11 Epic Things To Do In Belize – UPDATED 2021

Belize is a small country located in Central America & due to its perfect location, there are many amazing things to do in Belize.

The Caribbean shoreline is the place to the world’s second-broadest coral reef (following the Great Barrier Reef, obviously).

Besides, its luxurious landscape is full of dense jungles! And If you are incredibly daring and outdoor -enthusiast, there are plenty of exciting things to do.

Though the English language is widespread in locals, some speak Kriol, Spanish, Maya, or Garifuna. Belize truly fascinates visitors by its gorgeous offshore beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, culture, food, and hospitable people.

Also, Belize is a very affordable destination to visit in Central America. It will give you one of a lifetime experience and, at the same time, won’t break your bank.

Furthermore, With its unique tradition and food, commitment to keeping its history and diverseness, and outrageous natural miracles, Belize should be in every traveler’s bucket list.

Read below my list of best things to do and explore in Belize, and where to stay in Belize.

11 Epic Things to do In Belize

1- Explore Belize Caves

Concealed between Belize dense jungle, Belize has a unique underground system that must be explored. The caves that are underground are so complex which is lengthier than paved roads into the county.

These breathtaking natural wonders not only have stunning natural beauty but significance that can also be historical.
In the old times, all the traditions and sacrifices happened to be inside caves by the Ancient Maya people.

Hence, caves were believed to be the refuge of evil gods who required people to provide them gifts, and in reward, the gods would provide to humankind and life.

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Now let’s talk about exploring caves; you will encounter the most thrilling adventure and exciting activities as soon as you access the dark caves with just a helmet and a small headlamp.

You will pass through the consecrated grounds discovering ceremonial chambers, Pottery shards, as well as remnants for the Maya, are profound. And undoubtedly, this means if you are in Belize, a cave must be visited by you.

But, the question is, which is the most popular cave to visit in Belize? The answer is Actun Tunichil Muknal, also known as (ATM). The ATM cave is within the Cayo region, into the Tapir Hill Nature Reserve.

The tour guided by friendly guides to the site and then via a stream into the cave is magnificent.

As a result, it is rewarded by having a view of a significant number and various things such as full pots and skeletons – proof of its ancient ritual use.

You will be taking a quick swim in the cave and a guided hike through the passage to one of the very uniques Maya sites in Belize.

Explore ATM Cave with full of adventures, Book a tour of the cave here, check the prices, reviews and availability.

Where to Stay?

Calico Jack’s Resort is located just 6KM from ATM Cave Belive, which is the nearest. The resort offers free bikes, has a beautiful garden, a bar, and a shared sitting area.

A 24-hour reception and room service and free Wi-Fi, and a restaurant are among the facilities of this residence.

The resort has yard views and a pool that is outside. All the rooms in this property come with a closet & with the attached bathroom.

At Calico, Jack’s Resort rooms have air conditioning, and individual rooms have a seating area. Check the room availability and latest rates here!

2- Go Snorkeling in Ambergis Caye

There are more than 450 islands in Belize, which are specifically known as Cayes.

The most visited destination in the country is Ambergris Caye, famous for its perfect Caribbean island vibe. With humming golf type vehicles (the primary transportation), which is a great way to get to and from your hotel.

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Firstly, you can take a full-day snorkeling trip on one of the Cayes, which is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Belize.

Secondly, no matter if you’ve never been snorkeling before, there are plenty of tour companies with experienced local instructors.

That allows you to explore the kaleidoscope of colors discovered in tough and softer corals, sponges, and over 500 types of fish and underwater life.

In addition to this, You can find a vast selection of snorkeling sites of varying depths across the Belize Barrier Reef.

Every snorkel spot is a little not the same as one other, and you will see something different if you go back to precisely the same place each time.

Typically a snorkeling trip remains the majority of the day, and it is including snorkel equipment, fees to access the Marine Reserve, snacks. Check always. You will not be disappointed on your own.

