Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Portugal – Local Guide

Planning a visit to Portugal? There are many best places to visit in Portugal.

Portugal has several reasons to be visited, including historical background, world-famous cuisines, natural landscapes, and stunning beaches.

Radiance coming from the Tagus River and the proximity of seas, islands, and beaches will catch your attention on Portugal’s trip.

Therefore, you must make a list of your destinations because there is an ocean of choices.

One of the most exciting things about Portugal is that it is the most affordable country in Western Europe.

Moreover, being over the Atlantic Ocean, it is a very influential territory across the globe. It is rich in its culture and traditions. Its national dishes are salt cod and grilled sardines.

Its capital is Lisbon. Portugal enjoyed a strong aquatic empire during its federal architecture period, the 1500s-1800s. One of the best places to visit in Portugal is Algarve’s Beaches.

Is Portugal expensive or cheap?

Fortunately, Portugal is a very affordable country in Western Europe. Bearing inexpensive local transportation, affordable accommodation services, reasonable and tasty food.

And above all, loveable place for shopping, people are eager to travel to Portugal.

That is why you will never regret coming here.  Let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit in Portugal.

1- Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the best cities in Portugal. It is enlisted as Europe’s most captivating city.

Located on the banks of River Tagus, it is a very vibrating Atlantic port that is expanded over the hill orders having immense waterfalls flowing from upwards.

All these things collectively catch the audience’s attention that imprints in minds for many years.

If you want to explore this land culturally, then visiting art museums is the best option.

Traveling towards the east, Parque das Nacoes and Oceanario are the best museums with a collection of heritage wealth.

However, on the west side, there is located an area of vast discovery that pushes the viewers back to history.

Belem and Mysterio Dos Jeronimos museums are worth visiting.

Also, tourists shared their unforgettable experiences about these historical museums in Portugal.

what to do in lisbon, places to see in lisbon

Narrow alleyways, sun-bleached monuments, and outclass food availability are other favorable things over here.

They all make you feel so wondrous that you are assumed to be staying in the other world.

Above all, Lisbon is enjoying a meager crime rate and less ratio of violence. That is, it is attributed to a safe place to visit.

Some of the best places in Lisbon are worth living, including Baixa, Chiado, Alfama, and Cais do Sardo.

Baixa is the center point of the whole land of Lisbon.

Besides that, swimming and sunbathing over the Portugal beaches are the most amazing things about this land surrounding vast seafronts and Lisbon coastlines.

And what if you are making the plan of visiting Lisbon in the best affordable time then pick the months of May, September, and October.

Because during these sessions, the weather keeps pleasant, hotels are available at affordable rates as compared to other months.

Where to Stay in Lisbon?

If you want to have a close distance to the tourist sights, restaurants, and shopping centers, then you must choose the areas within the heart of the city. Chiado, Alfama, and Bairro Alto should be perfect destinations.

Best Hotels in Chiado
Hotels in Alfama
Best Hotels in Bairro Alto

2- Best Places to Visit in Portugal – Sintra

Sintra is an enchanted gem of Portugal. It takes several days to absorb its culture, historical landscape, and attractive town sides.

Of course, this land is not without the mysterious hill spots.

There is a present number of mountain series including Palácio Nacional, Castelo dos Mouros and Palácio da Pena, which are the best things to see in Portugal.

portugal attractions, best cities in portugal

Looming of two chimneys over the beautiful squares of edged structures houses, painted in pink and yellow, make the signature view of Sintra.

The whole scene can be captured as the poster of a magazine. Your eyes and low intellect will not catch its essence of reality on the first sight.

Not only this, but Sintra is a place of a variety of hiking trails. But you have to be strong enough to climb over the Rocky Mountains all around the town sides.

The highest point offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic coastlines.

Where to Stay in Sintra?

Vila Gale Sintra, Lawrences Hotel, Chalet Saudade, Pestana Sintra Golf Resort, Penha Longa Resort, and Sintra Boutique Hotel are best chosen places to live in Sintra.

