Most Affordable Mountain Towns to Live in the US

Are you looking for the cheapest mountain towns to escape to? Maybe leave the big city for good? Well, today, I am going to show you the 8 most affordable mountain towns in the United States that are relatively inexpensive.

Everyone loves a mountain town, whether you have been there once or every weekend since you were 12 years old.

There is always this one place you dream about when you hate the busy city life, the crowd, stuck in the traffic, or had a bad day in office.

You are dreaming about leaving the city behind and move to the mountains, so don’t let something hold you back. Just grab your stuff and head to the hills.

I will take the mountain lifestyle over a big city lifestyle any day because there is nothing more relaxing than visiting the mountains.

If you are ready to call the city life a quit, here is my top pick of affordable mountain towns in the United States that should be added to your travel wish list.

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8 Most Affordable Mountain Towns to Live In the US

1- Leavenworth, Washington

With a population of just 2,000 people and about two hours outside of Seattle, Leavenworth is beautifully located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

Its resemblance to the Bavarian Alps made it the perfect place to create this German-style town, between the alpine buildings and authentic German food and beer.

It’s pretty easy to forget that you are still in America; while it is beautiful here year-round, the fall leaves made this region even more spectacular.

This mountain town has amazing places to eat and drink bed and breakfast, amazing landscapes, and scenic mountain views.

Leavenworth is the biggest export of fresh peers, and for tourists, there are many attractions; moreover, Leavenworth is your winter wonderland.

The town is best known for Christmas decoration, the tradition of decorating the trees with Christmas light is unique, and visitors across the country come to admire the beauty of this town.

It is not only a beautiful town, but it is also an affordable mountain town to live in. The average house cost is about $250,000, and the rent is around $900/month.

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2- Ouray, Colorado

Located in the southwestern part of Colorado, Ouray is jam-packed with activities for the families; it sits at an elevation of 7,800 feet and has a population of about a thousand.

Ouray rests in a valley surrounded by mountains; it is commonly referred to as the Switzerland of America.

There is so much to see and do in this incredible landscape, and exploring will be fun.

From hot springs and off-road tours to hiking or biking the peaks of the San Juan Mountain, this town has all.

The mountain peaks here go to 14,000 feet. From the exploding colors of the mountain meadow wildflowers to the tranquil streams, this place is the gem of the Rockies.

Additionally, the Ouray hot springs pool is a fantastic way to relax, just one of the many sulfur-free pools that are part of Colorado’s historic hot springs loop.

The water temperature here ranges from 88 to 106 degrees, perfect to soak in year-round.

For incredible experience and breathtaking views, take a hike at Box Canyon waterfall. This natural wonder spills thousands of gallons of water per minute over the falls, and the result is a spectacular view from above and below.

The median home cost is $365,400; also, it is America’s friendliest, most accessible, safest, and budget places to live.

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3- Leadville, Colorado

Leadville was founded in 1877; it sits almost 10,152 feet above the sea level is North America’s highest incorporated town.

Leadville was a mining town, and many people made their fortune during the Colorado Silver boom; the town now has about 3000 residents, which is also an inexpensive place to live.

The beautiful town is surrounded by breathtaking mountains that make people visit here frequently; this place is a lot of fun and has a history as rich as its soil.

cool mountain vacations

Leadville now provides adventure and education with eight museums and tons of outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and camping.

Even though the cry for gold has long gone, it’s challenging mountain trails, breathtaking, and rich historical sites have transformed the old silver camp into a hidden gem of the towering Rocky Mountains.

The value of a home is over $400,000 in Leadville; however, the average cost of a home is just a 168,000, making it a perfect place for budget people.

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4- South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful mountain town, and there isn’t any better example of Lake Mountain town than South Lake Tahoe.

This is a little town filled with restaurants, beers, Inns, shops, and good people; the town has around 22,000 residents and sits on the picturesque Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada.

The biggest attraction of this town is, of course, the Lake Tahoe, which is America’s largest Alpine created Lake; a glacier made the water, and that is why it’s so beautifully blue.

But there is so much more to do all year round; Lake Tahoe attracts travelers from all around the United States and makes them love their stay.

Undoubtedly it’s one of the most affordable mountain towns in the USA. The average home value here is $375,000, which is actually cheaper than the areas nearby.