Book a snorkeling tour! Check prices, availability, and reviews here!

Where to Stay?

Positioned in San Pedro, a 3-minute walk distance from Playa San Pedro, Ambergris Sunset resort provides rooms with free bikes, free personal parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a yard.

It also offers family rooms, and this property also provides guests by having a terrace. The home has a trip desk and free Wi-Fi through the hotel.

Moreover, rooms are available with a private washroom and supplied with AC. Check the latest rates and room availability here!

3- Visit Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is one of the best places to visit in Belize, located about 20 miles from the city of Belize, a 4-mile-extended, sun-soaked island.

That features superb scuba diving and snorkeling spots, as well as a relaxed tropical atmosphere.

Additionally, This remote area offers a broad range of adventures such as snorkeling, scuba, cruising, kayaking, and fishing services to surrounding places situated across the nearby barrier reef, just like Ambergris Caye.

Some destinations are unique such as, the manatee preservation place and Swallow Caye.

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The Caye Caulker is also a favorite spot of backpackers and budget travelers, and the ones are just looking to flee the stresses and hustle of day-to-day life right back home.

Also, The island has become ever more popular with tourists wanting to experience local Belizean culture. While still enjoying an exotic holiday with deep greenish-blue waters and a relaxed local vibe.

However, exploring under the turquoise waters isn’t for you. But, those who see the Caye state that it is the destination that is perfect for leaving your watch behind.

And enjoy your unforgettable holidays, go around without shoes on soft white sand beaches and dine on fresh seafood.

Caye Caulker is access able by water plane or cab from Belize city, it also features the best Belize beaches.

Furthermore, Some of the things that are the top do in this tropical island are snorkel Hol chan aquatic Reserve & Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, get Manatee Spotting.

Take a boat or fly over the Belize Blue Hole in Caye Caulker and enjoy the food and beverages. Explore the best marine reserve in the world; check out price, availability, and reviews!

Where to Stay?

Offering a sun rooftop alongside a swimming pool and a coastline bar, the Island Magic Beach Resort is situated on the Caye Caulker, merely 0.6 mi coming from the airport.

The rooms and accommodation provide classic design, air conditioning, seating area, cable TV, and a personal toilet with free toiletries.

The rooms additionally include a kitchen with a microwave, a dining area, and a fridge. Click here to know the latest prices, room availability, and reviews.

4- Visit Belize Zoo

Another Belize attraction is its 20-acre spread out the zoo, walk through this lush green zoo, and you could think you’ve trespassed into a jungle.

The little zoo houses more than 45 species: Jaguars roar, keel-billed toucans squawk, colorful scarlet macaws flutter, and coral snakes slither around the deep jungle floor.

Previously, The Belize Zoo was meant for animals that have been donated or injured to the center and could not be coming back to the wild.

The zoo has become house to a wide range of impressive cats, primates, reptiles, and birds. Also, you will be able to look at respected wild animals in one place, which is among the best things to do in Belize.

A number of the animals indigenous to the region are nocturnal; hence, a visit to the zoo may be just one way to see all of them.

The zoo is found 31 miles west of Belize City regarding the Western Highway. Secondly, a relevant organization, the Tropical Education Center, is located across the highway and serves wildlife professionals and students.

5- Go Bird Watching in Belize

Belize is such a small country, is compatible with a surprisingly diverse tropical habitat, which leads to a unique diversity of about 600 species of birds that lives in tropical forests, savannah, Cayes, wetlands, and coastal plains.

In Belize, it is common to see keel-billed toucans, collared aracari, oropendolas, white egrets, frigates, blue-crowned motmots, jabiru stork, harpy eagles, and yellow head Amazon parrot.

Not only this, but there are many birding sights to visit in Belize. For example, below are some famous birding seeing spots where a tourist might see as many species as possible.

