12 Best Things to do in Portugal on Your First Trip

There are many best things to do in Portugal. Soaking in the rich fantasy of Portugal might be your adventurous experience ever.

Portugal embodies a healthy present and remarkable past. This land welcomes all tourists, visitors, and inhabitants.

Would you want to spend your holiday in Portugal and to know what to do in Portugal?

You have to stay here to read this article as it carries all the updated information that you want to grasp over. So, don’t forget to take this list during your enthralling getaway in Portugal.

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Portugal

To spend your holidays at its best in Portugal, you must know of the best season available.

The best affordable hotel reservations and the best cheapest local transportation facilities.

Also, you will be happy to know that Portugal falls into the category of your desired choices as it presents a moderate climate throughout the four seasons.

You will have a sunny time during most of your period of stay there. August is usually the busy tourist month in Portugal.

Ideally, the period from November to January is the best time to enjoy Portugal’s every pleasure. So let us help you plan your visit to Portugal wisely.

How Many Days Do You Need in Portugal?

Firstly, you should plan for one week to visit each famous corner of Portugal.

Secondly, traveling deep into the local culture, customs, and traditions, you will probably need more time to visit Portugal to your fullest.

But do consider the ideal time of climate and affordable destinations here.

Those who are keen to explore the sights with minute details and are willing to start from scratch, they will require to get some new guidelines with them.

Moreover, keeping your tension of budget, there is a rough estimation of expending almost 100 Euros per day in Portugal.

The list of things to do in Portugal

1- Matosinhos Beach

Sunbathing on Matosinhos Beach is among the best things to do in Portugal. It is located on the north side of Porto.

It is considered to be unfruitful on the part of your tour if you miss this experience.

Sunshine, along with a beautiful waterfall, adds great amusement to your sunbath experience here.

There are assigned lifeguards, so you may enjoy the time here with your family without taking care of safety measures.

best beaches Porto, praia de
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Long walks, sitting along the side of the beach, playing volleyball, and relaxing might give you the unforgettable pleasure of your trip to Portugal.

There are present large opportunities for water sports that will certainly add more excitement to your visiting this fantastic beach in Portugal. 

So never miss this place whenever you plan to leave to have the natural experiences of your life.

Furthermore, this point is found to be very intimate to Nature, having loads of greenery, waterfalls, sunshine, and tolling bells of the nearest lighthouse.

Check out this guide, to know about the best places to visit in Portugal.

2- Portugal’s specialty – Tempting foods

When we visit a new place the first things that come in our mind is the food, for sure!

The delicious & fresh food in Portugal is what attracts most visitors around the world. Without trying these dishes your visit is incomplete.

Portugese doughnut, malasadas

Malasadas: These doughnuts without a hole speak themselves and are linked with mind-blowing Hawaiian’s local inhabitants often take them to relatives as a treat.

in fact, people believe that without these doughnuts, their festivals would be incomplete.

So, I strongly recommend each tourist to taste them at least once. Because next time they will call you by themselves.

Violet Volcanic Tea, Volcanic purple tea

Violet volcanic Tea: Amalgamation of green tea with the Azores’ hot water brings a unique violet volcanic tea.

Its flavor recalls you the aroma of mud, and its taste is so earthly that you get engrossed in every single sip of this marvelous invention of tea.

bolo levedo portugal food

Bolo Levedo: These sweet and chewy muffins will make you addicted. This local specialty is associated with a town of Furnace.

Some bakeries are bound to make these muffins accessible enough that tourists take them for their dear ones.

portuguese food, franceshinha

France Sinha: If you feel starving after a long walk across the Porto’s alleyways, this sandwich might be your excellent choice to satisfy your stomach.

It is made of coated cheese layers along with egg and bacon slices. Every visitor must try this sandwich at least once.

There are hundreds of delicious foods Portugal has to offer! including Pitos e Ganchas, Ovos Moles de Aveiro, Pao de lo de Over, Baba de Camelo, Portuguese Bacon pudding, Does Follicos, Alheira, Lamprey, and many more.

