Top 7 Best Things to Do in Lauterbrunnen Valley | 2020

Lauterbrunnen Valley is truly blessed with many famous attractions. There are many things to do in Lauterbrunnen & it is the best place to visit in Switzerland. 

Read all about the best things to do in Lauterbrunnen and travel tips you must know before traveling to Lauterbrunnen.

The lush green valley is situated between high top colorful alpine meadows and massive mountain peaks, making Lauterbrunnen a perfect place for enjoying the never-ending alpine activities in both winter and summer.

Lauterbrunnen is home to the most beautiful waterfalls; Besides, It has 72 breathtaking waterfalls.

Therefore it was named ‘Lauter Brunnen, ’ which stands for ‘Many Fountains,’ the most famous is Staubbach Falls in the valley.

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland is a top-rated tourist destination for its beautiful alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains, and scenic hiking trails. In a real place for some thrilling outdoor adventures such as paragliding.

Furthermore, Staying a few days in Lauterbrunnen will give you the best experience living in the Alps. 

How to Go From Zurich to Lauterbrunnen by Train?

From Zurich Hauptbahnhof Station, which is Zurich’s central station known as Zurich HB, take a train to Lauterbrunnen SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). 

SBB train ticket costs based on traveling rather than on the kind of trains. It is possible to purchase a ticket readily at any train station and jump on another train.

But if you have a Swiss transport pass, it’s not necessary to think about buying a ticket or waiting in a very long queue for a ticket.

Moreover, with the Travel Pass, you can visit anywhere in Switzerland on any public transportation, like trains, buses, trams, or taxis, in addition to boats.

The average travel time by rail between Zurich Hb and Lauterbrunnen is two hours and 51 minutes, with approximately 32 trains every day. Though, you might face a longer travel time on the weekend.

How to Go From Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen by Train?

Get an SBB train from Interlaken OST to Lauterbrunnen and reach one of the very profound valleys among the highest range of Swiss mountains in only 20 minutes.

I would recommend that you don’t travel by car on those stunning Alps roads because traveling by rail is not only safe, secure & dependable.

But it also provides many other benefits onboard, such as a comfortable journey, saves time, almost no weather delays, best sightseeings additionally, you will find many empty seats.

You can buy a ticket on Interlaken OST. However, with the Swiss travel pass, travel is much convenient and quicker.

How to Apply for Swiss Travel Pass & What are the benefits?

  • Swiss Travel Pass is a great way to travel around Switzerland. The pass is an all-in-one ticket to travel by road, trams, rail, and waterway through Switzerland.
  • Having a Swiss Travel Pass means no standing in line at ticket machines, no long queue no matter when and where you wish to travel in Switzerland, explore with total freedom.
  • Swiss Travel Pass provides free limitless travel for 4, 3, 8, or 15 consecutive times. Trip includes buses, trains, boats, and city transports.
  • With this pass, visitors will get huge discounts on cable cars, cogwheel trains, and funiculars & free entrance to museums too.
  • Children can travel free, along with adults! Ticketless traveling within Switzerland as Swiss Travel Pass allows trips at no extra cost all public transportation.
  • Additionally, get discounts on many top attractions in Switzerland.
  • Apply here for Swiss Travel Pass and travel worry-free all around Switzerland.
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Best Things to do In Lauterbrunnen

1- Explore The Valley

One of the best things to do in Lauterbrunnen is to explore the valley by walking. Because it is surrounded by stunning scenery, and its main street has hostels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and shops.

You can also take a bicycle to cover more distance and some scenic areas. Lauterbrunnen is the location that will let you experience the natural beauty of Switzerland.

Whatever your reason to visit the small village, which is nestled between towering limestone precipices and surrounded on three sides, the Eiger, Monch & Jungfrau Mountains, its vast scenery will leave you amazed and captivated.

Also, Lauterbrunnen waterfalls are what make it heavenly beautiful places in Switzerland. Some of the waterfalls which you shouldn’t miss are Staubbach Falls, Trummelbach Falls, Murrenbach Falls, and many more.

Tourist can visit and explore Lauterbrunnen in every season. It is also the hiker dream with its vast network of trails and walkways in and around the valley showing off the impressive beauty of the Alps.

