10 Breathtaking Secret Waterfalls in Kansas – Don’t Miss

Excited to explore the best-hidden waterfalls in Kansas? Here is what you need to know.

When you think of a city you haven’t visited before, you most likely think of tall buildings, vehicles, busy roads, and congested streets.

However, Kansas is completely opposite & not so many people know of gorgeous Kansas waterfalls.

Kansas is having a lot of breathtaking waterfalls. In fact, some of the waterfalls which you are going to see have never been discovered before (only a few local knows).

I have done some backbreaking work to bring you these fantastic hidden gems of Kansas. Below you will find the list of waterfalls with names.

Why Do People Love Waterfalls?

In general, people value these spots and a lot of people think of waterfalls are like a respite from city life.

It clears the head and keeps us grounded, and most importantly releases the day to day stress in our life.

I would guess that a vast majority of people want to visit these waterfalls more often.

With that said, let’s explore some of the best waterfalls in Kansas, and I bet you will love to visit them sooner.

Make sure to visit Geary State Lake, one of the most amazing falls.

These are the Best Waterfalls in Kansas to Visit

1- Cowley Lake Waterfall

There is off the beaten path, and then there is Cowley Lake Waterfall.

This waterfall is the most beautiful and fun place to visit, located in Arkansas City at the end of Cowley lake.

Although you can visit here at any time of the year, but to see its greatness (just like the image), it is recommended to visit after some rain.

cowley lake falls,
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Moreover, these 25 feet falls are amazing to see. Plan a visit here before it gets packed with visitors.

No matter which city you are coming from the waterfall is easily accessible, and parking is available at the end of the lake.

You will have to hike down to reach the waterfalls and to get a clear view.

2- Prather Creek Falls – Chase State Fishing Lake

One of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls.

It falls in the form of three groups of waterfalls that take place from Chase State Fishing Lake, which is located west of Cottonwood Falls City in Kansas.

These three waterfalls make a perfect view;

Especially, the middle waterfall is the most spectacular and can be the view from below, just above the bottom waterfalls.

To reach here, just park your car on the northern edge of the lake and then stroll on the opposite side you will find Prather Creek Falls.

things to do in kansas,
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As you go down (make sure to wear hiking shoes), you will come to see each waterfall one by one and every waterfall offers an amazing view.

And if you are a photography lover, then no doubt this place is for you.

As compare to Cowley Lake Waterfalls,

There is no best time to visit these waterfalls because the water flows all year round (overflow after rain).

Hence, resulting in a loud roar that can be heard from a half-mile away. Prather Creek Falls is one of the best things to see in Kansas City.

3- Deep Creek Waterfall – Manhattan

This waterfall is 5ft tall, and 60ft in the range is the best-hidden gems in Pillsbury Crossing, Manhattan, Kansas. 

Pillsbury Crossing is a river that flows through a small stream of water.

The waterfall is just a few meters down the river at the crossing.

 And can be accessed from the car parking to the east of Pillsbury Crossing.

Besides that, the hikes down are steep, though, which is a little adventure itself.

Places to see in kansas
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Deep Creek Waterfall is an ideal place for outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hiking.

Not many people know about this waterfall, that’s why you will not find many people here.

You can really get lost in the scenery of the waterfall.

Surround yourself with the beautiful views, and the Deep Creek Waterfall can be a magical place where you will admire the true beauty of the surroundings as well.

Also, you can take a swim, hike, or camp in this natural space, because nature is good for your mental health.  

4- Butcher Falls

Butcher waterfalls are one of the gorgeous Kansas waterfalls, which are located in Red Buffalo Ranch close to the sedan area.

Making its way through the beautiful rocks & greenery.

Falling from 14 ft above offers a great view, which forces you to stop here and admire the beauty of this waterfall for hours.

kansas rivers,
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The famous TV Star Bill Kurtis is the owner of Red Buffalo Rand the whole area is 8,000 acres stretched out.

He has done efficiently good work for the people of the sedan as well as for the entire community.

