10 Best Solar Powered Power Banks 2021 | Affordable

Solar powered power banks are the smart device that uses sunlight as the main energy source and converts and provides electrical energy to charge electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, or even laptop.

Since the inception of solar-powered power banks, many people love nature and want to preserve and utilize a natural and abundant energy source. These portable power banks are the only choice.

Suppose you are someone who loves to travel and explore the mountainous ranges to calm beaches.

And looking for the perfect power backup for your laptop, tablet, and especially for smartphones. Then you are in the right place.

The extreme adventure and activities need a continuous source of energy, which should be lightweight and portable.

Then the best solar power bank is the must-have an item on the list. This article is about solar power bank review.

Not only this, but you will find all the relevant information you need to know before investing your money in the best and portable solar power bank.

You’ll also learn about charging times, compatibility with cell phones, and much more.

Things to Know Before Buying the Solar Powered Power Bank

Charging Capacity of the power bank

This is the most relevant concern before buying a solar-powered charging bank.

You should ask yourself this question about how often or how long you are planning an outdoor adventure. And how many electric run devices you would be carrying.

Because every device needs a different power capacity for being charged, for instant, laptops or tablets would require more power than smartphones.

Price and quality

You would love to spend money on the products which are matching with your needs and requirement.

You may love the picture of the solar-powered bank flashing on the web page. But that’s all not you have to look.

You must deeply inspect the specification. Its sturdiness, compatibility with your devices.


Another most relevant factor to consider is the size of the power bank.

Compactness is a key feature of any solar-powered charging bank. The smaller the solar-powered charging bank’s size, the more it would be convenient to carry along.

The more massive power banks can cause damage to other devices due to its weight.

Is Your SmartPhone Compatible With Your Solar-Powered Charging Bank?

Many power banks in the market come with unique features but are compatible with your SmartPhone or other necessary devices. These are the most crucial and essential aspects to look for.

Usage and requirement

If you are someone who wants to have an eco-friendly charging bank and you only use it in the bus on your way to school or college, then a compact and pocket-sized one is enough to cater to your needs.

But if you are planning your trip to the jungle or mountainous region and would be in constant need to charge your devices, you might need to pen down all your requirements.

Quality assurance Services

One of the customer’s most pressing concerns should be how the seller provides efficient and professional customer services.

Is the product is covered with a warranty? Complete contact details of the customer service department in case of any damage or maintenance.

So, it’s pretty apparent that you must know all these quality assurance details before buying your product.

The more product information you get your hand on, the better after-sales service you will have. Just in case!

Top 10 Best Solar Powered Power Banks

Image Product Capacity Price
backpac Ravpower Solar Charger 20000mAh Check Price
backpac Sendowtek Solar Power Bank 25000mAh Check Price
backpac Beartwo Portable Solar Charger 10000mAh Check Price
backpac Panergy Solar Charger 26800mAh Check Price
backpac Be-Charming Tn4-M Solar Power Bank 26800mAh Check Price
backpac Big Blue Solar Charger 5V 28W Check Price
backpac GoerTek Portable Solar Charger 25000mAh Check Price
backpac OUTXE Waterproof Solar Power Bank 20000mAh Check Price
backpac Tranmix Solar Charger 25000mAh Check Price
backpac Blavor Solar Power Bank 10000mAh Check Price

1- Ravpower Solar Charger 20000

If you are fond of outdoor activities, this Ravpower solar charge with 20000mAh has a large battery capacity with a fantastic solar charging facility.

It is a requirement of almost every person because everybody has outdoor activity in their daily life, so having such an excellent power bank tool with you will ease your life and tasks from mobile or tablet.

It takes a maximum of 6-8 hours to full the power bank battery but a charger of a 2.4A capacity.

This particular solar power bank’s advantage is that you can charge two devices simultaneously as 5V/2A output ports. The company is offering two USB Cable of short and long lengths.

This strong power bank can charge all Android phones and I phone as well.

It can charge iPhone X 6 times and charge iPhone 8 almost seven-time, whereas the mini pad can also be charged twice as quickly.

It is perfect to say that this device is mind-blowing for outside activities like hiking, camping, and many more.

The body of Ravpower Solar Charger 20000 is very much durable and made up of ABS material, which is considered as the best material in the manufacturing industry.

It is splash-proof, shockproof, sturdy, and can’t be damaged easily due to its fantastic quality and manufacturing.

It is the most suitable power bank for all kinds of users; I recommend that customers buy this fabulous gadget. It is available on amazon.com further brief detail is also there for your convenience.

  • 20000mAh Large Capacity Solar Charger with beautiful designs
  • Built-in bright LED lights with a sturdy body
  • Dual Output Ports for convenience of your partner
  • This power bank seems costly, with only 2000mAh Solar Capacity.