3- Exploring the marvel of Oceanario de Lisboa

If your kids accompany you, then Oceanarium in Lisbon is the best place to be explored.

This place fills your desire for indulging in marine conversation throughout your visit.

This experience will leave a long-lasting effect. Presently, the whole aquarium has been divided into four parts named 1- Antarctic 2- Atlantic 3- Pacific 4- Indian Oceans.

what to see in portugal
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All these four ecosystems are full of exciting sea species. Tourists alone can also have a fun time here.

Some of the great marine animals are also found here like sharks, sea otters, rays, and penguins. 

It is a storehouse of about 8000 marine creatures. Consequently, your kids will love to be educated about marine ecosystems.

4- 100 Feet High Waves of Nazare

Nazare is the heaven for surfers; Portugal offers sea adventures for both local and international surfers.

Touching the 100 feet wave might be the best experience for you if you are a surfer. With all other adventures and enthusiastic things to do in Portugal, surfing is the prominent one.

portugal points of interest
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And what if you are not fond of surfing; you may sit back and see the enthralling experiences of surfers.

They no doubt take the extreme risk of surfing over the heights of waves.

This point is situated next to the lighthouse to imagine the beautiful and serene views of Nature here. The coming of every wave is unpredictable.

You can’t believe its length and depth. And this thing puts you immense pleasure and wonder. 

5- Night parties

Farewell of the sun brings out the welcome of party times in almost all major cities of Portugal.

Therefore, to satisfy your party animal, you must come out and have fun while dining, clubbing, and exploring the fun zone at night.

portugal night parties

Especially, Lisbon will never make you disappointed in selecting Portugal as your destination point.

Lightening areas are so fascinating in the dark that you will hardly be unable to stop yourself from enjoying.

One of the best things to do in Portugal is visiting Lisbon’s exciting area, including Casa independent, Kremlin, Duplex, and Music Box Mahjong.

I will surely let you forget the boredom and have the great fun of being in the best place in Portugal. 

6- Visit Furnas Lake

One of the best points in the Azores is Furnace Lake. It is a combination of blue water tinged with green, muddy hill volcanoes and hot springs.

If you love to watch volcanic landscapes, then this carter lake should never be missed.

There are multiple things to be done, including hiking over the Rocky Mountains all around.

Enjoying the bluish-green water of lake while sitting along its side and go canoeing. It is also one of the top places to visit in Portugal.

must see in portugal, portugal tourist attractions
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If you are in Portugal and have never gone to Furnace Lake, then it would be a missing part of your experience here as it is one of the best things to do in Portugal.

Moreover, the five miles long track around this lake will allow you to bike here and watch the deep penetrating meadows, redwood forest, and bamboo forests.

You should never forget taking a camera with you to capture each moment here that will give you unforgettable memories of Furnace Lake.

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7- Visiting Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

If you are a history lover and are keen to grasp the knowledge of old things, then going to Museu Calouste Gulbenkian is one of the best Portugal’s attractions.

The famous museum of Lisbon, having 6000 artifacts belonging to Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian who donated his all masterpieces to this museum before death.

museum in portugal, what not to miss in portugal
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Here, you will find all sorts of European, classical, and Asian art that will take you back some 4000 years. This museum has two categories of collection.

The Egyptian collection and modern collection, each section has been filled with the acute mastery that you will never skip a single portion of it. Ranging from East to West and North to South.

It remains open from 10:00 to 18:00 & found closed on Tuesday and the special events like Easter, 1st May, 24th and 25th of December. 

8- Walking along with Cabo da Roca

Towards the west of Portugal, walking along the coastline trail named Cabo da Roca is another Portugal tourist attraction.

You will be enjoying intimacy with the muddy areas of land there. And the aroma of the cool breeze, along with the marshy ground, gives you immense pleasure.

