10 Incredibly Beautiful Small Towns in Germany You Must Visit

Dreaming of visiting one of those picture-perfect small towns in Germany filled with old-world charm, incredible scenic beauty, or perhaps both.

It is possible to see Germany’s more authentic and cultural side by exploring the small German towns.

The towns are filled with stunning architecture dates back to the medieval period, which lasted from the fifth to the 15th centuries.

These small towns are serene where you can enjoy the silence, and you cannot listen to the city noise. So charges your batteries by visiting the beautiful small towns and enjoy every moment.

Here are the ten most beautiful towns in Germany which you must visit and learn more about its history, culture, and tradition.

1- Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber

Rothenburg is known worldwide for its intact original architecture town wall.

The medieval town in Bavaria ranks amongst the best places to visit in Germany; more than 2 million tourists visit the town every year, many during the Christmas season.

It is one of the best-preserved and most picturesque medieval towns in Germany, containing numerous gothic and Renaissance-style buildings.

During your visit, you have plenty of time to pursue the vast market spread out between many famous sites in the old town.

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And still have time to walk the city walls, visit many museums, and try the local delicacies, the world-famous Rothenburg Schneeballen (snowballs).

Schneeballen is made of the shortcrust pastry rolled into balls and decorated traditionally with icing sugar; hence the name snowball came.

In some regions of Bavaria, the streets have been around for over three hundred years.

For once, the streets were only used for such special occasions as weddings. Today they are served in numerous bakeries and cafes covered in chocolate and nuts or with Marzipan filling.

But whatever the variety, they are a delicious and somewhat naughty temptation.

Moreover, the fairytale town is full of history and beauty and has sports activities tourists can participate in when visiting.

Some of the major tours and attractions you can book below:

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2- Dinkelsbuhl

Declared in 2017, one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. Placed somewhere on the Romantic Road, Dinkelsbuhl is like a fortress from the old stories.

If you walk on the streets beside the fort walls and towers, you can find yourself surrounded by colors, history, and old Bavarian style.

This town has an intact city wall with 16 towers and a few authentic city gates. The 800 hundred years old town is full of colorful half-timbered houses like a fairytale.

german countryside

An undeniable highlight of the Romantic Road, Dinkelsbuhl is endlessly photogenic; you can discover picturesque nooks, crannies, and alleyways of the old town on foot.

On top of all this, the lights are placed strategically around the fortress by night, introducing us to a fairytale town.

This delightful historic town was fortunate enough to have escaped the devastation of WWII.

Dinkelsbuhl is only 20 minutes from Rothenburg; for a less touristy ambiance, you really should do it. If you have the chance, don’t hesitate to visit the Dinkelsbuhl.

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3- Görlitz

Situate in the province of Lusatia on the Lusatian Neisse River, it is the second largest town of Lusatia after Cottbus.

Görlitz is among the beautiful small towns in Germany; it has 56,000 residents and makes it the sixth-largest town of the Free State of Saxony.

It lies opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec, which was part of Görlitz until 1945. While not in Lusatia itself, the town lies just east of the Sorbian-speaking parts of Lusatia.

There are plenty of splendid gothic Renaissance and Baroque buildings. They form a truly spectacular ensemble the ornamentation and detailing are fabulous

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Görlitz has a rich architectural heritage; many movie-makers have used the various sites as a beautiful location.

The most famous memorable attraction here is St. Peter and Paul Church, perched high above the River Neisse; St. Peter’s is the symbol of the Görlitz.

It is probably the oldest Church in the city, which emerged from an early castle Church of the 11th century.

Not only this, but every corner of Görlitz has a story to tell, and these stories often occur back in the centuries.

You may not have thought about visiting Görlitz, but its historic architecture, delicious food, and convenient location will immediately impress you.

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4- Würzburg

Situated in the River Main’s wild valley in the center of Bavaria’s most famous wine-producing area, Wurzburg is a city that is rich in history.

It is a baroque city, consider being the pearl of the Romantic Road. The center of the old town was rebuilt around St. Kilian Cathedral, and it’s a compromise between safeguarding the city’s heritage and meeting the needs of the modern city.

Numerous Churches have been built in the city; Wurzburg is one of the most beautiful medieval German cities.

Additionally, Wurzburg has lovely German food and Franconian wine; it’s a university city whose vineyards produce a fine dry white wine sold in a uniquely shaped bottle, The Bocksbeutel.

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Standing on the main river banks overlooking the city is a mighty hilltop fortress Festung Marienberg is a must-visit place in Wurzburg.

The best thing is the view from up here because here you can see the whole city.

Besides that, one of the most elegant and most glorious palaces in Europe is The Residence; this is the baroque palace the Prince-Bishop of Wurzburg lived in after coming down from the hilltop fortress.

This is considered the most beautiful baroque palace in Germany; the palace’s architecture and the immense space of the square are, in many ways, dynamically related.

The Residence is the symbol of the Wurzburg, and super important building and belongs to the UNESCO World Culture Heritage.

