10 Breathtaking Secret Waterfalls in Arizona

This guide will take you to the best waterfalls in Arizona you must visit.

Arizona is known for its warm climate and beautiful desert landscape; it has long been considered an excellent place for vacation.

Arizona has a reputation of gorgeous natural wonders, and most people forget about the abundant natural beauty this state is home to.

Waterfalls are one of them; exploring these beautiful falls is the great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and these waterfalls are beautiful and postcard-worthy, surrounded by picturesque cliffs.

Here is the list of the most spectacular waterfalls in Arizona, some of these you may have never heard before.

1- Cibecue Falls

arizona waterfalls hiking,

Located in the White Mountain Tribal land, it is a beautiful waterfall that surprises us with a drop of 40 ft, and the hike itself takes you up the creek bed to this impressive waterfall.

It is a must-see cascading waterfall in AZ, perfect for cooling off after a long hike. Also, there are camping grounds if you want to spend the night.

To go to Cibecue Falls, you can drive to Salt River Valley, cross the Salt Valley, and immediately after the bridge at Salt River, look for a Gravel road.

Follow the Gravel Road along the Salt River, which is about 4 miles and well maintained; it will make it to the end where you will cross the running creek in your vehicle to get to the parking.

Remember: you need to have a permit through the White Mountain Apache Tribe, which you can buy online conveniently.

2- Havasu Falls

havasu creek in arizona, waterfalls az

Arizona is blessed with beautiful destination places, and Havasu waterfall is one of those. The height this water holds is 100 ft high and is commonly used for hiking, camping, and cliff jumping.

Havasu Falls are the collection of waterfalls and creeks, a beautiful natural place protected by the Havasupai Reservation. It is undoubtedly the most famous in Arizona, and it’s a fabulous place to visit and sight to see

When the water touches the ground, it forms a roaring sound, which is a mesmerizing effect; also, a great swimming hole can be found at the base of this mighty fall.

This incredible place is accessible for people by hiking, horseback, or helicopter to come and visit, even stay there.

But the hike into the Havasu Canyon is quite a challenging trek, especially when you have to wear your fully loaded backpack.

It is about 10 miles to get to Havasu Falls, and in the surrounding, there is a lot of things to see, such the village of Supai, Mooney Falls, Navajo Falls, Beaver Falls, and the blue, green water is unreal but as in mentioned it is a bit tough.

Lastly, to get there, you must first obtain the permits and reservations to camp or stay at the lodge.

3- Fossil Creek Falls

fossil creek in arizona, az waterfalls

Fossil Creek is known for its beautiful bright blue crystal clear water, which features a spectacular waterfall.

One mile hike trail will lead you to the fantastic scenic waterfalls; it is an easy walk but make sure to carry extra water because there is no reason to hike without water.

The 25 ft waterfall with a luxurious deep swimming hole and a great place to go on a hot summer day or for a camping trip for multiple days; it is a beautiful place to explore and enjoy yourself in the outdoors.

Fossil Creek Waterfalls offers a stunning view and is visited by locals and tourists for picnic, fun, and refreshment.

It is one of the most hidden gems in Arizona and falls into the list of favorite waterfalls. Moreover, cliff jumping is the most common activity here due to its deep swimming hole in Arizona.

Note: Permits are required from April 1st to October 1st, and during this time, no overnight and fire allowed. However, permits are not needed from October 2nd to March 31st fires allowed and permitted camping.

4- Grand Falls

flagstaff waterfall, falls in arizona

Grand Falls is also known as mud falls; this is located northeast of Flagstaff on the Navajo Reservation.

This waterfall is 185 ft tall; it has two tiers and wide position; the beautiful brown water flows heavily during springtime and especially in the Monsoon season.

The drive to Grand Falls is full of dirt road and gravel. Suitable for most cars, although you will be more comfortable in the high setting vehicle enough ground clearance to tackle any ground situation.

Keep in mind that sharp rocks can be a problem, especially if you want to get out of the main car park.

The view of the waterfall falling from the rock mountain top is amusing and full of entertainment. Definitely, a must-see waterfall in Arizona, and there is no fee to get here.

