10 Best & Safe Places to Travel in Africa Right Now

Planning a trip to Africa? This post might inspire you to choose the best and safe places to travel in Africa.

Africa is the second-largest continent, with about 1.2 billion people scattered among its 54 sovereign countries; many African countries are beautifully peaceful and, most importantly, safe.

Sadly, people tend to think that Africa is dangerous, filled with crime, war, disease & poverty. When in reality, Africa is an amazing continent full of life, nature, and diversity.

But in reality, Africa is one of the most diverse places globally, from its people to its different cultures and languages.

It also comprises coastal lines with clear blue water, mountain, desert, majestic wildlife, tropical forests, and so much more.

African countries will open your mind and give you a new horizon and perspective from the places that you visit.

According to the Wikipedia Global Peace Index (GPI) score, these countries are ranked by safest in Africa. The lower numbers indicate high safety.

Below are the top ten safest African countries that you should visit at least once. But before that, here are some general safety tips for traveling to Africa.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Africa

Researching about a new place that you are going to travel to is helpful because you are going to explore the new destinations, you will be staying in the safest places and places that you can visit.

This means you have to have downloaded maps of place instead of asking for directions or getting to a place where you don’t know which way to go.

However, the best way to travel to Africa is to travel in a group that is easier because you have other people to look out for you, you know where you are going, and you know how much you need.

Also, remember anything you take must be with you all the time because people might take advantage of you not looking at your things and grab them and run.

And if someone wants to talk to you, do not even acknowledge them if you feel unsafe; always remember to walk like you know where you are going.

Use a reliable service provider such as Uber, and sometimes your Uber driver can be your best guide to show the city safely.

Bring a solar-powered power bank with you that allows you to charge your devices because some African countries have shortages and cut-offs in electricity. So better be prepared.

Also, invest in a travel smart universal adapter that allows you to use any foreign-made wall outlet to plug in your important electronics.

Lastly, learn about the currency, do some research about currency exchange rates and how much your dollar is worth, and how to negotiate the price of different stuff.

Now, let’s jump into the 10 best & safe places to travel in Africa.

The List of Safest African Countries to Visit

1- Seychelles

Seychelles is a must-visit country in Africa. The country rarely reported any bad news on TV or online.

Seychelles is an African country made up of 115 volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean surrounded by Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, and the Maldives.

A country gained its independence from Britain in 1976 and has developed to become one of the world’s best holiday destinations.

French, English, and Seychellois Creole are the languages that are spoken in this Christian dominated country.

most visited country in africa

The capital city is Victoria, which is the smallest capital city in the world. You can explore the entire on feet and less than a day.

The currency used in Seychelles is the Seychellois Rupee; 1 USD is approximately fourteen rupees.

Though remote, Seychelles attracts visitors who come for the ultimate romantic escape. And almost half of the limited landmarks in the country are occupied by national parks.

The people holding a US passport are needed to obtain a visa for a one-month visit, but you will be asked for proof of return, hotel booking, and funds on arrival.

Seychelles has a tropical rainforest climate with real humidity offset by cool sea breezes. Bring along the beach wears, loose clothing, and sun cream because you will spend most of your time on the exotic beaches.

Tourist attractions in Seychelles

Despite the recent hotel building, Seychelles remains pristine. Its tropical fringed by crystal blue sea and white powdered sand each picture-postcard beach is more breathtaking than the last.

It is a perfect place for a romantic wedding or honeymoon or just while away the hours and drink in its picturesque beauty.

Witness the unique Coco de Mer on Praslin, and Curieuse islands are the only places in the world where these trees grow naturally.

One of the greatest attractions in Seychelles is Bird Island; it is home to the largest and heaviest living tortoise in the world called Esmeralda. The unique tortoise weighs about 670 pounds, approximately 340KG.

Lastly, go island hopping. Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are the most popular islands in Seychelles, each offering their own slice of paradise.

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2- Mauritius

Dream beaches, pristine natural landscapes, and rich cultural diversity describe Mauritius, an island state east of Madagascar often referred to as the star of the Indian Ocean.

The island of Mauritius lies some 2,000 kilometers from the southeast coast of Africa. The volcanic interiors feature rocky peaks shimmering lakes and field upon field of rich green sugarcane.

Mauritius has been rated by the New World Wealth as the safest country in Africa, along with Namibia & Botswana.