Belize bird watching, Belize birds, Belize birding

Firstly, visiting The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Belize. The Audubon Society of Belize founded the sanctuary in 1984 and consists of 16 400 acres of lagoons creeks, swamps broadleaf, and pine savannah.

This is a great place to see bird species such as heron, western ducks, and jabiru stork, the largest flying bird in the West’s hemisphere. This endangered stork arrives in November and nests on ordinary pine savanna.

Secondly, a guided boat tour on Sittee River is an excellent place for bird watching & a perfect Belize vacation destination. Birdwatchers will delight various wildlife in the air, including flycatchers, herons, kingfishers, toucans, and herons.

Additionally, Witnesses are very common with large marine and freshwater crocodiles inhabiting the river banks and bodies of water. You can see the iguana sunbathing on a tree branch hanging in the river.

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6- Explore the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich

The Ruins of Xunantunich is one of Belize’s most famous Mayan archeological sites, located about 80 miles west of Belize City on the Guatemala border of Cayo District, near San Ignacio. The city is renowned for its colossal temple, well known as El Castillo.

More than 130 feet (30 meters) high, it is the second tallest building in Belize.

Once a prosperous city-state in the Maya era, the Xunantunich population was 200,000 at that time, representing two-thirds of Belize’s present population.

what is there to do in belize, belize must see

Therefore, The name Xunantunich, the Maya concept indicates “Stone Women,” is a modern one because the town’s original name has been lost.

The local Maya called the fading ruins “stone women.” This is because it is believed that the site is haunted by female ghosts, dressed entirely in white with shining red eyes.

Xunantunich, abandoned by the Maya about 1,000 years ago for unknown reasons, was claimed by the forest until colonial archaeologists began digging in the mid-1890s.

Today, visitors catch a ferry across the Mopan River and then climb the limestone ridge, which serves as a base for the city.

Where to Stay?

Stay near Xunantunish; Rumors Resort Hotel is an excellent choice for the people who want to explore Mayan closely. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with a balcony or terrace. They include cable TV and a private with bath.

Moreover, The hotel restaurant serves local and international food; activities include Rumors Resort karaoke nights.

The Xunantunich Mayan Ruins are a 10-minute drive away, and you can reach San Ignacio in 5 minutes by car. Check availability and rates here!

Book Your Trips Here:


7- Spot jaguars – Río Bravo Conservation and Management Area

If you are looking for a real tropical forest, you need it. The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (RBCMA), located 406 sq miles northwest of Belize, covers 4% of the total area of ​​Belize. And it is run by the non-profit Belize organization.

The RBCMA biodiversity is impressive because Rio Bravo contains 392 bird species (at least two-thirds of total Belize), 200 species of trees, and 70 species of mammals, including all five Belize’s wild cats (Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, and margay).

Rio Bravo is believed to have the most significant amount of Jaguars in Central America.

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Additionally, It has all five wild cats and other Belize mammals and 250 species of birds, including ospreys, roseate spoonbills, and ibis, 300 pairs of American wood storks.

The non-profit Belize Shipstern Nature Reserve is funded by the International Tropical Conservation Fund in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The entrance offers a small museum and a butterfly home, and a short botanical path to the roof observation tower.

In addition to the above, there are much longer hiking paths, including the Thompson trail, which leads to the lake (Available in the dry season only). However, Exploring the Rio Bravo is one of the best things to do in Belize.

Where to Stay?

In the heart of the jungle, Chan Chich Lodge offers on-site wildlife, comfortable beds, excellent breakfast options, and a beautiful swimming pool.

Surrounded by wildlife, you will notice many good animals just sitting on your balcony.

This 5-star hotel has room service and assistant services. It has a terrace and offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking. Indeed, you will not find a better place to see wildlife in a perfect location. Check here the latest rates and room availability!

8- Kayak in Belize Caves

Still, wondering what to do in Belize? Be immersed in an ancient cave system in Nohoc Chen Park on a kayaking experience in Belize City Cave.