Some people prefer cycling there, and some prefer a barefoot walk, depending upon the tastes of tourists.

top things to do in portugal, Cabo da Roca portugal

A portion of Sintra Cascais Natural Park touches this ground. Hence it is known best for its natural scenery spreading all around.

Also, you will find the Atlantic coast, Beaches, sandy cliffs, and exceptional lighthouse throughout your walk.

Watching diverse species of flora and fauna is the other exciting thing to be noticed down here.

Moreover, you will be surprised by having a cluster of birds there, chirping, and flying here and there to give you a musical company.

9- What if you are a bookworm?

Livraria Bertrand is the area of interest for book readers because it is one of the best bookstores in the world, situated in Lisbon.

You will be amazed to see the immense collection of books here. Its administration has gathered loads of material from all over the world.

Portions had been made according to the subject of infests. Once there, you will be able to select the best choice of books relevant to your interest.

livraria bertrand lisbon, must see in portugal
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Its history is old enough as it is enjoying about 280 years of experience. So one can say it’s the oldest bookstore ever found.

It is the point of discussion for readers, writers, and intellectuals to share their schools of thought.

Therefore, whenever you get tired of prolonged walking, you may sit here and relax by giving you the experience of peaceful silence.

10- Wine tour at Porto Calem

If you are enlisted in the wine lovers, then Porto Calem will not be missed. No doubt, it has plenty of collections from all over the world that will be enough to satisfy your instincts.

This wine point has surrounded by beautiful sights of Vila Nova de Gaia and River Douro. It’s been running under the four generations of Calem family.

Moreover, tourists are amused here in the cold wine cells. That’s why you should never skip this winery point during enlisting the best things to do in Portugal.

11- Listening to Fado (Portugal’s folk music)

Fado is attributed to the exceptional folk music of Portugal. The one who visits Portugal and does not listen to these melodies is taken as the unfortunate one.

Because the symphony and the rhythmic composition of this music will inspire you and lead you to the other world.

best things to see in portugal
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If your beautiful partner accompanies you, you will feel blessed to listen to this musical art.

Also, there are arranged individual singers in the clubs and restaurants to entertain visitors.

Fado has two traditional styles named mournful Lisbon style and Coimbra style.

You also have the opportunity of booking before the arrival of individual singers at some particular point. 

12- Visiting Serralves

Serralves is a must see in Portugal it is the most cultural institution in Portugal. It is the amalgamation of Natural Park, a museum, and a beautiful villa.

So there are lots of things to be entertained. You should have one full day to visit this place as it is culturally so rich that you will be lost in the marvel of historical traditions.

serralves foundation, fundacao serralves
Image Source

Administration of this place usually organizes some exhibition here in which displaying of showcases is changed regularly.

Also, there have been arranged Portuguese arts and modern giants like Joan Miró and Robert Mapplethorpe.

What is the Most Famous Thing in Portugal?

Portugal is famous for so many things, including Porto wine, surfing, Azulejos tiles, Piri Piri chicken, golf, football, golden beach, pastel de nata, cork, Fado, Vasco da Gama, and so on.

Generally, the lures of Portugal are still unknown to most of the world.

You will find Portugal as the representative of picturesque landscapes. For an instant, top-quality cuisine, outclass beach points, natural aesthetic resorts, and traditionally soaked culture.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of all the above specialities, Portugal is often enlisted in infamous places due to its well-known neighbouring countries like Spain, Italy, and France.

But the truth has another side. Portugal has been blessed with all things that hit it as a fabulous country.

Holiday Beaches, sunny and broad landscapes, long-term coastlines, soaked in rich culture and traditions, history, music, and art make it a remarkable and worth-visited place of the world.

This is the reason that around 3.8 million people visit Portugal every year out of them, almost all give outclass reviews and share their unforgettable experiences.

Once you visited this land, you will acknowledge that there are loads of things to do in Portugal.

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