Best Rain Poncho for Backpacking | Lightweight + Durable

Are you looking for the best rain poncho for backpacking? Well, rain ponchos are designed for quickness and ease.  

If you are out hiking and the rain starts to fall, you simply grab a rain poncho, throw it over your head, pull your arms, and zip it up.  

There is absolutely no need to take your pack off like you would have to do with a rain jacket.  

In fact, the poncho is designed to cover and protect your pack too, and it also removes the need to carry a separate pack of rain cover.  

As it comes in a small compact size, so it is easy to through it into a backpack if you are a backpacker or a hiker.  

Moreover, a rain poncho will keep you dry not only from outside but from inside as well.  And are suitable for everything from walking to hiking and backpacking. 

Now, most of these ponchos, which I will show you are not only the poncho, but these could also be a tarp in a rainy situation. 

The lightweight rain ponchos are the best budget option and will keep you on the move when the weather turns. 

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What is Better a Rain Poncho or Raincoat? 

Why choosing a poncho over a raincoat? The good thing about a poncho is that it is incredibly breathable, lightweight and you can also leave the sides open.  

One of the reasons that a lot of people like the idea of the poncho is that they can flip the back over their backpack, creating a rain cover for the backpack.  

And their body and pack are both protected in the rain with one piece of gear. Some ponchos come in a large size with full sleeves covering the entire body, including your backpack.   

So, no matter how harsh the weather turns, the poncho will keep you dry and on the move.  

But there are some downsides to a rain jacket, to put the jacket on you have to take your backpack off.   

Because jackets don’t go over the backpacks, so if I am walking and I see that it is about to rain; first thing first, I have to take that backpack off, get my jacket off, put the jacket on the suit it all up backpack back on and that can be a pain.  

Therefore, the best rain poncho for backpacking is much easier and put on and gives you pretty decent coverage. 

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Our Top 3 Picks:

Snugpak Patrol Poncho
Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho
USGI Industries Military Style Poncho

These are Top 8 Rain Ponchos for BackPacking

1- Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho 

Frogg Toggs Poncho is surprisingly lightweight and very affordable; the whole poncho weighs in just 8 ounces.  

This poncho works incredibly well; Large enough to go over your backpack and cover your body.

It is very vented; and has three snap buttons on the side with tons of space, and you can unbutton it and air yourself out.  

rain poncho, best poncho

If it is hot, you can open them up and get some decent rain protection, or if it is a little bit cold, you can snap the sides down and try to keep yourself warmer.  

Moreover, it has a hood with drawstrings and toggles to lock it down, and the Hood has plenty of room.  

This thing is insanely light, and it packs really small for its price; it is incredible, perfect for hiking, long-distance trekking, and backpacking.  

They are made of a breathable nonwoven Polypropylene material on the inside, and the outside makes them extremely waterproof while keeping them lightweight.  

It does keep the water out. Overall, the entire Frogg Toggs Poncho is an incredibly baggy fit, and this is one reason why it is so breathable and comfortable to wear.  

  • Light and packable material.
  • Comes with a stuff sack.
  • Open the side snaps to air yourself or button up the snaps for extra protection.
  • Perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, or outdoor activities.
  • Not so durable.
  • No pockets.
  • Snaps are not strong.

2- Snugpak Patrol Poncho

Sungpack Enhanced Petrol Poncho is lightweight and super compact. Ideal for hiking and camping.  

It has an excellent fitted hood with a zipper and adjustments so you can quickly get the poncho on and off.  

Furthermore, it has a Velcro pocket on the front to keep a map of any other small gear to keep it waterproof.  

best rain poncho

And on the sides of the pocket, it has a place to slip your hands. The Snugpack has actual sleeves covering the entire arms; and they even come with the thumb hole in the wrist to keep the sleeves from rolling up.  

The sides are also sealed, so there is no flapping in the wind or water to come in from the sides.  

Sungpack is a one-size-fits-all, and it is 52.4” from the neck to the hem; the sleeve length is 34.3”. It packs does into a sack that is 8”x4,” It weighs 13 ounces or 360 grams.  

It is the best rain poncho for backpacking for its price, which puts it at the way the bottom end of the decent jacket category.  

And the fact that it is got the Hood, sleeves, zipper, and the pockets like a jacket; but the size functionality backpack covering capability of an oversized poncho may make it the perfect rain gear.  

  • Designed quickness and ease.
  • Adjustable Hood with pull toggles.
  • Full Sleeves.
  • A large front pocket for keeping the maps and compass.
  • Available in two colors.
  • It comes in one size.
  • Sleeves might be short if you are a tall person.

3- Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho

The best rain poncho for backpacking, this is the multi-use rain poncho by Foxelli; it comes in a small compact size that is easy to through into a backpack if you are a backpacker or a hiker.  