Ancient myths and underground waterfalls await within a series of caves you explore with single or double kayak boats, with LED headlights to enlighten crystalline rock structures.

belize points of interest, cave kayaking Belize

Walkthrough the Belizean rainforest and drop into the open caves of the Caves Branch. Not only this, but you can also see many exotic birds and other surrounding wild animals—for example, butterflies, monkeys, and iguana near the cave passageway.

Make sure to bring a waterproof camera, as the view from within the caves and from the stream is stunning. Click here to book a tour or rates!

9- Relax on Belize Beaches

Belize has an excellent reputation for traveling on its spectacular Caribbean coast and relaxed environment that will release you of all kinds of tension and stresses as you go out in its beautiful surroundings.

Additionally, with such a shoreline, Belize beach is a major attraction in the country. Belize has golden and white sandy beaches that can be accessed on a boat or airplane from Belize cities.

Furthermore, many beaches to be explored in Belize, but the Placencia peninsula is one of the best beaches in Belize. Famously knows as bare barefoot by the people of southern Belize, Placencia district is the place where some of the best beaches exist in Belize.

With a 16-mile coastline and many pristine beaches, the explosion is encircled by the Caribbean Sea to the eastern side and Placencia lagoon in the west.

Placencia, however, is about 185 km away from the city, and it can be reached in the air maximum 45 minutes or 3 hours by road.

Also, it’s well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. The peninsula is filled with outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving with whale sharks sailing, and plenty of inland adventures.

Single-day tours are the best things to do in Belize for those who love to discover the Belize barrier reef.

Where to Stay?

Established In the front of the beach at Placencia Village, Hotel Julia Cabanas has free Wi-Fi and highlights a beautiful. This 4-star hotel offers room service and luggage storage.

Also, it has a large terrace. Guests at Julia Cabanas can enjoy activities in and around Placencia Village, such as fishing.

All the staff are excellent and take care of all your needs. 24/7 security is available & Placencia Beach is 60 m from the accommodation. Click here to know the latest rates and room availability!

10- Belize Cave Tubing & Zip-line Tour

Discover the best of both worlds: Belize Cave tubing and zip-line! Your adventure starts in the mysterious dark world of Mayan as soon as you cave tube through the Belize Rivers and zip-line over the dense forest.

Notably, by booking the Belize cave tubing & zip-line tour, you will be provided with safety information. You will want to wear personal protection equipment, such as body harness, helmet, and gloves.

zipline, outdoor adventure

Travels from one treetop to another, 80 feet on top of the jungle, hanging from the metal wires of the zip-line. Additionally, the tour includes five platforms that are 100 to 500 in the air.

Zip-line tour is thrilling as well as tiring but something coming up is very exciting, which will take all your laziness away.

After that, you will be taken to an energizing tour of the chilling river, whereas cave tubing.

At the beginning of cave tubing, you shine in the darkness, and your light is the only source of light. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

You will be guided by the professional guides and will assist you throughout the cave tubing tour.

After that, You will pass through remarkable sanctuaries used for sacrificial rites of Maya.

11- What is the Best Time to Visit Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is the dry season from January to May. You can enjoy warm temperatures all over the country, but the type of climate you will have is entirely based on which area you will visit.

You can expect clear, sunny days in the Cayes and Cayo district. Toledo and the Placencia region enjoy the best of summer, while there is a possibility to rain at any time of the year, which gives these regions a unique beauty.

The rainy season lasts from June to December, but travel is still possible from the beginning of August, mainly with rain in the afternoon.

Traveling becomes difficult as the weather progresses, and there is a risk of storms. During this time, some of the tour companies will be closed.

Moreover, February is one of the best times to visit Belize. Between January and Easter time, you will enjoy the best weather of Belize, though with more options for hotels and low air ticket prices.

In conclusion, whether you like to explore forests, caves, or beaches, February is a great time to see all of these.

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