Moreover, Lauterbrunnen is also the gateway to other scenic areas in Jungfrau such as Gimmelwald, Murren, and Schilthorn.

Not only this, but you can also see the stunning views of Lauterbrunnen Valley by taking a cable car onward to Schilthorn. And it is best to stand on either side so you will get the best scenic panoramic view.

2- Staubbach Falls

Staubbach Falls is the landmark of Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, located in a kilometer from Lauterbrunnen town.

It is among Europe’s topmost free-falling waterfalls as the height of the Cascade is between 800 and 900 feet (240m and 270m) formed of one unbroken fall.

It falls from the valley cliff above the Lutschine River. Tourists can take 10 minutes to hike towards a Sheltered Cove right behind part of the waterfall.

However, you can opt not to hike and simply enjoy the view from the foot of the mountain and is of the top things to do in Lauterbrunnen, where you can taste the water from the Staubbach Falls. The scenery of the place is breathtaking!

Additionally, What makes it Incredible is that it can be seen from distance and can be easily noticed by everyone that comes to this valley.

Paragliders can be seen once you have reached on top hovering above the falls. You can also visit another gorgeous Trummelbach fall, which is nearest to the Staubbach Falls.

3- Take the Train to Jungfraujoch

Another famous thing to do is the day trip from Lauterbrunnen is the train ride to the Jungfraujoch. Jungfraujoch is the train station on the Jungfrau also known as Top of Europe. 

At 3,454 meters (11,332 feet) above sea level, it’s the topmost train station in Europe and is near to the summits of the Eiger, Jungfrau, and even Mönch mountains.

On your trip to Jungfraujoch from Lauterbrunnen, you will always travel via Wengen as that’s the only way. However, you don’t get off the train there (unless you want to).

The reason they are providing tickets from Wengen is that most of the people have a Swiss Travel Pass, which offers free traveling to Wengen. Hence, you will only need a ticket from Wengen onwards in such a scenario.

However, if you don’t have Swiss Travel Pass you will still need to travel via Wengen to buy a return ticket from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch.

It takes 90minutes from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch, but the trip is sensational.

At the top, the train station is carved out of the mountain. Once you enter the main complex, which is also underground, you will need to get a map and information.

The first thing to do is to visit the fantastic Jungfrau Panorama, and it is dramatic and quite spectacular.

Also, you will visit the famous Sphinx-Viewpoint by elevator, where you will get a fantastic view of Jungfrau over the longest glacier in Europe.

Moreover, at the snow fun park, visitors can enjoy snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, or even fly through the air at the zipline (May to October). 

Don’t forget to visit Alpine Station, which shows the pioneering era of the Jungfrau railway. Check here for the price of the day trip to Jungfraujoch

4- Go Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen

The most stunning tandem paragliding flights in the world, flying over the cliffs and waterfalls of the breathtaking Lauterbrunnen valley, is one of the best things to do for those who want to experience the gorgeous and spectacular natural beauty.

paragliding in Switzerland

Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen gives you an Arial view of the valley from the top, including beautiful views of the car-free resorts of Wengen, Gimmelwald, and Mürren.

Another spectacular scenic view is that you will see the Staubbach Falls while in the air very closely, and the water sprinkles on you, such a fantastic scenery.

No experience requirements before paragliding in Lauterbrunnen, they Have professionally qualified and trained Paragliding pilots.

That are dedicated to ensuring Safety First along with personal and friendly service.

5- Lauterbrunnen weather

Lauterbrunnen is a year-round holiday destination to visit. With plenty of things to do currently all around the Lauterbrunnen, there are countless options for people that love outdoor activities.

Summer: From June to August, the Lauterbrunnen weather is so comfortable and is most likely the busiest season for the travel industry in Lauterbrunnen.

However, accommodation and private transportation and cost more. In this season, the temperature falls between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).

Winter: From December to February, the climate is too cold and relatively slow for tourism. The temperature in this season is between 47.2°F (8.4°C) and 37°F (2.8°C). It rains or snows round about 5 to 9 times per month.

