12 Reasons Why Norway is Unique Place on Earth

Norway is a unique country, blessed with spectacular natural wonders.

In addition to being beautiful, rugged, and carefully preserved, Norway has always had a reputation for its distinctive culture and unique traditions that makes it a popular tourist destination.

With such beautiful landscapes throughout the whole country, it’s no wonder that Norwegians love the great outdoors.

Furthermore, the different cities, towns, countryside, and scenic trips are exceptional here.

With a welcoming atmosphere, it has become a popular destination to visit.

That’s not all!

Norway has a fascinating and rich history, cool designs, Viking ancestors, a growing economy, and lots of oil they export.

With tha said, let’s discover some facts about Norway that you didn’t know and why Norway is unique?

What is Norway famous for?

Have you ever wondered about what Norway or Norwegian is famous for? What comes first in your mind when you hear Norway? 

Norway is famous for many things; some of them have listed below.

• Nature! Unexplored places made by nature kept by man. Norway is still green unlike many countries

• Northern Lights!  Which is a very magical experience and a must when you visit Norway.

• Fjords! The fjord is a Norwegian word that has gone popularity internationally. A Fjord is an elongated, deep, and narrow sear or lake drain, amid steep land surrounded by beautiful mountains. There are many astonishing fords are in Norway

• Vikings! With their unique helmets equipped with horns. The first Vikings were originated from Norway between the 8th and 10th centuries.

• Gorgeous people! No doubt, Norwegian are beautiful people with blue eyes and perfect height. Also, Norwegians are faithful and can be a good friend.

• Norwegian language! There are two versions of Norwegian language

• The fun fact about Norway is that the country export tap water

• Another fact is that Norway has won more medals (329) in the winter Olympics than any other country

When is the Best Time to Visit Norway?

When it comes to breathtaking scenery, fun cities, warm and friendly locals, and a remarkable Viking history, Norway ticks all the boxes.

Norway landscapes can be just as incredible in the winter as summer, and both seasons are equally fabulous.

However, winter is a fantastic season to experience Norway the Northern Lights dance in the sky, Christmas is celebrated with festive light and markets.

The north receives fresh snow and mountain’s peak covered with snow, all kinds of winter activities are on offer, from snowboarding to skiing, dog sledding.

Moreover, the perfect times to visit Norway is (from May-June) and autumn (from September-October), when the weather is incredible, and there are not so many tourists.

June to August is the busy tourist season; more inhabitants and overseas tourists will visit this beautiful country.

So, make sure to make all the arrangements in advance because the price of hotels and tours will higher than regular days.

12 Reasons Why Norway is Unique

1- Norway is Called Midnight Sun

Norway is known as the country of the midnight sun because the northern area of the land is situated over the Arctic Circle, and this is the place where from May to July, you will experience the sun shines for 24 hours.

During summer, the Arctic Circle experiences 24 hours of daylight, the longest days on planet earth that last not just for hours, but weeks.

midnight sun in norway, midnight sun

There are many well-populated areas in North Arctic Circles, such as Bodø, Tromsø, and Kirkenes.

It’s very convenient to visit these destinations in Norway, where the midnight sun can be seen.

The North Cape is the best place to capture the midnight sun in Norway, and lots of people come from all over the world to see it.

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2- The World’s Longest Road Tunnel is in Norway

Norway has the world’s largest tunnel at the length of 24.5 km extended from Aurland and Laerdal that associates Oslo and Bergen.

The tunnel has aimed to connect citizens from one place to another because of the reduced level of road and transport availability.

That is, due to hilly areas and narrow roads as well as crossing many fjords along the route being too wide or too deep.

world's longest tunnel, longest tunnel

Now the Laerdal tunnel is the primary source and has eliminated the need for the ferry, which links the two major cities of Norway.

Moreover, the Laerdal tunnel had first opened to the public in the year 2000, and it is equipped with all the safety gear as well as CCTV.