The magnet for tourists is the 320 kilometers of coastline with pristine white-sand beaches and dazzling blue seas concealing virtually unbroken coral reefs.

safest african countries

The weather is ideal. Mauritius is a year-round destination with an always warm and sunny climate.

Summer lasts from November to April and winter from May to October. The temperature varies from about 22 degrees in winter to 35 degrees in summer.

English is the official language here, although French and Creole are more commonly spoken.

With its fantastic climate, warm season, a variety of scenery, Mauritius easily justifies its status as a Paradise Island.

Moreover, the standard of hotels and resorts is equally impressive, and there is plenty of choice from smaller boutique style hotels right through to world-reendowed deluxe properties.

There are plenty of things to do and see around the island; water sports and golf will often be included in the hotel package.

Tourist Attraction in Mauritius

The weather, beaches, golf course, UNESCO Heritage sites attract millions of tourists to the island nation every year.

Head to the capital city of Port Louis, the largest city in Mauritius. It is a great destination that has many things to see.

You can head to the local market to find exotic foods, local products, spices, art, crafts, and souvenirs.

There are museums, parks, and beautiful gardens within the city, perfect for tourists to visit.

Visit Cauden Waterfront, located in the city of Port Louis, is a bustling hub of activities. There are cafes, shops, and historical buildings for you to explore. It is a great place to absorb the local culture and spend some leisure time.

Another great thing you can do is to visit the Ile Aux Aigrettes; this islet consists of old calcareous coral reefs that are partially covered with sand and soil.

It is an extremely popular place to visit because most plant species found there do not grow anywhere else in the world.

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3- Morocco

Morocco is a doorway into one of the most exotic continents on earth; from the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean to the High Atlas Mountain peaks and into the dunes of the Sahara, the landscape is just the backdrop against one of the most diverse countries in all of Africa.

The beautiful, colorful, mysterious, and mixed multicultural North African country is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, just facing across Spain.

Morocco is a country you will find hard not to fall in love with, locals that would treat you like family.

morocco tourist attractions

And diverse landscapes that will blow your mind, delicious food that will make you want more, and the most colorful market where you can find just about anything and culture that will fascinate you.

Undoubtedly, Morocco is one of the safe places to travel in Africa, with its blend of cultures, languages, religion, and cuisine.

It is an oasis of diverse customs and traditions that have heavily influenced this part of the world for centuries.

It has nice UNESCO sites and a lot to explore; also it is the backpacker’s favorite country. The vast land is full of breathtaking sights to visit and old imperial cities with plenty of history and character.

Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Explore the pink city “Marrakech” one of the four imperial cities is the most famous and most visited place in Morocco.

Jemaa el-Fnaa Plaza is the city’s beating heart. It is the home of spice vendors, storytellers, snake charmers, and musicians.

The Sahara is the largest hot desert globally; camel trekking and spending a night at Merzouga paradise luxury camp is something that you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.

You can do lots of things when you explore the Sahara desert; gazing at the undulating massive dunes, taking memorable pictures, sandboarding, quad riding, or visiting nomad families in the desert are fun activities that you can try.

Visit another great city Fez, and this ancient city will transport you to thousands of years ago.

Fez el Bali is the old medina in Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage site with 9,000 narrow streets and countless dead ends.

Lastly, add the Chefchaouen to your Morocco bucket list. You might have seen the images of blue houses and streets on social media that most travelers post.

It is one of the prettiest towns and a visual stunner in Morocco. You can walk through picturesque blue alleyways of the medina and take Instagram pictures as many as possible.

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4- Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, and Somalia, with a coastline on the Indian Ocean, known as Africa’s safari capital.

The country was named after Mount Kenya, which is a very significant landmark in the country. Mount Kenya is actually the highest mountain in Kenya and the 2nd highest in Africa.

Kenya has majestic landscapes and beautiful national parks with wildlife; the country is like a photographer’s dream come true.

Kenya’s climate is tropically warm and cool in highland areas around Mount Kenya; the country is a democracy with a stable political environment, making it one of the safe places to travel in Africa.

safari in kenya, places to visit in kenya

The tropical climate is steamy and hot all year round. The time of year, which is the most pleasant and most suitable for the holiday, is the dry season from October to March.

In Kenya, they speak Swahili, a mixture of Portuguese, Arabic, and the local Bantu language, but besides Swahili, most people speak English in Kenya.

Kenya is the only place in the world where you can, within an hour of arriving in the country, can go to a national park on a safari.