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5- Mooney Falls

best waterfalls in arizona

Mooney Falls is another hidden gem, and one of the best waterfalls in Arizona is a 200 ft drop fall beautiful blue; green water also features a wonderful at the bottom.

Mooney Falls is also located in Havasupai, Supai region; this beauty is maybe difficult to hike to the bottom (which is supported by chains & ladders) but believe me. It is well worth going to the bottom.

You can say it is a hidden paradise on earth. It would be best to visit this place, and I am sure you will find yourself in paradise.

It is also a recommended summer spot, and if you love adventures, this is a perfect spot for you.

6- Pacheta Falls

blue water, hidden, canyon, az

Pacheta Falls is one of Arizona’s largest waterfalls located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Rather than a beautiful desert landscape, it is surrounded by hills and flourishing greenery.

The falls drop 130-foot, and it is a challenging task to get there but driving itself is an adventure.

Compared to other waterfalls in Arizona, it is very mesmerizing and less crowded due to lesser-known, and it is a problematic off-road experience.

A permit from the White Mountain Apache tribe is required, and it is advisable to take an area map due to the minimal location signs.

7- Navajo Falls

navajo falls arizona, arizona waterfalls hiking

Havasu Creek in Havasupai produces some of the best waterfalls in AZ. These include Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, and Navajo Falls, each more impressive than the last, and exploring all is an adventure.

The red rocks and natural turquoise water on the remote location is a dream place to visit.

At one time, Navajo Falls was the only there, but in 2008 a landslide changed the water path and caused two new waterfalls in its place; now, there are upper and lower waterfalls.

The dry Navajo Falls can still be seen, but the two pristine waterfalls are worth stopping.

So, be ready to add Navajo Falls to your schedule of waterfalls so you can see them while hiking in this area of Arizona.

8- Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls is a beautiful 180 ft tall waterfall that jumps into the Colorado River, it can be accessed by backpacking or rafting, and it gets a lot of tourists every year.

The water runs down from springs between the canyons on the north side of the Colorado River, making a beautiful cascading waterfall.

These waterfalls are a great attraction for tourists because of its exceptional beauty.

If you are going to Deer Creek Falls, you need a backcountry camping permit to obtain here both via backpacking or rafting. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

9- Madera Canyon Waterfalls

Nestled in the Santa Rita Mountains sits the stunning Madera Canyon, it is absolutely a hiker’s paradise because of the hiking trails for every level of hiking person.

The Madera Canyon Falls is one of the well preserved and hidden waterfalls in this area, a short walk through the Procter Trail in Madera Canyon in southern Arizona, 25 miles southeast of Tucson.

With more than a hundred miles of hiking, there are plenty of places to enjoy the diverse wildlife and ecosystem that call this canyon home.

Even though it is a desert, the climate here is wetter, and it also allows all kinds of species to live together especially birds.

It is known as a place that if you are a bird watcher, you must come here to Madera Canyon at least once in your lifetime.

Hikers also love the canyon for its variety of scenery and lush forest leads to open grasslands and a mountainside with gentle waterfalls; the easy trail is perfect for you to enjoy the surroundings.

10- Beaver Falls, Arizona

beaver falls az

Beaver falls if the most isolated waterfall in Havasu Canyon. This less-visited place is a highlight to a Havasu Falls adventure.

Havasupai has the most natural and God gifted places to catch the tourist’s interest, and Beaver Falls is an addition to the beauty of Havasupai that attracts visitors to itself.

Trekking 18 miles from the Havasu campground, the waterfall features beautiful pools and turquoise waters; these further divide into separate terraces and flows into a large natural pool.

Although it is complicated to get there, the hike down is supported by chains and ladders. Visit the Beaver falls in Arizona and see how wonderful it is to be present in the scenery.

Tourists love to visit these places to witness its beauty; remember to get the permit before visiting this stunning place.

Final Thoughts:

There is no denying what Arizona has some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the entire country; every waterfall is a splendid masterpiece of its own.

There is nothing more amazing than seeing all that water coming down that give life to rivers, vegetation, and you as well.

I hope this list will guide you to explore the beautiful waterfalls in Arizona, and I request you to keep these places clean to preserve their beauty.

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