2- Sendowtek: 25000mAh Solar Power Bank

Sendowtek has those functions that mostly demand solar power; it has an exact amount of huge Capacity; this Capacity is ideal 25000mAh not so high, not less.

It is the overall best product for all types of customers for travelers for outdoor activists and camping.

It can quickly charge your phone, tablets, and many other electronic devices six times. Moreover, this small power bank has much energy to provide power for your cell phone a week.

It has an 18w power supply that is magnificent for charging your cellular gadgets; it can simultaneously charge three devices, like a relief in outdoor activities.

Compare to another solar power bank, and this power bank provides fast charging.

The battery is made of eco-friendly. The best silicone rubber is used in its manufacturing. ABS’s best quality material has caused this power bank to stronger.

The protector of the battery protects it from rain, dust, and even break. It has Multi-functional long-range light that works as a flashlight.

This unique solar power bank comes with the clip hook. This hook helps in charging the battery while users do hiking and other outdoor activities.

Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and other emergency use.

Such type of product never comes in online websites like Amazon. It is the best opportunity to grab this super unique and ideal power bank from Amazon.com. And get it delivered to your doorstep.

  • The seller gives 12 months of quality assurance along with professional customer services.
  • Best gadget for enthusiasts and multitasking
  • Ensures fast-charging up to 18 W
  • 12 months of quality assurance and professional customer service
  • The solar power bank can be charged via a USB port (micro USB port/PD port), the solar charging only is used in an emergency.

3- Beartwo Portable Solar Charger Sp10000

Beartow is the most famous and most demanding product in the market due to its ideal and compatible weight, 7.04 oz.

Everybody most probably needs a solar charger for outdoor activities. In this circumstance, the traveler has lots of luggage to carry with them.

So this beautiful small solar power bank will not take much place in your bag and will not heavy your pocket as well.

Another best thing is that the company will give a free hanger for your solar power bank; the user can hook his solar bank with his bag with the help of a small hanger.

This power bank is undoubtedly ideal for 1) camping, 2) hiking, and 3) fishing 4) various outdoor activities.

Another fantastic feature of this excellent solar power bank is that it can charge two cellular phones simultaneously with a maximum output of 5V/2.1A. It can charge a cell phone fast. It takes 4 to 5 hours to charge a cell phone.

There is no need to be worried about ports during rainy and foggy seasons because a free rubber cap is available with this unique solar power bank.

This rubber cap also protects your battery from outside all kinds of weather.

The smallest and cutest power bank, more useable with a standard range of power capacity, is ideal for low budget users.

It can help you in the same way as other expensive power banks are giving but with a minimum option sufficient for 3, 4 days of outdoor trips.

  • The rugged surface of the solar power bank safe it from slipping.
  • A strong corner makes it durable.
  • The built-in mini LED has three modes (Normal /SOS /Strobeura) that are easy to control with only one button.
  • SOS mode of a solar power bank is specially designed for emergency use.
  • Has standard battery capacity cannot be used for the long term.

4- Panergy 26800mah Solar Charger Power Bank

Solar power is the demand of travelers because they stay outside all day long; they have no time to charge their cell phones or other gadgets such as pods, tablets, etc.

So the company has designed the best suitable solar power bank for the traveler to reduce their problem regarding charging.

It has five foldable panels of 1.5W that are remarkable. They can deliver 1.5A under sunlight to your cell phone, which is unique because it’s faster, like 4 to 6 times than ordinary other small power banks.

Customers should know that they must have to charge their power banks firstly from wall charges; it will give more strength and energy to your power bank for prolonged use.

This extra fast power bank has three ports for use. The charging speed will blow your mood because its rate is similar to the wall charger.

Super-fast solar phone charger has a built-in 26800mAh larger capacity battery. It is one of the best solar powered power banks.

It has the highest capacity to charge an iPhone 11 for 6.5 times, and Galaxy S10 Plus five times, and iPad Pro 1.9 times.

Its manufacturing is too good because it can resist user from shocks. It can prevent itself from dust, water, and fog due to its well and smooth surface.

The most powerful with the highest Capacity of energy is now available online at amazon.com. It is all in one gadget will all amazing features and functions.

It has the fastest charging capability, with 60 LEDs, and it has two amazing beautiful flashlights of high range.

  • Two powerful flashlights with beautiful design and built-in super-fast bright 60-LED panel light.
  • User will get two USB Cables with a solar bank.
  • The user also gets Travel Pouch, User Manual to briefly understand the solar bank’s functions.
  • Costly comparatively to other

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5- Be-Charming Tn4-M Solar Power Bank

The built-in Grade A Li-Polymer battery, 26800mAh solar portable charger, is mainly for outdoor enthusiasts.

It provides massive battery backup for your long-time travel, which can simultaneously charge 2 USB-powered devices multiple times.