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5- Mittenwald

Mittenwald is one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany close to the Austrian border, known for producing lots of Violins that are shipped worldwide, and it is also known for its picturesque views.

Mittenwald is a great place to visit because you get that small-town feel, you get adorable houses and excellent architecture, and it makes you feel like you got away from all the big cities.

And just outside the town, there are also a lot of trails that you can go hiking on; there are lakes that you can swim in.

Also, there is so much nature and beauty in this area and you can spend a couple of days exploring.

This beautiful hidden mountain town is less than two hours away from Munich by train.

There are many day trips you can take from Mittenwald. The most common is the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein, which is just an hour distance.

Over a million people come here to the most famous German castle every year, making it one of the best places to visit in Germany.

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6- Quedlinburg

On the edge of the Harz Mountains, near the center of Germany, lies the well maintained medieval town of Quedlinburg.

The town has been settled since the early 1980s when it was known as the Gross Order. One of its favorite places Is the cathedral, which is a classic example of German Romanesque architecture.

Quedlinburg is over a thousand years old, and it’s got hundreds of years worth of beautifully preserved houses, churches, and castles to explore.

Furthermore, Quedlinburg is famous for old timber-framed buildings, and there are over 1200 of them and at least one from every single century since the 14th century, which is remarkable.

Especially when you consider that they also managed to survive WWII, and they are so well painted everywhere you look, there is a different vista, and it’s all charming.

Without a doubt, Quedlinburg is one of the most beautiful and historic small German towns to visit.

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7- Regensburg

Regensburg is Germany’s medieval wonder, and the whole old town of Regensburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regensburg is located in southeast Germany on the Danube, one of Europe’s largest rivers.

The Town has 150,000 people, one of Bavaria’s largest towns, and an easy drive from Germany’s most popular tourist destinations, including Munich, Nuremberg, and Frankfurt.

small cities in germany

It was Bavaria’s capital from 530AD to the first half of the 13th century; its cityscape is defined by 11th to 13th-century architecture while under control of the Holy Roman Empire.

Regensburg has emerged as a happening little town with a bar on the corner and a strong café culture, but its history is everywhere.

Regensburg really is a beautiful little town in Germany, and you will have plenty of free time to stroll its cobbled streets and discover it for yourself.

It is famous for many things; explore the link between the town’s culture and creativity through its architecture, art and handicrafts, the famous Christmas market, and learn about its history and heritage.

It is definitely worth a stay for a few days to explore it completely.

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8- Bamberg

Bamberg is built on seven hills, just like Rome, and for a short period of time, the town was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

Bamberg is a town with an original character and an extraordinary atmosphere; 1000 years of history are united in an old town, a cultural and architectural site of European rank. This is why UNESCO added Bamberg to the World Heritage list.

northern Bavaria, German medieval town

Moreover, the picturesque little fishermen’s houses along the River Regnitz make a pleasant impression with a high roof and numerous gables; they have decorative facades with balconies, arbors, and tiny front gardens.

One of Bamberg’s unique features is its town hall, which is built on an artificial island in the middle of the stream.

The building is from the late 14th century, and inside, it contains a valuable collection, which is a must-see and explores when in Bamberg.

Bamberg’s town is a remarkable example of a Central European town with a basically early medieval plan, and it is an outstanding cultural and architectural highlight of any tour through Bavaria.

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9- Wertheim am Main

Wertheim am Main is the most northerly town of Baden-Wurttemberg and lies at the Rivers Mine and Tauber’s confluence.

It has its roots in the seventh century and now has about 25,000 people living in it, not that it’s always tranquil and peaceful, a lot of tourists still find their way here.

best towns in germany

There is a particular challenge involved in building a town in a narrow Valley space that can get a bit tight, but for visitors, this adds to the charm of the place.

Wertheim’s charming town has now become a perfect holiday destination, a modern town with a modern village with a medieval ambiance offering lots of free time activities.

It is also the Gateway to the beautiful Tauber Valley; there are many tourist attractions in Wertheim, such as Wertheim Castle, strolling in the old town, Stadtpfarrkirce Church, glass museum, and wonderful views of two rivers.

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10- Cochem

Cochem, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. It is located on the Mosel River and surrounded by beautiful green mountains; it is known for its wine, vineyard, and breathtaking scenery.

Half-timber houses, cobblestone streets, and medieval gates are located on the river’s shore under the romantic hilltop Reichsburg castle.

The castle dates back to the 11th century, and it is located 300 feet above the Mosel River; if you climb to the castle, you will get an amazing view of the River.

medieval german cities

No town in Germany can match Cochem’s natural beauty; the beautiful scenery makes it a favorite place for tourists worldwide.

It has a population of 5,000 residents; Cochem itself is a masterpiece and is one of the most beautiful villages on Mosel’s shore.

However, few things seem to have changed over the centuries. The town square is lined with beautiful and colorful half-timber houses, cafes, shops, and restaurants.

River cruise, visit the majestic Reichsburg castle, stroll along the Mosel River, explore the main town square, and try local cuisine is one of the best things to do in Cochem.

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