3- Porto

Commercial and architectural sights of Porto make it so captivating that you will never miss it from your travel notebook.

The beautiful city is located on the south side of the River Douro and is facing waterfall-Ribera.

Once there, the Baroque Crouches and Neoclassical buildings are the core attractions of this land.

This city looks cathedral with its needle-like positioning of Torre dos Clerigos. Ponte Dom Luis is another example of a landmark structure, an iron-made bridge expanding over the River Douro.

must see in portugal, portugal vacation spots

It is formed in a double-check structure that is more appealing to visitors.

Furthermore, this river connects the town sides with relevant channels like Douro Valley and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Restaurants and shops over here are linked with waterfalls coming from nearby valleys that add more enthusiasm for both locals and foreigners.

It is undoubtedly the best choice for you among all the places to visit in Portugal.

Where to stay in Porto?

Ribeira, Miragaia, and Foz Do Douro are considered as the best places to live in Porto.

These are located in Porto’s heart, close to all the attractions, available shops, and restaurants.

Best Hotels in Ribeira
Hotels in Miragaia
Best Hotels in Foz Do Douro

4- Obidos

As the story of decades, Obidos is a gift place for a queen form king. And the custom prevails for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, it is kept available for public usage and located on the north side of Lisbon.

In fact, Obidos is the fascinated land of an artist personified in the form of buildings to make it a worth living place.

portugal places to visit, visit obidos portugal

Whitewashed huts, hotels, shops, art stores, and other structures are surrounded by narrow muddy walls that grab viewers’ attention.

Also, Igreja De Santa Maria is beautifully made with white and blue theme color codes and astonishes the visitors with its mysterious interior.

Castles and museums of this land are also matchless. And the expanding greenery all around catches the attraction of visitors.

Where to stay in Obidos?

A list of the best hotels to stay in Obidos.

Pousada Vila Obidos
Casa de S. Thiago do Castelo
Casa Das Senhoras

5- Tavira, Algarve – Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Another jewel of Portugal is Tavira, which is among the best places to visit in Portugal.

Tavira is a beautiful town in Algrave, located on the slow-moving River Gilao.

It is enjoying the traditional heritage and the common beliefs of Moorish. Their ancestors strongly influence people over here.

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You will be loved to hear the stories of their past. Coiling of cobbled streets, ornamented crouches, the family running hotels and luxury but traditionally made residential are attributes of Tavira.

On the south, it has spectacular waterways, and mudflats lead to sandy beaches all around. It will be an excellent destination for your holiday.

You will probably find this destination as the best combination of culture and modernism.

Where to stay in Tavira?

Tavira is essentially a family place to be, these are plenty of accommodation option for families and bachelor. Some of them are listed below which are worth checking out.

Quinta Da Lua
Sao Paulo Boutique Hotel
Hotel Rural Quinta do Marco Nature and dining

6- Parque Natural da Ria Formosa – Algarve

The one who gets inspiration from biology and anatomy and has deep compassion for flora and fauna is the right option in your travel guide.

Certainly, this land has plenty of wildlife and plant species that are usually rare to be found and a must-see in Portugal.

da ria formosa, portugal wildlife
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Additionally, the pristine coastline is the specialty of this region, expanding on a vast area and adding to the beauty of Nature.

This region also offers several eatables unknown to the other regions; for example, the purple gallinule is found only in Portugal.

If you love to experience new things in your life, then this place can fill your dream.

Where to stay in Parque Natural da Ria Formosa?

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is one of the popular tourist attractions in Portugal and has a wide range of accommodation.

That is why this place is considered to be more convenient to be lived and enjoyed with full enthusiasm.

Hotel Cidade de Olhão, Hotel Faro and Beach Club, and Hotel 3k Faro are the idle places to stay.