Unique four foldable solar panels that perfectly absorb light and convert the energy into electricity for a nonstop supply of power to keep up your gadgets charged.

A foldable detachable solar panel design is more convenient for you to handheld and carries.

The dual USB output, controlled by a smart IC, is compatible with various models and automatically adjusts the output to transmit the most appropriate power and protects the device from overcharging, over current, overvoltage, and short circuit.

Additionally, it has Micro Type-C slots and Android Micro USB slots are available, which saves time and money on multiple phones.

With the super bright LED light and Water-resistant design, it can work correctly at night, perfect for outdoor or even on a rainy and snowy day; the only drawback is it doesn’t work underwater.

This power bank comes with a user manual. It also covers a 1- 24-month After-sale Service Card and, most excitingly, covers lifetime technical issues supports.

This is the most unique and super cool, fastest power bank offered by the company on the customers’ demand.

The experienced customer had like this model very much recommended it to other customers.

  • Its dual USB outputs are compatible with the various phone models.
  • A Built-in LED flashlight covers you for the extra risk of being in dark places.
  • It is powerful, not easy to break.
  • The body of the power bank is sturdy.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Ports are not safe during rainy and foggy weather.

6- Big Blue 5V 28W Solar Charger

A big blue solar charger has an ammeter that has the capability of measuring current in the circuit.

28 W Solar energy chargers have the value of AMPS, which depends on your cellular device. Sunlight is required to charge this solar charger. The device can be charged with the help of a cable.

In theory, 0.8A and 1A show on display during charging of your device; your device required the input of 1A (such as iPhone), then big blue has remarkable Capacity to charge it.

BIG Blue Exclusive SmartIC Technology has made this solar charger unique from other devices. It provides the fastest charging to your cell phone.

It speedily charges your cell phone. The possible charging speed of this device for a single port is 5V/24A Max, whereas, for dual-port, it is up to 4A Max.

Big blue 5V has a Dual-port that can easily apply to all the Android cellular phones under the Capacity of 5V. On the other hand, Apple devices are also charged with this portable solar power bank.

It has the best high efficiency of converting heat into energy up to 21.5%- 23.5%, and it is a lightweight product (21.0Z). Which makes it one of the best solar powered power banks.

It also has four hooks for hanging—that is why it is easy to carry for outdoor activities. Unique PET Polymer Surface protects your solar panel from the wet fog and occasional rain.

The minimum quantity is available at Amazon. Don’t waste time and grab it as much faster as possible because it is most demanding and consider the bestseller in 2020.

I’m personally using this gadget, and I am super satisfied with this fantastic tool.

  • The best solar power bank has a pocket with a zip that will keep devices safe while camping.
  • IPX4 has waterproof level high
  • It has maximum speed for storing energy and also of charging.
  • It has a firm layer on the power bank’s surface that protects from water and fog.
  • IPX4 has a waterproof level, but unfortunately, the ports and ammeter have no ability of water-resistant.

7- GoerTek: 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger

With 25000mAh Ultra High Capacity, it is very much enough to charge an iPhone XS almost 7.4 times. A Galaxy S9 Plus for 5.7 maximum times and iPad Pro like 1.6 times!

It is observed that other solar power cannot charge iPods.

Two charging methods are available such as a portable solar power bank with a powered adapter or other with direct solar.

The best solar battery bank has blue indicators light, which turns on when the user charges the phone with the adapter.

In contrast, the green indicator light turns on when the user charges the cellular phone with a solar panel.

GoerTek charger has three USB ports that can charge almost three devices simultaneously so that you can share it with your best friend.

It has 36 LEDs, The USB bank is environmentally friendly due to its material, and such as durable body, it is very stylish and also decent.

36 LED lights with excellent lighting function; this portable solar power bank is the best for outdoor events.

I highly recommend this solar power bank to users for its magnifying properties and functions that demand almost every portable solar charger user.

  • It has 36 led lights that help users in many tasks, especially in the night.
  • This solar is coming with a free carabineer.
  • It is also coming with free 1 USB.
  • It has incredible energy of 25000mAh, which is stored in a portable solar bank.
  • High in prices compared to other power Banks.

8- OUTXE Waterproof Solar Power Bank 20000mAh

OUTXE best solar cell phone charger is designed explicitly for outdoor Trips: this model is waterproof and dustproof.

The best thing is this device is shock-resistant. It is non-slippery to be charged on the floor or be hooked easily due to its fair manufacturing.

Military-grade kind construction made up the device is fast in charging; it is usable in all kinds of weather for outdoor activities, but to capture sunlight is essential. It safe itself from drops and fog while outdoors trips.

OUTXE is one of the best solar powered power banks, features 4A Dual input ports for the fastest Recharging for both Type C and Micro USB.