It is also a small enough size that you can fit into your car as an emergency poncho if you get broken down and it’s raining.  

When you open it up, the first thing you will find is a small flashlight that they have included.  

One of the best features is that it a long rain long so if you are outside in an emergency; it will cover almost your whole body, which is a lot better than most ponchos.  

Another great thing about this poncho is its adjustable hood; if it is windy outside, having that adjustable hood is excellent.  

The poncho itself has Velcro along the sides so, if you want to use it as a tarp or picnic blanket all you have to do is rip it apart, cinch the hood up that there is not a hole in the middle of it, and you will be good to go.  

Not only this, but you can use it as a hammock in an emergency if you are a hiker, backpacker, or camper.  

The tarp can easily be clipped to the hammock straps using two carabiners, or you could use the rope.  

Lastly, you can set it up as a half shelter. The half shelter is great for blocking sun, wind, or rain on one side of you while allowing the other side to stay open.  

  • Long enough to protect your whole body.
  • Multi-Purpose use.
  • Lightweight & affordable.
  • Steel grommet to use it as a tarp.
  • Come with flashlight.
  • Lightweight but not suitable for extreme cold and winter.
  • Velcro has gaps, which might lead the rain to come in.

4- Anyoo Waterproof Military Poncho

When you are planning a backpacking trip, make sure you pack the appropriate clothing for your trip.  

Check the weather forecast and bring the clothing that will be needed on your trip. Remember also to pack a rain poncho no matter what the weather forecast predicts.  

lightweight rain poncho

Anyoo military poncho is a great way to stay dry and keep on moving around. This poncho is one-size-fits-all; they help block the rain, snow and wind.  

Moreover, they allow air to circulate to keep you dry, and yes, they are cheap. It is hooded with a cord adjuster to protect your face well.  

Durable and Reusable: It is made from rip-resistant nylon material with thickened eyelets.

It provides 100% rain protection, permanent water repellent, and stronger and easier to reuse.  

Get it today and prepare yourself for those rainy days hiking, camping or backpacking.

You can also use it for multi-purpose such as one-side shelter, a picnic and a hammock.   

  • Durable, easier to re-use.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Both sides can be open for air circulation.
  • Flexible, roomy can easily cover your backpack.
  • Sleeves are short.
  • Not very rip stop.

5- USGI Industries Military Style Poncho

This is a really well-known piece of gear, and for a good reason. It is so versatile and works fantastic in a lot of situations.   

This poncho could be turned into a stand-alone tent, and it could be turned into a wind or rain shelter, a groundsheet to a tarp.   

So, the basic benefits of a poncho are that it is, of course, protection from rain, wind, snow; and it is also very roomy.

breathable rain poncho

It is ventilating compared to regular rain clothes where you will get very warm.   

One of the reasons to choose this best backpacking poncho is that it is quality, it is more durable, but it is also a multi-use item.   

Besides only providing cover for yourself, it also provides cover for your backpack.

Moreover, with snaps, grommets, and ties – the added versatility makes a massive difference in a survival situation; when you may need protection from the elements.   

Use this poncho to collect rainwater for later use as a basket to gather smaller items.

You can use it to carry or drag bulkier items or as an emergency carry pack as you move around.   

Simply tie the ends together in a knot and sling over your shoulder. So, no doubt it’s the best rain poncho for backpacking with multi-use.   

  • Use it as a divider, Bivy shelter, or tent cover.
  • Use it as a carry pack.
  • Snaps the side buttons to get protection from the wind and rain.
  • It is thin compared to other ponchos.
  • Not very long.

6- Terra Hiker Rain Poncho

Here we have the Terra Hiker Rain Poncho, another three-in-one rain poncho, the best rain gear to have on your hiking trip.  

It will fit over most backpacks as this thing is huge specially designed to cover your body and gears. So, if you are using a hiking backpack, surely it will fit perfectly.  

The size it comes in is 8” x 3” x 2” and it weighs only 10 ounces. It has got nice think and eyelets on it, and it creates enhanced durability, which is very nice if you are going to use it as a tarp.  

best rain gears

I like the idea of having a lightweight shelter that can also function as a cover for my backpack and shelter and a groundsheet.  

So, this is the cheapest in this list of best backpacking ponchos. But the downside of a budget poncho is that you will get less durability than a quality poncho.  

But so far, the reviews on this product on Amazon are all five stars. This is an excellent rain gear made of a rip-stop fabric with a membrane on the inside.

It is light enough to take on some long-distance hiking, camping, and backpacking trips.   

Furthermore, it is under 5 feet in width and over 7 feet in length, so that feels like it provides just enough cover for rain protection.  

It also has a Velcro cuff closer, an adjustable hood, sealed seams, and three-layer thickened eyelets.   