7- Coimbra

Coimbra University of history is the main reason behind the bulk of tourists over this land. It usually is known as the land of scholars.

Firstly, people over here will be of philosophical approaches. You will take them as the walking storybooks of history.

Secondly, they love to talk about their historical heroes who did remarkable jobs and win the battles.

what to see in portugal, coimbra portugal tourism

It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Portugal. The town seems to be stood on the wavering surface of the water, greenery all around it makes your mind stuck and fixed to that land.

The first kind of Portugal is buried here, that is why this land has got more significance for the visitors and inhabitants.

You can enjoy long and lazy walks over here, putting the boredom aside.

Where to stay in Coimbra?

Hotels of Coimbra have beautiful natural views spreading all around. Though these hotels are small in volume, they are luxury enough to meet your requirements.

Hotel Quinta Das Lagrimas and Hotel Larbelo are the best points of stay in Coimbra. 

8-  Elvas

Elvas sets the best standard of military memorial architectural walls surrounding its border. UNESCO has declared Elvas as the world-heritage region.

It is located on the hilltops of Alentejo, Its edge touches the walls of Spain.

cities to visit in portugal,
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The star-shaped ramparts, deep moats, and infused channels of walls make it original and prominent.

Indeed it’s attributed to the gem of Portugal. One should never miss the Ariel view of this town as the interconnection of walls are so masterly constructed that you may get engrossed in the art.

Where to stay in Elvas?

Elvas is a place that has a variety of hotels for all range of travellers from luxury to budget. There are unique hotels for couples, groups, and families, respectively.

Some of the best hotels are Vila Gale collection Elvas, Hotel rural Monte Da, and Cool Guest House. Moreover, for families, Elvas offers an exceptional point named SL Hotel Santa Lucia.

9- Braga

Braga, one of the best cities to visit in Portugal and is known as Portugal’s largest city. It is the amalgamation of culture and history that attracts tourists.

It is often attributed to the religious center of Portugal. Tolling of bells after each hour confirms spiritual impacts over here.

destinations in portugal
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Roots of the oldest cathedrals are found on this land that linked it to the historical background.

One of the most exciting things about Braga is that though it has covered Portugal’s vast territory, it is not crowded.

That is why it is always fun to explore Braga without being interrupted by the surroundings. Braga has some jaw-dropping sight to visit!

Where to Stay in Braga?

Hotel Dona Sofia, and Vila Gale Braga are the most prominent Braga hotels.

All these accommodations are located close to airports, local markets, official buildings, tourist sights, and restaurants.

10- Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres is Portugal’s most wondrous and adventurous place. It is known as the land of natural mystery.

This park has a volume of 703 square kilometers. Deep valleys and fragrance of fresh oaks and pine are enough to attract the tourists. It is connected with almost 100 villages.

places to see in portugal
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Moreover, it is the only national park associated with Portugal to understand this area’s full significance.

A unique set of ecosystem having greenery and aqua all around the houses is the unique thing to be perceived about this park.

Thing to do in Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres

Peneda Geres National Park is the home of many amazing and fun things.

What should you not Miss in Portugal?

Still not sure where to go in Portugal? Portugal has so much to offer for everyone and for any age people. Some of the best things to do in Portugal are listed below.

  • Algarve Beaches
  • Visit Monsaraz
  • Canal trip, Aveiro
  • Visit Evora
  • Mountain biking in the Algarve
  • Visit Obidos
  • Rio Douro Valley
  • Velha Universidad Coimbra
  • Mosteiro Dah Batalha
  • Kayaking on the Montejo River
  • Alfama, Lisbon
  • Visit Sintra
  • Dolphin-watching in the Sado estuary
  • Pasties de Nata
  • Lisbon Clubbing
  • Porto Wine


Portugal is attributed as the best place to live and visit because of its moderate climate.

Its temperature remains 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and sunshine gives you 200 days regularly, which is an ideal situation.

So you must plan now to grasp the best places to visit in Portugal. 

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