just off the Gulf Coast, Fort Myers has done a great job at maintaining its small-town heritage; while keeping up with modern amenities and expansion. 

Fort Myers is also known as the city of palms is a mid-size city on the Caloosahatchee River in south-west Florida. 

Whether you love the beach and water sports enjoy outdoor recreational activities or are pursuing employment opportunities you are sure to find it in the Fort Myers area. 

The downtown district has many charming shops and restaurants. Many of which area dog friendly. 

This town experienced a lot of growth at the beginning of the 20th century and today it is ranked as one of the fastest-growing places in the entire nation. 

This city is laid back spot; with residents who enjoy both taking advantage of the top-rated beaches and the golf courses. 

Thanks to the year-round temperature average of 75 degrees, there are tons of opportunities for family-friendly outdoor recreations. 

Many of the town’s residents are also originally from other states which is a direct correlation to the growth the area has experienced in recent years. 

Though the town is known as one of the best towns to retire in the US; it might surprise you how many young people are in the area. 

There is quite a variety of age group who call Fort Myers home, from college students to young families and of course, retires. 

6- Destin – Small Beach Towns in Florida

Population: 14,655 
Median Home Cost: $390.5K 

Destin truly is one of the best small beach towns in Florida. When you think of Destin, images of gorgeous white sands and emerald waters typically come to mind. 

Destin Florida is a very busy summer spot in North Florida right on the panhandle and Gulf of Mexico. 

There are plenty of benefits like fishing and white sand beaches that are actually some of the best beaches in the world, to be honest. 

You can go into the Gulf of Mexico, but most people just stay in the bay for their fishing.  

Destin offers many tourist activities. But no trip to Destin is complete without a visit to the Henderson Beach State Park. 

Six dollars grant you access to the white sand dunes and beautiful gulf waters Destin is loved for. 

Since the waters are so clear, snorkeling is a favorite pastime here at Henderson Beach State Park kayak and paddleboards are available for rent. 

But why just visit only one beach? With 24 miles of shoreline along the emerald coast there is plenty of sugar white sands to tromp your way through. 

Along with a list of awesome water activities which must include Crab Island. This popular sandbar is accessible only by boat or watercraft is where people come to hang out have fun and socialize. 

And a legendary Destin landmark, anchor your boat and enjoy a morning or afternoon or rent a kayak, paddleboard or jet ski to cruise around the waters. 

Another popular activity while at Destin is exploring the shopping, dining and entertainment options available at Destin Common Stores. 

7- Naples 

Population: 21,812 
Median Home Cost: $390K 

Located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, Naples is famous destination in Florida for beaches, great food, culture and a lot of shopping options. 

Snow-white beaches, luxury yacht and mansions, the world capital of gold and the large numbers of millionaire per capita. 

But it also is a destination with an appeal to nature lovers and beach aficionados.   

It was built on narrow-gauge train rails as a freight and passenger dock in 1888. Now, this place is now a favourite spot for tourist, fishers and spend a beautiful evening watching the sunset.  

Come and enjoy the beautiful beaches, swim in the warm waters and grab an ice cream while walking this landmark, don’t forget your camera.  

Naples offers white sands and warm turquoise waters as a result 300,000 people visit Naples to warm up on the beach during winter and enjoy the stunning sunset. 

Many venues provide a blend of historical and modern architecture with sophistication, an irresistible mix of glamour and laid-back charm.  

The most iconic landmark is the Naples Pier. The daily spot for visitors’ fishermen and gorgeous sunset.  

It is the perfect to watch dolphins, swim in the warm water, enjoy the beach and then grab an ice-cream and enjoy a walk on the beautiful Pier. 

Naples boasts many world-class resorts along miles of white sand beaches. The ocean surf is gentle and the people are friendly, making it the best small beach towns in Florida. 

8- Sanibel Island 

Population: 7,319 
Median Home Cost: $755K 

Sanibel Island is located 25 miles south of Fort Myers and is known for its long white sandy beaches and spectacular shells.   

People from around the world come here to collect shells on the island.

This island is also home to beautiful wildlife such as Manatees, birds and other wildlife can be encountered.  

Sanibel attracts a wide variety of people, and many people come here to retire because they want someplace quiet.  

Younger people come here because of the quality of life to raise families. And young people like to go here too because it is fun, it is free, and they can roam around without the dangers you experience in more urban areas.  

Sanibel Island has got a wide appeal to all different age groups, young and old.   

Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge is the greatest attraction on the island; and people come across the world to see the wildlife (birds, mammals and reptiles), making this island such a vacation hotspot. 

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