The 24.5 km long tunnel is brightly lit in multi-colors from inside so the tourists can visit it safely.

If you are interested in visiting Norway, consider passing through the tunnel, which is best for the long road trips.

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3- Norway is the Happiest Place on Earth

Happiness can mean different things to different people, and the countries with the happiest immigrants are not just wealthiest.

But rather the countries with more stabilized in terms of social and institutional backing for better lives.

Well, Norway ticks all the boxes, and it is the safest country to live.

happiest country in the world, happiest place on earth

Because Norway consistently describes as the world’s most beautiful country that benefits from little to no corruption, phenomenal social support, and freedom.

Besides that, Norway provides free education for its residents, public pensions, and free universal health care.

And is considered as a model of social and economic success, which admittedly is why Norway is unique and the happiest place on earth.

Norway also ranked on top according to the list of the year 2017’s world’s happiest countries.

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4- Birth Place of Vikings

The Vikings are one of the well-known people of history for 300 years between the 8th century and the 11th century; moreover, the Viking raided all over Europe and settled in new-found lands.

Fjord Norway has the ancient Viking heritage and lots of perceivable trails who ruled the country for an extended period between AD 800 to 1066.

The Vikings were originated from Scandinavia, at present the countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

viking people norway, viking history
Image Source

The word Viking means to explore or raid, the better term for these people is Norse or Norseman from the north, and they were mostly formers.

Viking shared the prevailing culture, religion, and language. However, they remain in separate tribes going on raids to new lands and sometimes fought against each other.

For Viking raids, a ship was essential, and over the centuries, the longship was developed, the useful way of sailing ships and weapons made the Vikings so terrifying.

5- Fjords Norway the Natural Wonders

Norway fjords are the love at first sight!

One of the main reasons why Norway is unique is due to its heavenly beautiful fjords.

Fjord Norway earned its name from the many beautiful fjords.

Fjord means (where one fares through) fjord is one of the few Norwegian words that has become international.

A fjord is a lengthen, deep, and narrow sea or lake drain, amid steep land It is a U-shaped valley surrounded by dramatic mountain views.

norway fjords, fjord tour, fjord cruise trip

Giant glaciers carved the fjords up to 3 km thick snow through several ice ages, and the glaciers shaped the landscape.

Gravel and sand deposits from the glaciers made certain areas of the fjords shallower, and this is why the fjords are quieter than the open sea, and fjords are often natural harbors.

In conclusion, the Naeroyfjord, The Geirangerfjord (home to seven sisters waterfall), and The Lysefjord are the most famous and the most visited fjords in Norway.

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6- Eco-friendly Norway

What makes Norway an eco-friendly country?

Regardless of the fact, that the oil and gas have been the largest export of Norway.

Actually, it is on top of the list when it comes to greener and eco-friendly countries in the world.

Norway has the largest battery-powered vehicles hitting the roads than any other country in the world, as well as cruise.

clean cities in the world, eco friendly countries

Not only has this, but Norway also had an ambitious plan of creating electric airplanes.

This is by no means surprising; Norway always supports its outdoor environment hence their desire to protect and preserve these picturesque natural areas is reasonable.

Norway‘s effort against plastic reduction and fight against food waste is remarkable.

And many restaurants have been using the Too Good to Go app to reduce and stop food waste.

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7- Norway Police

There are just a few countries in Europe where Police don’t carry the guns rather would keep it locked in the Police car, and Norway is one of them.

The interesting fact about Norway is that year 2006 was the last time when the Police killed somebody, and the confinement numbers are the lowest in the world.

Norway Police don’t have to shot to kill someone.

best police in the world, police in norway
Image Source

Norway is one of the few countries where people feel safe, whether day or night, even for kids.

The country has top measures of fairness and a serious shared responsibility for social welfare.

Certainly, these two things make Norway safer and the happiest on the globe.

Norway remains one of the coolest, most attractive, and most hassle-free countries in the world.