The capital Nairobi has a national park in it, so just rent a car and drive to the national park and see all this wildlife.

Kenya has a lot to offer to the visitors, with its countless lodges, state national parks, and the privately-owned animal reverse is eagerly awaiting your visit.

Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Begin exploring from Nairobi National Park; this park is just 15 minutes drive away from the city, with only a fence separating the park’s wildlife.

Nairobi’s skyscrapers are visible from the park, regardless of its proximity to the city and the park’s relatively small size. The national park has all the amazing wildlife where tourists come to see the majestic animals.

Maasai Mara national park is the best place to get close to the wild; if you want to see the wildlife up-sloe and personal, Maasai Mara is a great safari destination for that.

The national reserve is teeming with the big five and other animal species; nature’s wonderful wildlife and picturesque landscape can all be found here. Its natural beauty keeps the quests returning every year.

To experience some of the most inspiring views Kenya has to offer, head to Chyulu Hills, located in Eastern Kenya, a mountain range that forms a 100 kilometers long volcanic field.

Not only wildlife but Kenya also has beautiful beaches. Diani Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Kenya, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The beach offers plenty of tourist activities to enjoy, or you can spend your time admiring the scenery it offers. The views are breathtaking. Kenya is among the safest places to visit in Africa.

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5- Namibia

A fascinating country full of wilderness, adventure, and loneliness from dunes to canyons, mountains to rivers, history to wildlife encounters, Namibia has it all.

Namibia is in Southern Africa on the west coast, just above South Africa and below Angola.

Namibia’s population is 2.5 million, and it is actually an ex-German colony, so there is a lot of German influence in the country.

English is widely spoken throughout the country, but Namibia has several national languages.

safe places to travel in africa

Safety is something that is important to consider wherever you travel; in terms of safety, Namibia is the safest country to travel in Africa.

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, with a population of 200,000. From here, you will travel through this country and experience the magic of the black continent.

With typical German organizational skills, in 1891, the colonial ruler made Windhoek the capital of a huge conservation area.

The German influence is still in evidence today, as can be seen in various dwelling and monuments, which is quite an unusual exotic mix.

Namibia is largely untouched, and as a result, it is an adventurous dream. It is seven-time larger than the UK and is therefore filled with so many exciting things to see and do.

Tourist Attractions in Namibia

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary located no more than half an hour drive out of the capital of Windhoek. This nonprofit organization is the perfect start or end to your Namibia trip.

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned animals. As part of the sanctuary activities, you can feed the animals and walk with some of the tame animals.

Next, explore the Etosha National Park, which lies in the north of Namibia. The national park is Namibia’s most renowned national park; Etosha is home to a vast array of wildlife.

There are opportunities to camp or stay in the lodges on the border to the national park; from there, you can participate in guided or self-guided safaris.

Just north of the skeleton coast and south Etosha is Demara Land, this area of Namibia is incredibly scenic with large rock formations dotted throughout the landscape.

This desert region feels like stepping back in time, and you will be sure to see locals traveling on horseback or by donkey cart.

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6- Botswana

Our number six safest countries to visit in Africa is Botswana; it is the most developed country on the human development index on a continent.

Botswana, a relatively small country, is a peaceful country you can’t afford to miss. In 2015, the positive peace index ranked Botswana, the best-governed country in Africa.

The constitution of this mid-sized nation protects its citizens and represents their rights.

safest african countries to visit

Recently in 2017 Global Peace Index ranked Botswana as the second most peaceful country in Africa and ranked 28th globally. Ranking it higher than most developed countries in the world.

According to the most recent Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, Botswana is ranked as the least corrupt country in Africa, with better results than South Korea, Italy, and China.

Botswana today is the world’s largest producer of Gem Diamonds. It is also known as the best safari destination due to its abundance of wildlife, but there is so much more to discover.

Tourists Attractions in Botswana

Botswana is the ultimate destination for any tourist with enchanting sunsets and alluring beauty.

Visit the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, set up in 1992 to help save Botswana’s endangered Rhinos, and to reintroduce wildlife to the area so that the local community could benefit from tourism.

The sanctuary also provides the opportunity to see both black and white Rhinos and provides other wild animals like Zebras, wild beasts, and Giraffes.

Another wildlife attraction is the Moremi Game Reserve, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wildlife in Africa. The Moremi Game Reserve is small but perfectly formed with a high density of various wildlife animals.

This pristine wilderness is heaven for bird watchers with over 500 species ranging from wetland birds to forest dwellers.