If you are on a budget, renting a house will help you save some extra bucks. You can easily rent an affordable mountain homes for $1000 for cool mountain vacations.

Ski Run Marina Village is a beautiful beach in the town with soft powdery sand, and of course, you get the classic view of the crystal aqua blue lake.

It is a great place to come and relax; Ski Run Marina Village offers the tons of activities that you can do and rent while you are here like a stand-up paddleboard, kayaking, jet ski, or boat rentals.

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5- Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is a picturesque and historic destination situated in Vermont, and among the best affordable mountain towns to live, it is an outstanding four-season destination in the United States.

Those looking for excellent countryside experience and relaxation should come to Stowe. In Stowe, there are more than 60 unique shops, more than 40 restaurants, and dozens of different accommodation options, from full-service resorts to budget hotels.

Stowe keeps attracting visitors throughout the year; it offers winter sport and many cultural events and attractions to please the visitors.

Spend a beautiful time visiting the museum like the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum and the museum in the Stowe Historical Society.

The beautiful mountain village of Stowe has dozens of popular trails, making a day hike the perfect way to enjoy the weather, views, and in the fall, foliage.

The average cost of home and apartments in Stowe is $484,224, making it the cheapest mountain towns to live in. If you think that you like living here, it is a surprisingly inexpensive town in the USA.

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6- Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a gateway for adventure. North Carolina is a state that has both beaches and mountains. Maybe that’s why so many Californians are moving here.

Asheville, NC boats a fun mix of street art, music, good food, local beer, and outdoor adventures, and if you love beer, you will love Asheville can claim more breweries per capita in the nation.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Town is full of crazy outdoor experiences, which makes an excellent reason to visit here. Also, it is an incredible place to get back to nature.

From some of the country’s highest and longest zip lines to world-class hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway, all of which can be found just minutes from the downtown.

The French Broad River flows right through town, perfect for kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

The town is not only famous for its nature but also its art, music, architecture, and beers. It is good enough to have good services and entertainment, yet it still has a small mountain town atmosphere, with fewer than 100,000 in population.

Asheville has a very photogenic downtown art district that is full of museums and historic mansions. It is one of those places that are great for the whole family.

Asheville, however, the average is just $350,000 and around $808 monthly rent, making it the perfect place for outdoor lovers on a budget.

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7- Park City, Utah

If you are moving to a new location, there are few things you may wish to consider the breathtaking sceneries, climate, housing availability, and health care.

Park City has it all, where a simple vacation continues to a lifelong love affair and it has the right to claim one of the best mountain towns.

The first thing you will notice about Park City is that it is breathtakingly beautiful. The short drive from Salt Lake City International Airport has you winding continually upwards toward the mountain tops.

best places to live in the mountains

The air is clear, and the climate is extreme; the summers are full of wildflowers and sunshine, and the winters are a paradise for skiing and snowboarding.

As host to the winter Olympic in 2002, the region boasts three of the top ski resorts in the country Park City Mountain, Canyons Village, and Deer Valley Resort.

There is no shortage of water sports either as in summer months; a gorgeous lake serves for boating, sailing, and jet skiing.

Compare to other affordable mountain towns on this list; Park City houses prices are higher; the average cost of a house is $918,000.

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8- Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs is one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Colorado, a year-round resort town with an adventure for every season.

With a convenient location on i-70 between Vail and Aspen on the western slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, there is not a better town in the United States to live, work and play.

Glenwood Springs was voted America’s most fun town, and there is no wonder why.

It is family-friendly, affordable, blesses with a remarkable mix of geological wonders, and home to unusual attractions, like Glenwood hot springs, the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world.

Add a wide array of accommodation choices from hotels to lodges, bed and breakfast, guest ranches, and more.

Plus, an ever-expanding inventory of meeting rooms and venues, and you get the perfect destination for corporate retreats, business gathering, and conferences, as well as family reunions, weddings, or merely unforgettable vacation getaways.

An enormous variety of attractions and activities awaits you in Glenwood Springs. The cost of an average house is around $520,980.

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Final Thoughts:

Mountain life could be perfect for you if you want to leave your stressful city life. The United States is home to the most affordable mountain towns.

All these towns have their unique attraction, history, community, and charm and offer low crime, no traffic, and a laid-back lifestyle. Travel to a mountain town is always fresh and rewarding.

Let me your thoughts in the comments; what you think the best mountain town in America is?

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