  • Three-layer eyelets.
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, and strong enough to reuse.
  • It keeps you dry in heavy rain for a long time.
  • Very affordable.
  • Solid construction and design.
  • No sleeves, only Velcro closer on both sides.

7- Arcturus Lightweight Rain Poncho

As you can see in the image below, it is a very long rain poncho that is 8ft from the neck to the hem; the sleeve length is 4.5ft.  

It weighs only 11 ounces, including the 8″ x 4″ drawstring packing bag, which can easily fit in your hiking backpack.  

long rain coat

Lightweight, durable, stays dry in quality 210T ripstop material with two layers of PU coating to make it waterproof.  

The Arcturus poncho is designed with top-quality materials & hardware that perform when you need it most.  

Poncho sides come with snap buttons; you can keep them open or close according to your need or use them as a quick solution to a ground tarp or emergency shelter.  

Moreover, it has a large deep hood, the roomy hood provides ample protection from the elements. And an adjustable drawstring allows the hood to be freely opened or closed.  

  • Lightweight waterproof all-purpose poncho.
  • Extra-long to cover your knees.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Must be at least 6ft tall to use this.

8- Lingito Heavy Duty Poncho

If you are looking for the best rain poncho for backpacking, Lingito lightweight waterproof poncho is for you.  

It comes with a pouch to put it in, zippered and has a leash to hold on. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price and worth every single penny.  

This is hooded and made from durable PVC coated polyester material. You can get it in adult men, women, and kids in green, navy blue, and black.  

breathable rain poncho

It is an all-weather multi-purpose poncho specially designed for any outdoor adventure. You can keep it in your backpack; it is lightweight, perfect for traveling, and one of its great features is it’s one-size-fits-all.  

Besides that, it comes in a perfect hood with adjustable drawstrings. So, you never have to travel unprotected from rain, harmful particles, and the sun ever again.  

It has got grommets at each corner to use as a tarp, a shelter, or a tent cover quickly & easily.   

Eco-friendly, breathable and waterproof, lightweight, and easy to carry, this is your best travel, hiking, or backpacking companion.  

Don’t let a little rain ruin your fantastic trip; click on the link below and check out the hundreds of 5 stars ratings, and they also give you the 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

  • Spread the poncho out and sit on it for your picnic trip.
  • Adjustable hood with snap closers & drawstrings.
  • You don’t need an umbrella; it got you covered.
  • It is your ultimate protection gear for rainy days.
  • Not very stylish.
  • Velcro can get loose after frequent use.

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Poncho | Ultimate Buying Guide: 

You often see people while hiking or backpacking is wearing the big bright color ponchos on.   

Some of them go over the top of their backpack, which helps them keep the rain out of their face and body.  

A typical poncho is basically just a big rectangle material with a hole cut in the middle made into a hood.  

So, you throw it over the top, it makes a hood, your arms stick out of the side, and then it covers the front and the back.  

As a backpacker or hiker, the weather might be a big challenge for you. That is why a backpacking rain poncho is a must to protect you during rainy days.   

But before throwing your money into it, below, I share few key points to consider.  


A rain poncho comes with a drawstring hood, side snap button, a lot of room, and comfortable to wear. Actually, the rain poncho is roomy enough to accommodate your 60L – 90L backpack.  

Moreover, it provides you a great range of motion and keeps you dry with waterproof and breathable material.  

Another great feature a poncho has is a hood; pull the hood over your head when it starts raining.  


Do you put your rain gear on and then put your backpack on top of your rain gear, and then you have to put your rain gear on top of your backpack to it dry?  

So, the long rain poncho is the solution that allows you to put your poncho on at the first sign of bad weather and have it cover your backpack rapidly.  

Water Resistance:  

One of the main reasons why someone would want a rain poncho is to keep themselves dry.

Every rain poncho comes with a totally waterproof material that protects us from getting wet in a bad weather situation.  

Ponchos are compact, easily foldable, and don’t take much space on our backpack.

For hikers, backpackers, or going outdoor events where there is a chance of rainfall, you need a waterproof rain poncho to keep yourself dry.  


Most of the rain ponchos are made from PVC, PU-Coated Nylon, Sil-nylon or sil-poly, Cuben fiber, Breathable laminates, Polyester, and Paratex Dry.  

The making of poncho goes under the process where it is treated with PU coating to make sure the water does not go through it.  

And its outer surface will be treated with durable water repellent, which is intended to cause any water to bead up and roll off.  

The overall material quality is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.   

Portable and Compact:  

A poncho has multiple uses, it can work as a poncho, as a shelter, like a hammock, and it also works as a ground cloth.  

It helps you leave a bunch of stuff at home and saves a bunch of space and weight, and we all know that keeping a room in a backpack is very important.  

Compared to a rain jacket poncho is lightweight and packable and an excellent choice for you that thinks about the environment and outstanding performance out on the trail. 

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