People are allowed to visit this waterfall during the day.

Also, there is a bunkhouse that you can rent out where you can spend some more time alone or with a small group of people.

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5- Idlewild Falls

Apparently, every waterfall in Kansas is stunning, either small or big, which I have no doubt. Another gorgeous waterfall in Kansas City is called Idlewild Falls.

This waterfall located in the north of Waterville, Kansas, which is a group of two waterfalls; both waterfalls are having a distance of approximately 60ft.

Actually, the waterfall is an overflow of Lake Idlewild, which in the end, falls in the nearby Little Blue River.

kansas tourist attractions
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To get here, you will have to park your vehicle on Lake Idlewild on an unpaved road.

After that, just follow the loud sound of a waterfall that falls from 10 to 12ft. Spend some excellent time in the surrounding natural beauty and.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Kansas tourist attractions.

But this waterfall can often be reached with the help of a local guide because there are no proper trails to follow!

6- Santa Fe Lake Falls

Santa Fe Lake Falls is a small human-made waterfall that can be found on the south of Sunflower Road in Edgerton city.

Santa fe lake falls
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This waterfall is caused by a dam, while not as high as some other famous Kansas waterfalls but is still a remarkable sight and worth visiting after some heavy rain.

7- Chautauqua Falls

While every waterfall in Kansas is a beauty by itself, the beauty of Chautauqua falls is incredible, and truly spectacular is the proof and wonder of Mother Nature.

Found in northern of sedan near Kansas, these are the chain of waterfalls, and same like Prather Falls, there are other smaller falls down the creek.

Chautauqua falls kansas
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Visiting here feels relax and less stressed as these are not very popular among people of Kansas and less visited waterfalls as compare to Prather Falls.

However, the beauty of this place is totally unexplained and can only be felt and seen than reading.

8- Geary State Lake

Another gem of from Kansas is Geary Lake Falls located in the south of Junction City.

This waterfall is created by the overflow of Gear State Fishing Lake, which means it only comes in shape after rainfall and in spring.

Geary state lake falls
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To reach Geary Lake Falls Junction City, drive 6 miles south along Highway 77. On your right just follow the signboard of Gear Lake until the dam, park your vehicle there.

Now walk a bit further until you hear the waterfall below in the trees.

This is the place where the tremendously beautiful 35ft falls, and the view of water falling from the rocky top is amusing. The best time to visit this waterfall is in April!

The perfect spot to see is from the top of the waterfall. But if you walk down along the trees, it will take you to the bottom of the waterfall, which is a fabulous view.

9- Bourbon Falls

Bourbon falls are formed by the beautiful Bourbon County state Lake in Kansas and are among the largest waterfall in Kansas.

This 30ft waterfall is found in an overflow of Bourbon County State Lake.

To get here, you will have to park your car on the north side of the Ivory Road.

kansas waterfalls
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After that just follow the trails which will lead you to the falls. The stunning beauty of this waterfall demands a visit if you are going to visit Kansas.

This mind-blowing, breathtaking place is best for camping. It is an eye-catching view.

10- Brown Park Waterfalls

The tremendous beauty of the waterfall is what motivates us to chase the amazing waterfalls.

If you a nature lover and want some time to spend alone camping and fishing, (which indeed is good for our mental health) then this place is for you.

lakes in kansas
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Wakarusa River Falls located on the east of Lawrence, created from the Clinton Lake.

Since the waterfall is not the biggest but it is active all year round running which makes a stunning view.

Undoubtedly you can spend here hours; Wakarusa River Falls varies in volume and does not flow consistently all year round.

However, during the summer months, the falls are usually at their fullest, especially after heavy rain.


Kansas is full of amazing wonders and beauty, the waterfall being one of them has been the most attractive place for tourists.

We all love traveling and exploring the unknown, and I believe after looking at these gorgeous waterfalls in Kansas, you are now craving for a visit to this beauty of nature. Do let me know in comments what your thoughts are.

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