Here is the list of the safest countries in the world.

8- You can see Northern Light in Norway

Another reason why Norway is unique is due to its magical natural phenomenon of Northern Lights.

Well, Norway also gains its popularity due to aurora borealis ever since these were found.

The magical dancing in blue, green, and yellow color is the most stunning view once can ever have in their life.

Winter is the best time from October until March to see the Northern Lights when the days are short and nights are long.

Northern light norway

And your best chance to see the lights in the dark, clear nights, from 6 pm to 1 am.

There are lots of best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway, including Tromso, Lofoten Islands, North Cape, and Hammerfest.

But Tromso probably is the most famous of the places to see aurora borealis in Norway for a good reason and a must-stop on any trip around the country.

Also, read here the best places to see the Northern Light in Canada.

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9- Trolltunga the Perfect Photo Spot

The Trolltunga is situated around 1,100 meters above sea level is the best known natural sight in Norway, and it’s on everyone’s traveling bucket list, “the must-see the place before you die.”

Don’t you think the cliff looks similar to the massive “Pride Rock” from the Lion King?

Remember to take your best yoga photo for Instagram here, or simply stay well back from the edge and admire the view.

trolltunga hike, trolltunga clif

Make sure you are in good shape if you truly want that photo though – it is an intense and physically challenging 10-12 hours hike to get there.

On some days over five hundred people go on this exhausting and challenging hike, the trail is very well marked, though.

If you’re in need of some serious adventure, this hike will give you everything you could ask for and probably the best experience of your life.

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10- Reindeer Sledding

Excited to visit Norway?

Reindeer sledding is among unique things to do in Norway; it’s a beautiful relaxed experience.

It takes four years to train these reindeers, but after that, they are let loose.

reindeer sledding norway

Reindeer herding is a traditional practice in Norway, every summer to wander freely through the forest.

But they come back on their own accord to work in winter, presumably because they get fed.

Take a unique reindeer sledding trip and soak in the snowy landscape, feed the reindeer, and take few photos because it’s a lovely way of seeing and exploring nature.

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11- Highest Waterfalls in Europe

Norway’s natural beauty has always amazed the mankind.

From breathtaking waterfalls to dazzling mountain sceneries; stunning fjords and most scenic lakes Norway has everything for every outdoor lover.

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Norway exceeding over 300, but some of them are the world’s highest waterfalls.

waterfalls in norway, highest waterfall

The tallest waterfall in Norway is Kjelfossen, at the height of 840 meters.

On number second, it’s Mardalsfossen has a height of 705 meters, and thirdly it is Mongefossen, which is 700 meters tall. Explore here the list of best waterfalls in Norway!

The waterfall presents the beauty of a country, and in general, people value these spots because it clears your mind, makes you love fall in love with nature more and more.

Discovering and seeing the waterfall is the best stress relief and an unforgettable moment.

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12- Skiing in Norway

Being a country with most snowfall from north to south, no wonder Norway is one of the best places for skiing in the world, and that’s why Norway is unique.

Skiing is a part of the Norwegian way of life; in Norway, skiing is the most common outdoor activity during winter.

cross country skiing, downhill skiing

Norway Continues to Dominate the Olympic ski sports.

Hemsedal is one of the famous ski ground in Norway, if you are a skiing lover, Norway is heaven for you.

Explore the miles of cross country ski trails Norway has an enormous amount of skiing possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Norway is unique for many things, and there is so much to love and see in Norway. 

If you are planning a visit to Norway, don’t just do city wandering go and explore off the beaten paths, landscapes, and beautiful towns, or head to Stavanger and climb the Trolltunga rock.

You can also proceed to visit the beautiful fjords of Norway or book a battery-powered cruise.

So don’t just follow the tourist crowd; explore the real beauty of Norway by visiting these fantastic spots.

There are still many more to be added to this list for a more fantastic experience, which I will be adding gradually.

If you have any thoughts, please let me know in the comments.

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