This best portable solar power bank is super-fast and rechargeable in 6 hours; it can save your charging time comparatively 50% before time than other solar banks.

The best solar cell phone charger is quick in Charging like 4X faster than regular power bank devices.

It provides fast charging speeds up to a limit of 18W, the best part of this device is it can charge compatible devices like almost up to 80% in only 35 minutes.

It is the most demanding product in the market and now are available at online stores as well. Amazon is the seller of this most demanding power bank.

  • This fantastic device is environment friendly.
  • This device has been built-in with a 2W energy saver.
  • It can recharge the battery automatically under significant sunlight only for emergency purposes during outdoor activities.
  • It heats up faster during the charging of the cell phones.

9- Tranmix Solar Charger 25000mAh

Tranmix Solar Charger with 25000mAh is magnificent for charging your cell phone without any wire.

This wireless power bank has four ultra-large foldable energy-consuming power panels. Its maximum power in front of the sun can reach up to 6W / 1.2A.

It is ideal compact enough to pack into any backpack for outdoor activities or even in any emergency kit.

It’s Colossal Capacity with high-quality (lithium polymer battery) and its unique multiple protection systems are the best thing about this device.

It is best for all kinds of android (Samsung & Galaxy), or even for iPhone, many power banks cannot charge a tablet.

Still, it has much energy to charge even tablets as well, and the user can charge near about ten times a Smartphone.

Fastest Speed of Charging cell phone is its function and has a chip that avoids overloading your cell phone charging. This chip also prevents the power bank from short circuits and overflow current.

Users can charge at a time two cell phones with this power bank. A phone with a capacity of 2000mAh can easily fully charge within 1-1.5 hours.

On the other hand, a tablet of 5000mAh can be charged in 2.5 to 3 hours approximately. The USB port has a waterproof cover, which can prevent it from dust or water.

This power bank is right to partner for your trip.

  • The best solar battery bank IP65 is Waterproof.
  • This device has a function of built-in super bright LED emergency light.
  • The USB port of the best solar cell phone charger has a waterproof cover, preventing it from dust or water.
  • The package includes 1) a solar charger, 2) a user manual, and 3) a Micro USB cable.
  • It’s a bit expensive due to high demand.

10- Blavor Solar Power Bank Pn-W05

Wireless and Solar Power with 10,000mAh power bank is the best choice for the users and highly recommended for its multiple benefits and features.

Blavor is not just a wireless power bank. It is also a wireless charger that takes sunlight and converts its energy to cellular phones of other compatible devices such as iPhone (XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus) Samsung Galaxy (S9/S9plus S8/S8plus)and other mobile devices.

It has controllable solar light intensity conversion properties of converting solar energy into cellular devices. Fully charge it before moving for outdoor trips.

Ideal Charging Time of power bank has also been tested many times. Hence, it’s proved that this power bank charges cell phones faster than other power banks in this price category.

This power bank required sir hours to recharge entirely with a 5V/2A adapter; it charges cell phone iPhone7plus up to 2.2times faster; on the other hand, iPhone X up to 2.3times more quickly.

The body of the power bank is sturdy, durable, and has an ideal compact Size. Premium ABS materials are used for power bank charger, and a lithium polymer battery is fitted in this device.

All the power mentioned above banks is expensive. Still, this specific power bank with all the best features is available on Amazon with reasonable prices that can fulfill your requirement with a minimum amount compared to others.

It is also the best solar power bank for camping an outdoor.

  • The ideal solar cell phone charger is also Dustproof.
  • Dual Flashlight is fitted in the device.
  • Compass Kit is also free with this incredible power bank.
  • Provided with the best handy tool for outdoor activities,
  • The power bank is best for camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking, and beaches.
  • Take much time to charge a cell phone or other devices compared to other power banks.

Benefits of Using Solar Powered Power Banks

In this technologically advanced era, solar powered power banks are life saviors providing an efficient and reliable energy source.

You can count on them to be your reliable travel and outdoor companion. They bring numerous benefits and easiness to outdoor experiences. Below are the most prominent benefits of having a portable solar-powered charger.

1- First and foremost, you don’t have to rely on any other electrical source when you have the right equipment to charge your cell phones, tablets, or even laptops. This benefit cuts the additional gadgets’ costs that you need to carry along.

2- They are light in weight and portable devices, which means you can carry them whenever you want. Many solar-powered chargers are wireless too. All you need it the right Capacity one in your backpack.

3- They are the most dynamic and versatile gadgets that only need natural resources (Sunlight) to keep you in the move. It makes its user hassle-free. And it also makes sure that you won’t run out of the power shortage.

4- Many solar-powered chargers have enough charging capacity, which can be utilized 2 to 3 times on average. So it’s durability double its worth.

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