Besides that, the Nata Bird Sanctuary is one of the Botswana attractions specifically designated for bird-watching. The sanctuary provides great views, amazing landscape, and vegetation; most birds you will find here are flamingoes. Other than watching birds, the sanctuary also has other wild animals.

You can also explore Tsodilo Hills, declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating history and the sun people who have lived here for over thirty thousand years.

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7- Rwanda

Many of you might not have heard of this hidden treasure because it is a small country in East Africa.

Located to the south of Uganda, the small country is likened to Singapore due to its ease of doing business, which tops on the continent.

Rwanda is home to all history, nature, and art lovers. You can learn about Rwanda’s interesting history by visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial, National History of Rwanda, and Ethnographic Museum for history lovers.

Any journey to Rwanda begins in the capital of Kigali; it is widely regarded as one of the most progressive cities in Africa as well as being cleanest and safest.

beautiful rwanda, visit kigali, safest place in africa

The city also has traditional markets and bustling nightlife, and its rich tradition date back centuries.

Nearly 10% of Rwanda is set aside for national parks; these include Akagera National Park &Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

Rwanda is also home to the rarest breeds of mountain Gorillas. But sadly, our big friends are facing threats of going into extinction.

You can go for Gorilla trekking by visiting Rwanda and even offer a little donation to help save these beautiful creatures.

Like many places in Rwanda, tourism has made a big impact on the local community, from providing employments to tour guides and helping establish schools and clinics.

Tourist Attractions in Rwanda

There are many breathtaking sights and natural beauty in Rwanda; Volcanoes National Park is one of them.

It is a national park in North West Rwanda that covers about 160km sq. It is famous for Gorilla trekking and home to endangered mountain Gorillas.

There are about 650 Gorillas in this park, and the trekking experience lasts for about 3 to 7 hours. The activities are usually hiking through mystical bamboo forests and wild meadows. Gorilla trekking is considered a safe activity.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is another place to visit in Rwanda; it is a sprawling rainforest with monkeys, birds, and other species.

It is one of the most important forest conservation in all of Africa and has about 1060 plant species and 322 species of birds.

Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial; the country has come a long way since the 1994 Genocide that took over 800,000 lives in just 100 days.

Despite the fact of terrible tragedy for the country in 1994, Rwanda is now one of the leading and safest countries in Africa, and it is called the Singapore of Africa for a reason. Rwanda is developing at an insane speed.

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8- Lesotho

Lesotho’s spectacular mountainous country is completely landlocked with South Africa and about a five-hour drive from Johannesburg.

Lesotho is a landlocked country, meaning it doesn’t have access to the sea. Not only that, but it’s surrounded by South Africa.

As a result, Lesotho is quite close to Johannesburg and two of South Africa’s capital Bloemfontein and Pretoria.

safe countries in Africa

Maseru’s capital is a sprawling modern city with everything that entails and has a population of 200 thousand people; Maseru is the capital and largest city of the country.

Even though it is a country hidden from the world’s eyes, its beauty is exceptional and breathtaking.

One of its national parks, Sehlabathebe, was declared in its entirety a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together with South Africa’s neighboring Ukhahlamba Park, they form a huge UNESCO Reserve.

Lesotho is the only country in the world that lies entirely above 1000 meters and is higher than that, with the lowest point being the highest in the world at 1400 meters.

We don’t think about snow when it comes to Africa, yet Lesotho is home to the highest African ski resort.

Afriski is situated at 3050 meters above sea level and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

Also, in Lesotho, you can visit Africa’s highest pub, Sani Mountain Lodge, at 2874 meters. It is also one of the safest places in Africa.

Tourist Attractions in Lesotho

The Sehlabathebe National park is a paradise located on top of Maluti Mountain. The national park is renowned for experiencing all four seasons in one day at any time of the year.

Travelers gathered here to explore the valley on horseback, meet semi-nomadic tribal peoples, and admire some of the most breathtaking trekking trails in the whole Qacha’s Nek region.

Afriski Resort, hidden among the Drakenberg-Maluti Mountains, this luxury resort is the perfect holiday escape for sports and adventure lovers.

With many accommodation options, as well as many amenities and restaurants on-site, the Afriski has everything you need for a perfect mountain holiday. Situated on the elevations of 3,030 and 3,222 m, Lesotho also gets a lot of snow.

