Things You Never Knew Actually Had a Purpose Until Now

Have you ever came across a hack or technique for utilizing a product and realized you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time? The creators of these things are definitely wiser than we imagined because they’ve included some simple tweaks to improve the items’ functionality.

We had no notion there was a rationale for the drawer beneath your oven. And we had no idea take-out containers could be used for so much more. From bobby pins to tape measurers, these commonplace things are far more helpful than we anticipated!

That small piece of plastic under your bottle top serves an unexpected purpose!

Those Pot Handle Holes Can Be Very Helpful

Those Pot Handle Holes Can Be Very Helpful
Those Pot Handle Holes Can Be Very Helpful

While many of us utilize the holes on pan and pot handles to hang them up when not in use, there is an ingeniously disguised function that many of us are unaware of.

Let’s be honest: if you have time to cook but find it tiresome – before you know it, everything becomes dirty and you wonder why you didn’t simply order takeout in the first place – there’s a tiny hidden feature that may just make things a lot simpler and cleaner. That small hole on the handle may be utilized to keep your utensils clean while you’re cooking. Who would have guessed?

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