TIP: Tourism in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, begins in May, followed by January and June. Also, The expense of lodgings and air tickets will be generally costly during this timeframe, though you can save if you buy tickets or hotel bookings in advance.
Travelers are less visiting to Lauterbrunnen in November. Those who want to visit these months will likely find it the least expensive.

6- Lauterbrunnen Camping

There is a camp area called “Camping Jungfrau,” a family 5 Star camp area, and “Holiday Park” situated in the beautiful valley of Lauterbrunnen.

With the superb view of the mountain and breathtaking Staubbach Falls, the campsite offers a comfortable alpine environment anywhere you look, including the eating place and small terrace bar.

The valley train stations are easily accessible from the campsite. Indeed, visitors can bring their tents or accommodation or can be rent from the camp.

Being adventurous is a plus point because the campsite management arranges a lot of outdoor activities and excursions.

Furthermore, Some of the best things to do in Lauterbrunnen campsite are hiking, Climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, river rafting.

Enjoy the advantages of the perfect place at the center of the fantastic mountains of the Swiss Alps!

Don’t worry about food; the grocery store sells fresh bread and has many items. In this way, preparing your meal should never be a difficulty. Check here the ticket price and availability

7- Hotels in Lauterbrunnen

Wondering where to stay in Lauterbrunnen? As among the best places to visit in Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen has many choices to spend your superb holiday from budget to 5star hotels.

Also, most of the hotels resorts are extremely close to the railway station and the main attractions of Lauterbrunnen.

Furthermore, Neat & clean all hotels offer all the facilities inside. If you are on a budget, then I’d suggest staying at the Hostel that is similarly effectively accessible from the valley.


Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa is a 5-star resort situated between two beautiful lakes in the scenic city of Interlaken.

The spacious bedrooms have classy interiors and marble baths, and stunning views of the snowcapped mountains in the Jungfrau area. Wi-Fi is free, and breakfast is also included. Check the prices on

Mid Range:

Hotel Staubbach is located 600m from the Lauterbrunnen station and offers free parking, free Wi-Fi & friendly staff.

Moreover, the resort provides a neat, tidy, and friendly environment, fully furnished rooms with shared or private bathrooms. Besides that, in the surroundings, you will find many climbing paths leading to the 72 cascades in the region.

The hotel offers an Excellent view of Staubbach mountains and waterfall in the window of the living room. Check here the latest price and room availability

Mid Range:

Hotel Interlaken is accessibly situated only five minutes’ Walk from Interlaken East Train Station along with a twenty-minute train journey to Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Hotel Interlaken is the Best lodging, featuring Massive rooms, mountain views, and a tasty buffet breakfast. Click here to know the price and availability.

Budget Hotel:

Hotel Schützen Lauterbrunnen is a unique Swiss chalet resort with mountain views. It is located in Lauterbrunnen at the center of the Jungfrau Ski Region, a 3-minute walk in the Train Station.

In the winter, guests may enjoy ski-to-door accessibility from Schilthorn or even Mürren. Cable cars are departing from Grütschalp and Stechelberg and choose guests directly back to the resort.

Hotel Schützen includes its own bus stop, which can be in front of the restaurant.

Additionally, the world-famous waterfalls staubbach can be perfectly viewed from here. Check the latest prices on

Budget Hotel:

Hotel Oberland’s restaurant was featured in guidebooks as the very best place to eat in the city. Dip a slice of bread into a pot of cheese fondue or flavor among the famed Röstis.

All rooms include cable TV, as well as some rooms, include a balcony where guests can see beautiful views of surrounding waterfalls. Which makes its the best place to stay in Lauterbrunnen, Check the prices on


Valley Hostel in Lauterbrunnen Is quite clean and efficient, including the completely ready, perfect, and flawless kitchen.

The Hostel is only about 5mins walk On the bus or train stop. It is that it’s situated on the primary street near all of the main attractions of this valley of excellent worth for the positioning.

Free Wi-Fi, bag storage and ski storage are available. Check here the latest price and room availability

Book Here the Best Day Tours in Switzerland

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So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Switzerland and stroll in the beautiful streets of Lauterbrunnen. If you have any suggestions or improvements please let me know in the comments.

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