Visit Maseru, the capital and largest city of Lesotho. It is located on the River Caledon’s left bank, close to the border with the free state of South Africa.

The capital city is full of history and several historic locations. Maseru is one of Lesotho’s attractive locations with interesting local culture and traditions.

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9- Senegal

Senegal became independent from France in 1960 and has since been among the most politically stable countries in Africa.

Guinea Bissau, Mali & Mauritania border the West African nation, surrounding its much smaller neighbor, the Gambia.

Most of Senegal neighbors have undergone political conflicts, but Senegal is an exception on the African continent.

Senegal is the only West African country that did not have a military coup; it is considered one of the most stable democracies in Africa.

Having been colonized by the French, Senegal’s official language is French; Dakar is the country’s economic and political capital.

Most of Senegal’s foreign economic gains come from tourism. Now, if a country’s gains come from its tourism, you bet they have a lot of amazing places to see.

For example, the African Renaissance Monument is gorgeous, beautiful, and a display of what an Africa beauty can look like and that is just one of the many places that you can see in Senegal.

Moreover, there are seven UNESCO sites in Senegal; you cannot visit Senegal without visiting the area of culture and natural significance.

The country has seven unrecognized landmarks made of nature-filled beauty and attractions that allow visitors to immerse themselves in a natural paradise and experience the traditional Senegalese culture.

Tourist Attractions in Senegal

Senegal is among the safe places to travel in Africa, like other African countries Senegal is also rich in wildlife. Explore the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, which is an amazing place for bird lovers.

It consists of some 1.5 million birds, such as the white pelican, the pink flamingo, and the African spoonbill.

If you one of these bird watchers, then discovering unique species of birds in the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is the first place to stop by when you visit Senegal.

In the South of Dakar’s capital city, near the Cape Verde peninsula, the small town of Popenguine is the doorway to truly gorgeous beaches and natural attractions.

Furthermore, take a visit to the beautiful Goree Island, located in the capital city of Dakar. Goree island has a dark slave history to its name but still is a famous tourist spot.

African Americans must pay their respect to the past of their ancestors. This island offers referred to as Slave Island and is a wonder to behold. Despite its painful past, it still is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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10- Swaziland (Eswatini)

Swaziland, officially renamed in 2018 as ‘The Kingdom of eSwatini’ is a small landlocked monarchy in Sothern Africa.

Renowned for its wilderness reserves and festivals, the country’s rich traditional Swazi culture is what attracts many visitors.

This is Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy. Mozambique borders it to its northeast and South Africa to its north, west, and south.

It has a population of 1.6 million inhabitants, and its national capitals are Mbabane and Lobamba. Swazi is the national language in Swaziland, but English is also widely spoken here.

Tourism is the main revenue source for the country with many beautiful types of scenery the country has to offer other than wildlife.

eSwatini is largely a safe country to travel to. There is no frightening crime level, the same as South Africa, and tourists are rarely targeted.

Similarly, there is no racial tension in eSwatini like the history of South Africa, which means visitors are unlikely to encounter.

In fact, the Swazi people are very hospitable. The average traveler’s experience is overwhelming, and the locals will treat you like a family member.

Tourist Attractions in Swaziland

Mbuluzi Private Game Reserve features a large variety of grazing animals like giraffes, impala, zebra, kudu, and nyala.

It is about 3,000 hectares in area and borders the Lebombo Mountains, Mlilwane Nature Reserve, and Royal Hlane Park.

Mbuluzi Private Game Reserve is a must-stop on any trip around the country.

Next, head to Swazi Cultural Village; it is the best place to know more about the Swaziland culture because it is a living museum of all traditions representing a classical Swazi lifestyle.

Another amazing natural beauty of Swaziland is Malolotja National Reserve. Malolotja is one of the very best highland reserves in southern Africa.

It is 18,000 wildernesses of high rolling hills and deep forested river offering a genuine wilderness in which hikers can lose themselves for days.

To learn more about all the things to do in Swaziland, check out this guide.

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Final Thoughts

Making sure public safety is one of the top concerns in the world. These are the safe places to travel in Africa based on various contexts, including national safety and financial capabilities, etc.

But the main reason for a country to be ranked safe is for its low crime rate and global peace index.

Traveling Africa is always an exciting and adventurous experiment; each day brings you unlimited possibilities for good and bad things.

But if you are well prepared and have done a lot of research, you will handle whatever happens during your journey.

Let me know in the comment section, where is the safest and most dangerous place you have ever been to?

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