Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

If you want to enjoy your beach holiday stress-free sunbathing, reading a nice book, and drinking a colorful cocktail, don’t travel to any of these beaches. From Hawaii to Australia, India to Africa, these places throughout the world are plain scary, if not fatal, due to widespread shark attacks, eel-infested waterways, lethal currents, and poisonous garbage.

1 Cape Tribulation – Australia

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To begin, if you plan to swim, the tourism website recommends that you wear a stinger suit, as the seas here are teeming with stinging jellyfish. That should be your first warning sign. If you do end up putting on your favorite stinger suit, you should be aware that saltwater crocodiles are everywhere — and there is no suit to keep you safe from them. In addition,If that isn’t enough to retain you away from the coast, consider the following: Cassowaries are large flightless birds with dagger-like claws that can “eviscerate you” and stinging trees can sting you quite painfully with their jagged-edged leaves.

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